Sony Music Direct Co., Ltd. Kyoko of the folk song world Yusuke Kenmochi and Sony Music transfer first release!

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The first folk song prince, Yusuke Kenmochi, releases the first Sony Music transfer!
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Yusuke Kenmochi, the next-generation artist in the folk music world who is active as a shamisen and taiko drummer, singing folk songs from around the country, has released the first transfer work “謡 -Uta-” from Sony Music’s Japanese music label “Shijo” in December. Released on the 4th.
The song “–Uta-”, which will be released this time, is a selection of folk songs in which the swordsman himself becomes hot. “Nagomama-Taiko Drums-Owase Bushi”, “Tsunami Shamisen” and “Tsugaru Sandori”, all performed by himself, and Kanagawa Prefecture folk song by organizing Japanese musical instruments. This is a mini-album that includes four songs, “Ikatori Kaoru” and Niigata folk song “Sado Okesa-Mineral Oke”, which is good at Kenmochi.
The jacket photo is unusual for a folk song, and is a casual outfit like a kimono. The sword’s wish is “I want the younger generation to feel closer to the folk song”.
Sword holding that touched folk songs before they were born because their parents sang folk songs. He took the first stage at the age of three and then entered numerous competitions and received the honor of winning. Currently, he is conducting a wide range of activities both in Japan and abroad to spread the appeal of folk songs, such as appearances on television and radio, and the “Waso Ganza” formed mainly in Kenmochi. .
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The title this time is “謡 -Uta-”. The word “謡”, which can only be found in folk songs and nursery rhymes, is named “I like to sing and I want to tell my feelings that I like folk songs”. It is a long-awaited piece that you can experience the “Uta space” of Yusuke Kenmochi who is full of expressiveness.

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* Yusuke Kenmochi
Title: “謡 -Uta-”
Release date: December 4, 2019
Price: ¥ 1,364 + tax
Product Number: MHCL-2832
Release: Sony Music Direct Inc.

1.Nonomama ~ Taiko-Drum-Owasebushi
2. Sado Okesa-Mineral Works Okesa
3.Tsugaru three descent
4.Ikatori bowl
[Yusuke Kenmochi Profile]
Born in 1983. Born in Nagoya, Aichi.
From his childhood, he learned his folk songs from his father, Yutaka Kenmochi (from Murakami City), and made his first performance at the age of three. Studied Tsugaru folk song (Tsugaru Shamisen) with Takayuki Matsuda. As a young male folk singer who specializes in the folk songs of Niigata, the father’s hometown, and also plays folk songs nationwide, he currently appears on television and radio. Appeared on numerous stages as a shamisen and taiko player. From 2009 to 2012, he regularly appeared on NHK General TV “Soreike! Folk Song Festival”. He also served as the personality of NHK-FM (Tokai / Hokuriku) “FM Twilight”. In 2012, she made her CD debut with the mini album “Shinshin Denshin” from Nippon Columbia. In 2016, he formed the “Waso Scorpio”. A rare male folk singer who currently carries the future folklore world as a young top.

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