Endless Life Salon “Life Stories Salon” opens in Tokyu Plaza Shibuya on Thursday, December 5!

Memories Co., Ltd.
[Endless Life Salon] “Life Stories Salon” opens in Tokyu Plaza Shibuya on Thursday, December 5!
-Ending activities are not activities that end, but activities that start! Counseling salon to start the second life ~
Memories Co., Ltd. (President and CEO Takushi Yoshida), active in the Tokyo / Saitama / Gunma area, mainly in the ceremonial occasion service business, is a commercial facility “Shibuya” that will be born in Tokyo, Shibuya on December 5, 2019. On the 5th floor of “Tokyu Plaza” in “Furak”, we will open a life-saving salon called “Life Stories Salon” for Grand Age.
What is the topic “end-of-life” now? To the what? What should I start with? The 50’s and 80’s age group, and those who want to have a positive second life and want to greet them are places where they can easily go shopping and lunch. It is a salon that you want to use as “.

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Tokyu Plaza Shibuya 5th floor “Life Stories Salon”
Memories Kanto Co., Ltd. (Takushi Yoshida, President and CEO) of the ceremonial occasion service business will open a life-saving salon “Life Stories Salon” on December 5, 2019, targeting the senior generation who will start the second life. Thu) It will open on the 5th floor of “Tokyu Plaza Shibuya” in Shibuya, Tokyo. Active seniors in their 50s and 80s are targeted for attracting customers, and this generation is called “Grand Age” instead of “Senior” and is now the topic of “End of Life” (End of Better Life ( Operates a counseling counter that supports activities to greet the ending), but it is positioned as a salon where you can feel positive about starting a second life without using the word “lifetime”. Will continue to develop new services.
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[What is Life Stories Salon]
The grand age generation’s “now” is the culmination of life. The Life Stories Salon is a support salon for people who think that the culmination of life is their own. Enrich the grand age generation’s “Culmination of Life” and be yourself! We can help you with the challenges you can do now, look back on your life and think about the future. “Life Stories Salon” is a general contact point that supports the future of life in the age of 100. A lifestyle counselor will carefully guide you through the culmination of your life, thinking about what you can do because you have the time you can use for yourself and what you want to challenge.
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[Service details]
Content to live in your own way (life notes, family tree creation, personal history creation, photography)
■ Collect and tell (Life Note)
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I spell my life that I have followed, and my last thoughts to tell my family and important people. This is a notebook that tells you not to be in trouble when you are gone, such as your desired funeral style, savings and insurance information.

■ Learn about the family (creating a family tree)
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Tell the history of the family to the child who marries, know the origin of the surname, and leave a living proof of the ancestors. By creating a family tree, you can start talking about “family”. It’s also a chance to start a journey that follows your roots.

■ Know your history (Create your own history)
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Where were you born, what kind of student life, and what kind of friends and teachers you were blessed with? About work and marriage, raising children, people I met … By spelling out your history, you will be immersed in memories and full of gratitude.

■ It is fun to be photographed (photographing)
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In addition to taking commemorative photographs such as birthdays, 60th birthday celebrations, wedding anniversaries, family photos, couple photos, mother-daughter photos, etc. We will take pictures that look beautiful.

Content to enjoy now (location shooting, party production, workshop, culture class)
■ The most beautiful photos (location shooting)
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Photographers and hair makeup will accompany you at the school where you graduated at the place where you were born and raised, at the place of your memories, and you will be photographed in location and delivered as digital albums and data.

■ Because it is now (party production)
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A new “gathering” form that expresses gratitude. The theme of the style desired by the host, such as parties at hotels and restaurants, golf competitions, bus tours, etc., will be proposed and productions and programs will be proposed.

■ Enjoy now! (Workshop / Culture Class)
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Now that you have the time you can use for yourself, you can challenge yourself to do what you have done in your life, and to expand your hobbies such as manufacturing and music! Please realize the fun of getting started.

“Organization” and “Preparation” for the second life (inheritance, pre-arrangement, antique preparation, Buddhist altar Buddhist handhold service, cemetery ossuary)
■ “Inheritance” measures before life to lose
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Measures that can be taken before and after death change greatly. First, know what you can do because you are alive, and prevent problems related to inheritance.

■ How to find a happy life
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Organizing before life means organizing things, minds and information. Starting with cleaning up rooms and homes, looking back at the past and facing yourself and your family can change your life. Let’s begin “organization before life” that makes important people close to you happy.
■ Meaning to buy antique now (antique preparation)
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Antiques are often chosen by mourners and their families during funerals. Now is the time to choose your own antiques. For the last house, “Antique”, please choose what you like, such as taste, design, size and material.
■ I’m always by my side (Buddhist altar, Buddhist utensils, hand memorial service)
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We handle a wide range of Buddhist altars that can be placed in condominiums and small rooms, modern Buddhist altars that can be placed in this way, ancestors, mini antiques, and remains jewelry. If you are looking for a new one, as well as those who are considering a replacement by moving or remodeling, please contact us.
■ Do you have a grave to enter (cemetery, gravestone, ossuary)? [Image 15


In recent years, an increasing number of people prepare graves before they live. The Life Stories Salon introduces various local cemeteries, cemeteries, natural funerals, eternity, ossuary and gravestones. We will help you find a grave without regrets.

Ceremony vision from the 50s, 60s and 70s
■ Think and prepare your own funeral (funeral consultation)
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In recent years, an increasing number of people prepare graves before they live. The Life Stories Salon will introduce you to various cemeteries, cemeteries, natural funerals, eternity, ossuary and gravestones.

■ Funeral hosted by you (funeral / grateful gathering)
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A pre-mortem funeral is a funeral that is held on your own while the person who is sent is still alive. By holding it as a “grateful appreciation” in the sense of expressing gratitude to those who have taken care of it, it is possible to greet the person who has taken care of himself directly, and it will also serve as a food for living afterwards. . You can also expect a friendship to start again from the gathering of gratitude.
■ No need tomb (tree funeral)
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“Tree funeral” is a method of burying the remains of trees under trees and flowers on the permitted site. One of the reasons why it is not necessary to inherit the grave. Recently, the number of people who think they don’t need a grave is increasing, and it is attracting attention as an option for such people.
■ Don’t need a grave (marine bones)
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“Ocean Scatter” is a method of burying your remains in the sea. This method is also suitable for those who are worried about not having a grave for a variety of reasons, such as wanting to sleep in the ocean that they loved, and financial reasons. Recently, the number of people who think they don’t need a grave is increasing, and it is attracting attention as an option for those people.
■ Become a shining star in space (Space Funeral)
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In “Space Funeral”, capsules containing ashes are loaded onto rockets and launched into outer space. A new form of rejuvenation that colors the end of important people. The ultimate departure, full of dreams, such as taking the earth orbit, landing on the moon, and traveling to a faraway universe, is truly a retreat to become a star.

Preparing for the future
■ Preparation of money (mutual help)
Are you preparing for funeral expenses? “Reciprocal Association” is a system that accumulates a small amount every month to reduce the burden of ceremony expenses. Many people join as preparations for funerals, but they can also be used for weddings, adult ceremonies, and legal affairs.
■ Money preparation (funeral insurance)
In addition to hospitalization expenses, temple expenses, and funeral expenses, it costs a lot of money when people die. Memolead Life’s funeral insurance is a short-term, short-term insurance that specializes in death protection that can be paid immediately after death.
Life Stories Salon
1-2-3 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Tokyu Plaza Shibuya 5F
Telephone: 03-5422-3650

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