Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd. Kitri releases a video of a cover song that could only be heard live

Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd.
Kitri reveals a cover song video that could only be heard live
The video of Kitri, who reached the tour final in November, the cover song that was played during the tour, and the Russian folk song “One Week” was released.
Kitri-Kitri-“One week” [official]
[Video 5:]

Kitri is popular for its addictive original songs that take advantage of the harmony unique to the twins and sisters,
There is a reputation for cover songs that can only be heard live. “One week” released from the album is a song that was very popular in live tours, with an excellent arrangement unique to Kitri in the melody that everyone has heard.
There were many inquiries about listening to the sound source even after the tour, and there was a proposal from Kitri that “I want fans to be pleased”, and this video will be released this time.
Regarding this song, Kitri commented, “It’s an impressive melody that you’ll want to try again and again. Please enjoy playing the piano and playing singing.”
It is said that the cover song will be improved in the future. stay tuned.
■ Release information
[Image 1

2019.12.09 Digital Release
“after the rain”
Lyrics: Hina Composition: Mona Arrangement: Kitri
2020.1.29 Release
1st album “Kitrist”
CD: COCB-54295 / Tax included: ¥ 3,300
LP: COJA-9369 / Tax included: ¥ 4,180

after the rain
Compass bird
Goodbye, tear eyes
Other 11 songs including new songs will be recorded
* Please note that the contents are subject to change.

Kitri “Contradiction” Music Video [official]
[Video 6:]

Kitri “Rashin Bird” Music Video [official]
[Video 7:]

Kitri “Dance of Cells” Music Video [official]
[Video 8:]


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