The virtual singer AZKi, the first solo real live event “The Shitest Start” is sold out and ends in great success!

Cover Co., Ltd. The virtual singer AZKi, the first solo real live event “The Shitest Start” is sold out and ends in great success! With a pioneer connected through music, we approach a night of taking a new step! …………………………………………………………………………………………

On May 19, 2019, virtual singer AZKi’s one-man live “The Shitest Start” was held at Akihabara Entus. This performance is the first solo real live for AZKi, who is usually active on a virtual basis. Although this show was sold out before the show, there were hundreds of “Petriers” who are AZKi fans gathering in the hall, and they had a tremendous enthusiasm before the show, to the point that they felt passionate. As the opening approached, a major announcement was made by the manager, Turanimiz, after the introduction of AZKi himself. The content is that AZKi participates in the music label “Inonaka Music” in the VTuber “Horo Live”, and that the idol VTuber Seimei, who has been active as an individual, joins as a new artist of the label. As the venue was surrounded by the roar of pioneers, the screen changed, and Star Street Suaisei appeared.

“Are there people who know me?” And the pioneers respond loudly to the call of the star city which does MC innocently. Soon after, her 2nd original song “Animal, Comet straddles the night” starts. While a little tense was seen in MC, on the other hand, Hoshigai will show an emotional singing voice with hidden power. Responding to her trade color “blue”, the hall was dyed with bright blue light.

After the turn of the star city is over, the inside of the hall will be filled with people so that the announcement that they want you to pack ahead will be heard from the Turanimiz. In retrospect, it must be evidence that there were a lot of pioneers focusing on this day. Entrance SE flows, and AZKi appears when full. The song she brought at the beginning of the one night to celebrate is “Creating World (Jun Kuroda Remix)”. This is a special arrangement music recorded on the SECRET CD, which was released on the day of the product sales, and this moment is unveiled for the first time. “I’m going … pioneers!” Along with the determination of AZKi, the heat of pioneers is also rising.

Subsequently, “Felicia” and “Real melancholy” will be shown. In “Felicia”, the call video by Turanimiz can be uploaded in advance on YouTube, and the performance by trained pioneers is. In “Real melancholy”, the voices of the pioneers also resonate loudly to the calling of AZKi at the beginning. It’s big enough to be honestly annoying, but it must be a reaction with true love.

After that, “Starry Regrets” “Life” and AZKi WHiTE’s two ballads are continuous. The lyrics which raised the problem to the virtual existence, and the singing voice which shakes a listener’s heart surely. The strength of the singing skills of AZKi shows that she has put emotions on the lyrics that she can think of.

After the music group of AZKi WHiTE continues, the figure of AZKi changes to the form of jet black. It is the beginning of the hard and loud sounding music group AZKi BLaCK. At “Sit Days”, which was unveiled at the AZKi’s WEB radio “Azraj” just before this live, a pioneer’s call strongly responds to the AZKi’s enthusiasm. From the AZKi wrapped in a pillar of light, you can even feel the noble “strong” aura. From there, a hiragana was performed with “Hikari no machi”, “I can’t control myself” and “Fake.Fake.Fake”. I can not take my eyes off at a momentary moment when I move on with no MC.

“First of all, I would like to say thank you to the pioneers. Since I did not think that I could do my one-man live in half a year, I thought that I could do it thanks to the pioneers. … Tears out …. “AZKi who shakes a voice without thinking. “Because I like to sing my own song and start this activity, I would like to make it with the pioneers in order to make the world …. Can you follow me?” We also answer with a loud voice. As the red lights of the pioneers tell, the hall turned to a warm look at the AZKi.

And the song chosen as the last song is “Creating World”. Some pioneers have their tears on their cheeks unintentionally on the music that is her beginning. The main story ended with an emotional atmosphere. However, a voice calling for a large encore from the pioneers resounds in the hall to further color this memorable day. The song selected by AZKi that appeared on the stage again is the “Creating World (Jun Kuroda Remix)” that announced the beginning of today. After the song is over, “I’m getting a lot encore now … what singing I’m talking in the back (laughs)!”, Said AZKi himself. It seems unexpected that encore would occur. The official hashtag of this live, which was announced in advance, was controversial as “# fucking AZ”, both good and bad. However, when the live was over, there was nothing other than “cool cool AZKi”.

Also on that day, the announcement of the new costume on AZKi’s YouTube Channel on May 26, and the announcement of the holding of 2nd Live “A GOODDAY TO DiE” @ Akihabara Entas on July 27 (Saturday). We have to look forward to the future of AZKi, who has shown us all this for the first time in an independent real live, and we can not but expect.

■ Statement / Kamiki Kaoru photo / Yuri Yuriya
1.overture (SE)
2. Creating World (Jun Kuroda Remix)
3. Felicia
4. Real melancholic
5. Life
6.Starry Regrets
7. Sit Days
8. The town of light
9. I ca n’t control myself
11.Creating World
EN.Creating World (Jun Kuroda Remix)

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■ AZKi 2nd Live “A GOODDAY TO DiE”

Saturday, July 27, 2019
Akihabara Entas (1-2-7 Onoden Main Building, 5-7)
Opening 18 o’clock / Opening 18:30

The second one-man live to commemorate the virtual singer VTuber “AZKi”
“A GOODDAY TO DIE” Official hashtag: # AZ funeral

Ticket fee ¥ 3,000 (separately, 1 drink)
Ticket purchase URL: ——————————————————– —————————–

■ About AZKi

I want to connect with each other from the virtual world through music. Time and place, a lot of love to meet over space Incarnate to create a new world, with brilliant talent A diva accompanied by a virtual world.

From December 2018, we have been trying to release 12 original songs for 12 consecutive months (8 songs have been released as of May 19, 2019), Music series “AZKi WHiTE” with pop and transparency SCRAMBLES, who works on songs such as BiSH, BiS, GANG PARADE, and EMpiRE, is developing music on two axes: “AZKi BLaCK,” a series of aggressively producing, aggressive and running songs.

On February 14, 2019, he joined upd8, a virtual talent support project belonging to Kizuna Ai and others.

On May 19, 2019, the music label “Inonaka Music” that produces and manages virtual artists specializing in the music activities in VTuber’s office “Holo Live” to which the scenes of VTuber’s Sora and Hakujo Fubuki et al. Belong. Announced affiliation. In addition, AZKi’s first real solo live “The Shitest Start” held at Akihabara Entas on the same day is sold out and the big success is over. The new costume will be unveiled on May 26 (Sun) of the same year, and 2nd Live “A GOODDAY TO DiE” # AZ funeral will be scheduled on July 27 (Saturday).

As of May 22, 2019, the number of subscribers to AZKi YouTube has surpassed 50,000. As a music artist from the virtual YouTuber scene that is spreading in recent years, AZKi has attracted attention.

·age 18 years old (eternity)
Apartment residence of virtual Koenji temple place

·birthday 7/1

·Favorite things musics the Internet Someone who keeps trying his favorite things

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