Played Japan’s largest skill market with more than 1.3 million members “Konara” introduces “KARTE for App”

Japan’s largest skill market with more than 1.3 million members, “Kokonara” introduces “KARTE for App”
Use as a platform to optimize and automate CRM
Pride Co., Ltd. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo: CEO Kenta Kurahashi) “KARTE for App”, a CX (customer experience) platform for native apps provided by Kokonara Co., Ltd. (Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo: Akiyuki Minami, President and CEO) ) Deployed in Japan’s largest skill market “Kokonara” app. [Image


Background of the introduction of “KARTE for App” in the “Kokonara” app “Kokonara”, the largest skill market in Japan, has over 200 service categories. We knew that the user characteristics, unit price, repeat rate, purchase rate, etc. were completely different for each category, but there were challenges in appropriately classifying users, optimizing measures according to them, and operating them efficiently. did. With KARTE for App, users can be classified in more detail, and measures can be implemented efficiently based on the classification, so we decided to introduce this time. “KARTE for App” has been highly evaluated as a platform for optimizing and automating the CRM of “Konara”.
About the use of “KARTE for App” in the “Kokonara” app
By using “KARTE for App” in “Kokonara”, it becomes possible to divide user attributes more finely, and it is now possible to develop measures tailored to “individual customers”. In addition, by utilizing “KARTE Datahub” and linking to “KARTE Datahub” from its own database, it is possible to automate the process from each distribution platform such as e-mails and apps to the implementation of measures, and the man-hours for operation Has led to a reduction. In the future, he would like to take on the challenge of improving the value of the experience associated with using “Konara” through “KARTE for App”. About “Kokonara”
“Coconara” comes from “private consultation” such as “caricature / illustration / manga”, “beauty / fashion / health”, “career / employment / qualification”, “design of logo, flyer, business card”, “website” Japan’s largest skill market where you can easily buy and sell various individual skills throughout the country, from
production, music / narration, and customer service / web marketing. The number of registered members has exceeded 1.3 million, the cumulative number of transactions is over 3.5 million, 200 service categories, and over 300,000 service listings.
“KARTE” is a CX (customer experience) platform that provides real-time analysis of customer behaviors using websites and apps, and enables one-stop communication with individual customers. Service started in March 2015.
It has high expandability and can be used to meet marketing challenges and needs in various scenes, not just on-site. KARTE integrates and analyzes all types of data on an individual customer basis, enabling overwhelming customer understanding and improving end-user experience value (CX).

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