Osale Company Co., Ltd. The Osare Company that shines on each stage (stage) announces Yu Serizawa’s costume on Instagram for 4 consecutive weeks! !

Osare Company that shines each stage (stage) announces Yu Serizawa’s costume on Instagram for 4 consecutive weeks! !
Osare Company Co., Ltd. (location: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, representative: Kazuki Uchimura, hereinafter Osare Company), which deals with costumes (design / production) such as 2.5D musicals mainly for the AKB48 group, is a voice actor idol unit i ☆ Ris ( Yu Iwasawa, who is also active as a member of Iris, designed the costume for the second single “Devikyu” to be released on Wednesday, November 27th. To commemorate the release, the OSARE COMPANY Instagram will upload costumes for four consecutive weeks from November 8 (Friday) to the 27 (Wednesday) release date.
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■ The latest costumes from 1st tour costume to “Devikyu” are released !! From the 1st single “I like you even on the worst day”, I was in charge of costume design and production at Osare Company for the first time in about a year.
The solo live tour “Yu Serizawa 1st Live Tour2019 ~ ViVid (Heart) Contact! ~” And the second single “Devikyu” will be shown on Instagram for 4 weeks in a row starting from Saturday, September 14, 2019. Will be released.
The Osale Company Instagram pays attention to the details of the costumes and features the costumes that cannot be seen in performances and music videos.
Since it is an opportunity to check the details that are usually invisible, those who enjoyed tours, music videos, and those who will be enjoying it will also be able to enjoy the costume photos at OSARE COMPANY Instagram.
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Osare Company Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/osarecompany/
■ Comment from Yu Serizawa
Osarecompany’s costume really looks like Cinderella’s magic! ! ! Just wear it and you will be thrilled and feel your back stretched! I always make it exactly to my body, so I can wear it the most beautifully, It feels like magic for me! ! Thanks to that, I won’t get fat! Lol Every time it is wonderful and I can’t leave for another lifetime! Huh
■ Yu Serizawa’s 2nd single “Devikyu” is the ED theme of the anime “I entered the devil! Iruma-kun”! !
The title song “ Devikyu ” has a deeply expressed view of the world of anime, which was written by Osamu Nishi, the original author of the song “ I entered the devil! Iruma-kun ”, and Akiko Honma, who is the composer of the composition. It has become a song. Coupling songs include two contrasting songs, the upper song “Hi-hi-ha-ha-hi-tension” that sang positive and high-tension feelings just like the title, and “Revelation” that spells troubles and wonders, and makes you feel somewhere insane. Will be.
In both cases, Serizawa challenged writing lyrics, and song production was done with lyrics.
The first solo live tour “Yu Serizawa 1st Live Tour ~ ViVid (Heart) Contact ~” (reading: Vivid Eye Contact) is now being held. December 22nd (Sunday) will be the last day of the performance in Tokyo, which is sure to be a special live show that culminates in the culmination of the tour. Please look forward to voice actors and idols, Yu Serizawa, who is expanding his career.
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