Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd. Yasu Akimoto Produced by Hibari Misora ​​(AI Singing) New song “Arekara” CD & distribution will be released

Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd.
Produced by Yasushi Akimoto Hibari Misora ​​(AI singing) new song “Arekara” CD & distribution released
A new song by Hibari Misora, Japan’s leading singer, has been released for the first time in 30 years.
The new song by Hibari Misora ​​AI singing born out of the planning of the documentary program had a great response after the broadcast ended, and we received a lot of voices on CD. In response to the voice, CD was decided.
It will be the world’s first attempt to revive the singing voice of a dead artist with artificial intelligence (AI) and release a CD as a new song.
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The revived singing voice “ AI Misora ​​Hibari ”
The new song “Arekara” is a song born from a plan in the TV program NHK special “Hirabari Misora ​​Revived by AI” broadcasted on September 29, and the lyrics and production of Hibari Misora’s last single, “Kagawa” Mr. Yasushi Akimoto, who worked on “Like the flow of In the program, Hibari Misora’s voice data is revitalized by the latest artificial intelligence (AI) technology developed by Yamaha
Corporation, and a new song is sung as AI Misora ​​Hibari. I challenged to try to shake people’s hearts.
Choosing music from a huge number of demo tapes, and during the production of serifs, Mr. Akimoto said he wanted a modern melody rather than enka, and he selected music from a huge number of demo tapes. The phrase that asks “How have you been since then?” Sung in the chorus evokes the impression of what you listen to, and also says in the song “Long time no see. I’ve been watching you all the time.” The line “I’ll do my best” feels a mysterious feeling as if Hibari Misora ​​was revived in the reign of time.
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A great response after the broadcast, to sing in the red and white song battle As soon as the program was broadcast, voices acclaimed for its AI technology and the quality of the music gathered on the SNS, and requests for re-broadcasting of the program and CDs of the music continued. In response, NHK’s song program “Utakon” was broadcast live on November 12 (Tuesday), and AI Misora ​​Hibari’s singing voice was delivered nationwide from NHK Hall.
Furthermore, the other day, it was announced that Hibari Misora’s singing voice will be revived at the “70th NHK Red and White Song Battle” broadcast on New Year’s Eve. The singing voice that many people have been waiting for will be shown on the stage of the first red and white stage.
New song for the first time in 30 years
Initially, Mr. Yasushi Akimoto produced “From there” as an NHK special program. Therefore, there was no plan for CD at that time. However, since there was a great response from program viewers and Hibari Misora ​​fans, and the degree of completeness of the song “from there” is very high, we have been working with the related parties including Mr. Yasushi Akimoto. And we decided to release “From there”. “From that” became the first new song in 30 years since the last single Hibari Misora’s last single “Ryo no Kawa no nori” released in January 1989. Released.
The version of “Arekara” broadcasted on the program will be
distributed digitally on November 27th, but the CD released on December 18th will include the new version as well as the new version. plans.
■ Comment from Kazuya Kato (President, Hibari Production Co., Ltd.) [Image 3


It ’s said that “from then on” will be commercialized, and it ’s amazing that many people can hear it in the form of Hibari Misora’s new song.
Hibari Misora ​​does not return to the world, but with the latest technology, I felt the wonderful aspect of AI that can fill the gaps so far.
■ Comment by Yasushi Akimoto (Producer)
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“What kind of song would you like to sing if Hibari Misora ​​sang by A.I.” It was a project that began with questions from NHK Special staff. If you write a new song for Misora ​​Hibari now, what would you write on the theme?
I was excited and thought.
30 years since Hibari Misora ​​passed away.
At that time, I was a 30-year-old young man, and I had a 60th birthday. There is a 30-year “from then on”.
The solicited thought was put into the song “From there”.
I am glad to hear that many people have received a great response from the song “From there”.
The idea of ​​everyone who wants to meet again is planned as a dream only for one night.
“From now on” may be “from now on” Hibari Misora ​​gave us.

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