Glee Co., Ltd. Wright Flyer Live Entertainment, “REALITY Studio” started providing corporate solution se rvices

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Wright Flyer Live Entertainment launches corporate solution services at REALITY Studio
Wright Flyer Live Entertainment Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Eiji Araki) will start providing solution services for corporations in the “REALITY Studio” team that handles virtual character live and program production. It will be announced. “REALITY Studio” offers a wide range of planning and production, including the distribution of over 500 live programs on the “REALITY” virtual live distribution app, and successful concerts where VTuber appears in real venues such as halls and clubs. A production team with specialists in CG technology, video, and production. Based on these achievements, we have provided services to some corporate customers until now, but in response to the growing needs for virtual
characters, we will officially start offering them as a solution business. It was.
[Image 1

Our solution business is a one-stop service that handles content planning, production and distribution of virtual characters. High-quality 3D avatar production cultivated through game development, motion capture recording in a stable environment that can also support live distribution, and virtual character live program distribution technology cultivated with “ REALITY ” make it ideal for customers Provide a solution. For studios that perform motion capture recording in particular, we own “REALITY Studio Tokyo”, which can be operated simultaneously in all three rooms, and “REALITY Studio Roppongi”, which introduces a high-quality capture system, Vicon. It can be used for a wide range of applications, including cases that require motion capture.
[Image 2

REALITY Studio Tokyo
[Image 3

REALITY Studio Roppongi
■ Use cases
・ Production and operation of virtual characters using existing IP ・ Producing virtual characters for corporate public relations ・ Product / service promotion with virtual characters
・ Planning and management of live events for virtual characters ・ Tie-up program production at “REALITY”
■ Main achievements
・ Many VTubers jointly produced with KMNZ and other companies and other companies
・ Recording and editing of the virtual character program “Nipa Tere-Things I’ve Done on the Earth” at the video distribution service “Adere” created by TV TOKYO
・ Live distribution of tie-up programs with the REALITY official program at the au special booth at the venue at MUSIC CIRCUS ’19, the largest beach festival in western Japan held on August 24 and 25, 2019 Implementation
[Image 4

Nipahatere-things that I tried on the earth-
[Image 5

Tie-up program at au special booth
In addition, the broadcast of “TV LOVE-Digital boyfriend can be a real boyfriend?” Was broadcast as follows: Please take a look.
[Program Overview]
■ Title: “Virtual Love-Can a digital boyfriend become a real boyfriend?” Broadcast date: 2019/11/2 (Sat) 13: 30-14: 00
■ Cast: Princess: Maki Oka
Prince A: Super popular adult
Prince B: Popular healing entertainer
Prince C: Actress and married actress
Matchmaking Aunt: Asako Ito
■ Program URL: [Image 6


Virtual LOVE-Can a digital boyfriend become a real boyfriend? ~ Through the provision of solutions business, we will provide customers with unprecedented marketing and branding opportunities, as well as work to further expand the recognition of virtual characters and create markets.
We hold tours and experience meetings at motion capture studios for interested corporations. Please feel free to contact us from the following website.

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