Finally Korea advance! Japanese Girls Group CatChuuuu! 캣츄 Team teaser published! Expected to be a powerful dance performance!

DREAM ENTERTAINMENT GK Finally Korea advance! Japanese Girls Group CatChuuuu! ?? Team teaser published! Expected to be a powerful dance performance! Appeared on KCON2019 JAPAN. I finished the last stage as a cover dancer who heated the hall with advanced dance skills. From the dancer name “Chile Cheri”, KPOP artist name “CatChuuuu” and activities start. ………………………………………………………………………………………… “I want to grow as a true KPOP artist with you! Please give me a lot of interest and guidance. Although I’m still immature, I really enjoy KPOP without the language and cultural barriers of people around the world, I will do my best to take the first step in order to be able to grow in love and grow. ” “Everyone, please enjoy together and grow” CatChuuuu “! And announced that it is a growth type idol! Among the many voices of fans saying “I want to meet as soon as possible”, the mystery that the appearance stage has not been disclosed at all is attracting attention. Can only certain fans meet? Korea’s first! ? Is the idol birth that can meet? ? From Team teaser, unimaginable loveliness can be enjoyed with SHOWROOM live delivery. Every day of the members who are fully motivated, they can enjoy their individual charms on SNS. Expected Kpop Girls Group “CatChuuuu” Debut Songs of Attention!

“KPOP Gakuen” Four people selected over the tough test than the trainee! Trainee period one and a half years! The shortest debut! The four-member group comes from the Japanese KPOP trainee training school “KPOP Gakuen”. Leader MINAMI is fascinated by KARA at the time of primary school children and starts activity as a cover dancer. Received the second place in Korea KPOP Cover Dance Contest World Championships by junior high school students. We perform Korean DREAMCONCERT Japanese first appearance. In addition to performing STARKING in Korea, he has also collaborated with many KPOP artists, and wants to foster children who can be active in Korea! And, high school student training student training “KPOP school” was opened. As a dance instructor, he also appears on TV as a super high school student who also works on stage production! (※ Graduated from high school in March 2019) I have been preparing for the group training of KPOP Gakuen trainee who accelerated with NANA / HIYORI / MARINA. We hoped for the future movement of leader MINAMI, who finally led the girls group to the Korean debut by launching a Japanese trainee training school with high school students! “CatChuuuu” evolved from a cover dancer to a KPOP idol It is a girls group of attention now. From DREAM ENTERTAINMENT to Tokyo → Seoul.

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