January 24, 2020 @ Toyosu PIT. VTuber office “Holo Live” first live “hololive 1st fes.” Non-stop story “” decision to be held!

Cover Corporation
January 24, 2020 @ Toyosu PIT. VTuber office “Holo Live” first live “hololive 1st fes.” Non-stop story “” decision to be held!
Let’s cheer on the official hashtag #Hello Live!

Cover Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Motoaki Tango) is the first general live “hololive 1st fes.” At VTuber office “Hololive” at Toyosu PIT on Friday, January 24, 2020 “Stop Story” “will be held.

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Cover Co., Ltd. is the largest event in the history of Holo Live to be held at Toyosu PIT on Friday, January 24, 2020
The information on “hololive 1st fes.“ Non-stop story ”” has been lifted and a special site has been released.
VTuber office “Holo Live” belongs to this performance that is a big event of all talents,
From today, Holo Live Nico Nico Fan Club will be accepting first-order reception only for paid members.
For the latest information on the event, including ticket information, please check the following special site / organization overview.
▼ Special site for “hololive 1st fes.
“Hololive 1st fes.“ Non-stop Story ”” Outline
[Date and time]
・ Friday, January 24, 2020
Open 18:00 / Start 19:00
* Precursor sales hours, merchandise items, congratulatory flowers and concert lights, gifts for performers, restrictions on dangerous acts, etc.
Notes will be announced at a later date.
・ Advance ticket: ¥ 8,500 (All standing / ¥ 500 required as a separate drink fee when entering on the day)
Ticket First Advance (Lottery) Application Period: November 4 (Monday) 21:00 to November 10 (Sunday) 23:59
* First advance (lottery) will be limited to Holo Live Fan Club (Nico Nico) members, and tickets are only available for paid members on the special page (https://ch.nicovideo.jp/hololive/blomaga/ar1828685). The application URL is listed.
* By registering as a paid member, you can check the ticket application URL. * In addition, for ticket advance (lottery) and general release after the primary advance, the application URL and schedule will be announced on the special site and the official Holo Live SNS at a later date.
[Meeting place]
・ Toyosu PIT (6-1-23 Toyosu, Koto-ku, Tokyo)
・ New traffic Yurikamome ・ 3 minutes on foot from Shin-Toyosu Station ・ 12-minute walk from Toyosu Station on the Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line 【Performer】
・ Sora of Time, Roboko, Miko Sakura
・ Holo Live 1st class: Night Sky Mel, Aki Rosenthal, Akai, and Fubuki Shirakami, Summer Festival
・ Holo Live 2nd class: Aku Aoi, Shion Sion, Ayame Hyakuki, Choko Heizuki, Subaru Ozora
・ Holo Live Gamers: Fubuki Shirakami (concurrent with 1st class), Mio Okami, Okamata Okayu, Kogami Koneko
・ Holo Live 3rd class: Pekoda Hamada, Rui Junba, Flare of Shiranui, Noel White Silver, Marine Takara Marine
・ Inonaka Music: AZKi, Seisei Hoshimachi
[Performance official hashtag]
#Hello Live
[Performance name]
Sponsor: Cover Corporation / hololive / hololive IDOL PROJECT Production: Yamaha Music Entertainment Holdings Co., Ltd.
Cooperation: Next Road
[Contact for performances]
Next Road: 03-5114-7444 (Weekdays 14-18)

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