Gloture Co., Ltd. Started selling “STEED BT87,” an outdoor speaker that can be stabbed into the ground a nd fixed on its own EC.

Gloture Inc.
Started selling “STEED BT87” outdoor speaker that can be stabbed into the ground and fixed on its own EC
A speaker specializing in the outdoors!
Gloture Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: CHEN JUNYI) will start selling “STEED BT87” on its EC site (GLOTURE.JP).
Bluetooth speaker specialized for outdoor
STEED BT87 is a Bluetooth speaker with a stake function designed for outdoor use. It can be connected to smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth, and can also be connected via a 3.5mm audio cable.
● Because stakes are included, they can be stabbed into the ground and fixed
● BT87B model supports solar charge
● The BT87C model is compatible with LED lights. It will also direct the event
● 360-degree surround sound
● Because it supports TWS, stereo playback is possible by preparing two BT87.
● Waterproof function of IPX6
[Image 1


[Image 2


Detachable stake
A unique feature of BT87 is that it comes with a stake. When you want to enjoy music outdoors, such as swimming, piste, camping, or garden, you may not be able to prepare a speaker table.
By attaching a stake to BT87, the speaker itself can be stabbed into the ground and fixed.
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Long time playback with solar charging
The BT87B model has a solar charging function. Extends playback time with 40mAh / h power generation *.
* Varies depending on weather conditions
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LED lights that can be used for space production
The BT87C model is equipped with an LED light. You can enjoy a fantastic atmosphere by lighting up as an illumination at outdoor events.
[Image 5


360-degree surround sound
The built-in 45cm speaker driver provides 360 degree omnidirectional surround sound. Not only is it perfect for the outdoors, but it can fill the room with sound for interior use.
[Image 6


Compatible with TWS (True Wireless) technology
Since it is compatible with TWS, music can be played with stereo sound by connecting two BT87 and Bluetooth.
[Image 7


IPX6 waterproof performance
Since it has a waterproof function, it can handle sudden bad weather. [Image 8


[Image 9


[Image 10


Shenzhen Steed Technology Co., Ltd is a leading company in the technical field with the aim of producing high-value products that meet customer needs. Founded in 2000, Steed offers a wide range of electronic products, including smart devices and audio products. About Gloture
Gloture Co., Ltd. pays attention to recent changes in work styles centered on the IT industry, and realizes a virtuous cycle of ideal work-life balance in the fields of work efficiency improvement, office environment, relaxation, etc. We have various products for you. Sales EC site
This product “STEED BT87” is now available on the Gloture EC site “GLOTURE.JP”. Please purchase from the following URL.
BT87B (Solar charging compatible)
BT87C (with LED light)
Selling price
¥ 5,000
* All prices are tax-excluded

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