WAHAHA Honpo PRESENTS WAHAHA Honpo overall performance “King and Hanatsubaki” starts on May 27, 2020!

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WAHAHA Honpo PRESENTS WAHAHA Honpo overall performance “King and Hanatsubaki” starts on May 27, 2020!

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2020, Olympic year in Japan.
Prior to this big national event, Wahaha Honpo will “live up” Japan! The Wahaha version of that’s entertainment show.
In the summer of 2019, this pre-performance and the famous “Best of Overall Performance -Show Must Go On” will be held in Shinjuku, Tokyo. All eight performances were a great success, and thankfully, many people wanted to hold it nationwide.
The “Wahaha Honpo Whole Performance” should have ended in 2017, but Wahaha still has power, it must not be over, and we want to deliver laughter and energy throughout Japan! Please look forward to the performance of the “new” Wahaha Honpo, which starts with the thoughts of the company!
“Last overall performance”, “I will definitely do it again”
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“Last 3-The Last Legend-” which was regretted in 2017 and was named “The Last Overall Performance”.
At Senshu Raku’s Kesennuma performance, a colorful paper tape was thrown on the stage with a surprise of 1,000 audiences, and it was the end of a great impression.
In the midst of that, the feelings toward “next” were already moving among the theater members. Shibata and Hisamoto approached the direction of “I really don’t do it anymore!” On the bus for the “Last 3” tour.
1984 Wahaha Honpo’s early days. Goku often says that he still skipped a young troupe, saying, “Would you like to do just one person? It was Shibata and Hisamoto who always answered “I will do it!”. “Even if there is a person who says that alone, I will do it!” “It ’s 35 years later, you feel like quitting!” Shibata and Hisamoto laughed, “I thought I would do it again,” and the eater, “I thought I wanted to do it,” Wahaha. I showed hot bonds (?) In Honpo. He said, “I wanted to start again with the momentum of starting up.”
Excellent response from the “Best of All Performances”!
2020 is the Olympic year that is expected to start in Japan. Wahaha Honpo will first boost Japan! And, prior to the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, we decided to hold a “new” “Wahaha Honpo Whole Performance”.
In addition, as a pre-performance, in 2019, the performance was named “Best of the whole corps performance” from over 500 performances that were born in the entire performance over 35 years. The customer asked us to hold the event in various places, but the theater company laughed at the sleeve, “Wahaha is really interesting!”, And the director also said, “Wahaha was such a great thing,” Wahaha. I felt the world’s response.
The fans of Wahaha so far were pleased, but for customers who are watching Wahaha for the first time, it looks fresh, and many of the performances that will not fade even after the times are really enjoyed and returning with a smile, All the members of the theater company gained more power.
A new trilogy following Star Wars!
After “Last” which was called “Last overall performance”, it became a trilogy up to “Last 3” in response to customer requests. And this time, with the consensus of the troupe members, a new trilogy was decided, “It’s not over yet!”
The first work is the “King and Groom”. While having the theme of harmony, we will develop a world of idiot and elegance like no other, such as collaborations that are not bound by the frame!
The second work is 2022, and the theme is “musical”. Theatrical members who originally loved musicals have made Wahaha version musicals such as “Rie Shibata’s Solo Tadashizura Musical”, “Rural Musical” who appeared in the theater group as a whole, and “Bakumatsu Musical”.
And the third work is still in the process of thinking … Festival favorite blood makes a noise? I am planning a grand finale.
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A gorgeous Wahaha World based on the theme of the “Japanese” world of Japan Because it is the Olympic Year, I am thinking about excitement and material as soon as possible to play down the Japanese world with a gorgeous Wahaha style arrangement. In the past, Hisamoto tried to talk, but of course, it wasn’t just a talk. Naked men’s ass to hit! The name is “SM lecture”. However, you can’t just do men.
Counterattack and start playing with Hisamoto.
There was also “African Kabuki” which finished the world of Lion King in Kabuki style. Wahaha-style Kabuki reminiscent of African folk, starting with the song of the Jungle Emperor, the Lion King of the Shiki Theater Company!
”” Hebimeta Hana “has already been decided for this performance! ? “Snake Metallic Style? Hana” and others came out with “Yeah!”, And it seems like a picture of a good music play is floating.
I don’t want to leave my customers!
Speaking of Wahaha, “audience participation type” entertainment! The contents of “fun bags” to be distributed to customers, from shining prickly to jet balloons, bras and condoms, will come up with special items. But all are “props” in Wahaha! Customers are also happy to participate.
Since “Wahaha is a service industry”, it is natural that there is interaction with customers! ”As you say,“ You can’t let the customers go! (Kumoto) ”, we will go into the 2nd and 3rd floor seats as well as the 1st floor seats.
Customer applause is not enough just by applause. I love laughing, cheering and screaming. I want to feel what my customers are enjoying. [Image 4

Ano people will be able to fully demonstrate the power of Wahaha’s enthusiasm! At Wahaha Honpo, many celebrities have been relentlessly involved, and the narrations that connect each performance are Yosui Inoue, Kibayashi Kiki, Kyoko Kishida, Akira Nagoya, Toshiyuki Nishida, Yumiko Fujita, Kazuo Tokumitsu, etc. , I asked the people who were so enthusiastic that I had no time to give them up, and they had fun together. There are also performances in which the monkeys’ musicals are performed with the narration of Makihara Sae, and Hisamoto is auditioned by Amon Miyamoto.
In 2012 “Miracle”, Akiko Wada, who does not appear in the performance, uses a luxurious visual that is bigger than anyone but in the middle. And again, this time a super big musician (scheduled to lift information in early 2020) will be settled in the middle as “King”! The charm of Wahaha is insanely ridiculous! ?
”Shibata, who was asked about“ the appeal of Wahaha ”, answered immediately that“ it ’s so stupid! ” “It ’s ridiculously stupid, ridiculously stupid, but fashionable”.
Even if you are angry from the theater or reported to the police, there is also a legend that when you are done, you will enjoy going home more than anyone else. A unique and non-genre Wahaha world that changes the value of “this is no good” and breaks the existing concept.
It ’s not just interesting, but also discovering that you can grow up and laugh out loud. That’s because we’ll do everything we can to do everything!
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■ Performance name: WAHAHA Honpo PRESENTS
WAHAHA Honpo overall performance king and groom
■ Composition / Direction: Eating
■ Appearance: Rie Shibata, Masami Kumoto, Masahiro Sato, Yoshiaki Umegaki, Suzumasa, Nankin, etc.
■ Venue: [Tokyo Performance] ZERO Great Hall
[Nationwide Tour] Toyota City Cultural Center, Nagaragawa
International Conference Center, etc. (17 performances at 17 locations)
■ Price: All reserved seats / tax included Advance seat S 9,800 yen / A seat 8,800 yen
* Up to 800 yen for advance tickets on the day * Pre-school children are not allowed to enter
■ Ticket: February 29, 2020
Various play guides (Lawson Ticket, Ticket Pia, Eplus, etc.) WAHAHA Honpo 03-3406-4472 (Weekdays 11: 00-19: 00)
■ Ticket inquiry: Sunrise Promotion Tokyo (weekdays: 0570-00-3337)
■ Co-organizer: Nakano Designated Manager
■ General Inquiries: WAHAHA Honpo 03-3406-4472 (Weekdays 11: 00-19: 00) Http://wahahahompo.co.jp
■ Planning / Production: WAHAHA Honpo

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