Takaha Kiko Co., Ltd. I made a nostalgic but new solenoid electric kit!

Takaha Kiko Co., Ltd.
I made a nostalgic but new solenoid electrical kit!
“SOLEKIT” is an assembly kit that can be enjoyed by both parents and children.
A modern child who does not use a screwdriver or adhesives well even though he / she skillfully manipulates fingers with smartphones and programming. Tighten the screws while looking at the trisets, assemble the parts, and finally plug the USB cable into the power supply and turn on the switch! “Oh, the linearly moving solenoid is hitting my hand!” “Why? Why is the penguin going on and on?” ? Grows children. Takaha Kiko Co., Ltd. (Iizuka City, Fukuoka Prefecture), which manufactures and sells DC solenoids, has developed a 5V solenoid with a switch that can be connected to a micro USB cable. An electric kit “SOLEKIT” that can see the operation of the link mechanism and solenoid using the 5V solenoid has been sold for 2,500 yen including tax.

[Image 1


From left: “Una Pen” “Big Crappy Nano?” “Jomon Docky” “Sole Noi Prostrate Lehman” “Sole Unko”
Solenoids are usually installed out of sight. The solenoids are not well understood because they are usually not visible, such as the convenience store’s cashier mechanism, the door lock mechanism, the car shift lever lock mechanism, and the vending machine’s coin distribution part. But you want to see it moving? It is a super recommended kit for those who say.
Design and design are creators who love manufacturing (byeby world, necobit) and manga artist (Eiji Miruno), and Takaha’s original clay figurine series is also planned for sale.
Sole Kit Fan Site “Sole Kit Laboratory” also has a “Sole Kit Gallery” where you can post birth secret stories, how to play Sole Kits, and Sole Kits that you made yourself, and people can also develop Sole Kits and commercialize them if you like It ’s not a dream. Even a single kit is a fun kit, but it is also gaining popularity in elementary school programming education.
Solekit Institute: https://solekit.net/
If you use programming, Solekit can do another assault. For example, Arduino and micro: bit are perfect for music. By attaching a microcomputer board to the simultaneously released “Multi-controller USB”, the Solekits can be automatically controlled in conjunction with four units. If you make your own programming and move it along with the music, you can double the fun. Why don’t you nurture your children’s creativity with the cuteness of the appearance and the fun of the mechanism, the visualization of microcomputer control, and the triple electric kit “Sole Kit”?
[Image 2


[Image 3


Even without a microcomputer board, you can connect up to four and move the Sole Kit with a manual switch.
[Image 4


When you make it yourself and it moves, you may be impressed with the fun of making things.
The Sole Kit is an open standard that uses A5 size plates, A5 size seals, and Takaha 5V solenoids. First, buy and make a Sole Kit, then make and submit your own Sole Kit.
Click here for Solekit submission form → https://solekit.net/gallery/ this is! There is also a chance that these works will be
commercialized and sold by Takaha Kiko. Please enjoy making your own sole kit during this winter vacation.
● Solekit Laboratories
● Takaha Kiko Homepage
● 5V solenoid page

For more information about this release(Japanese):


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