Sanrio Co., Ltd. The second report of “SHOW BY ROCK !! Announced new band “DOKONJOFINGER”

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The second report of “SHOW BY ROCK !! Announced new band “DOKONJOFINGER” PV, visual and cast information are also lifted at once! ! The highlight is a powerful performance scene where the school leaders gathered!
As the second report of the new anime series “SHOW BY ROCK !!” announced on November 24th (Sun) last week, “SHOW BY ROCK !!”, the new band “DOKONJOFINGER” Will be announced. At the same time, PV, visual and cast information of “DOKONJOFINGER” will be lifted at once. Bandmasters of each school gathered by consolidation !? A male four-piece band with outstanding presence!
[Image 1

(C) 2012,2019 SANRIO CO., LTD. SHOWBYROCK !! Production Committee M Starting in January 2020, the new anime “SHOW BY ROCK !!” series will be the first in about three years, “SHOW BY ROCK !! Njyo FINGA)) will participate.
“DOKONJOFINGER” is a new band consisting of four people: Yas (cv. Kento Ito), Hatchin (cv. Shohei Komatsu), Jou (cv. Yuki Ono), and Shuangi (cv. Yusuke Shirai). There was a history that they were chief of each school, they were gathered in one school due to consolidation, and in PV, images like battle animation are developed, but the insertion song “ Moving means is a motorcycle ” flows We will develop a powerful performance scene with Polygon Pictures, which will be released for the first time on “SHOW BY ROCK !!
Their band visuals released at the same time are full of presence that conveys the power of four people. Please look forward to the future development of how the four incompatible people will play an active role as one band.
Kinema Citrus, who has gained popularity for delicate and bold images, is in charge of animation production for this work. Directed by Masayuki Son, Masayuki Kojima, who worked as an advisor at “Made in Abyss”, will participate. In addition, CG is in charge of Polystone Pictures, which continues to challenge innovative video in the oldest studio in Japan. Keep an eye out for the follow-up of “SHOW BY ROCK !! [Character / Cast]
DOKONJOFINGER !! (Reading: Dojo Finga)
The four schools are integrated and the school leaders gathered together! The strongest band formed!
Yas (Gt & Vo) cv. Kento Ito
Yahata tribe boy. Born as the son of a bento restaurant and grew up with a bento. Unfriendly and unsightly. Short. The specialty is the desk loss counter.
[Image 2

Yasu (Gt & Vo)
[Image 3

Kento Ito
Hatchin (Gt & Vo) cv. Shohei Komatsu
Bumbun bee fashion yankee boys. I stab the needle before I think. It ’s impregnated, but the roots are pure.
[Image 4

Hatchin (Gt & Vo)
[Image 5

Shohei Komatsu
Jou (Ba) cv. Yuki Ono
A frail constitutional boy of the Immortal Birds. The body is weak, but fighting and mental are very strong. Repeated years of staying in and out of the hospital and greeted adults several years ago. Congrats.
[Image 6

Jou (Ba)
[Image 7

Tomoki Ono
Shujitsu (Dr) cv.
A great-looking boy from the Ainu tribe. The golden round and round hair and the emerald eyes attract the viewer. Although it is super strong, the way to fight is outer road.
[Image 8

Double cycle (Dr)
[Image 9

Yusuke Shirai
[Video 2:] Scene cut
[Image 10

[Image 11

[Image 12

[Image 13

[Image 14

【Reference information】
TV anime new series broadcast commemoration! On the official YouTube channel All 36 episodes of the TV anime “SHOW BY ROCK !!” series are now available for free!
In commemoration of the new TV anime series broadcast, on “SHOW BY ROCK !!” YouTube official channel
All 36 episodes of TV anime “SHOW BY ROCK !!”, “SHOW BY ROCK !! Since November 24th (Sunday), two episodes will be released every day for a limited time, so please enjoy this opportunity.
We plan to update various contents on this channel. Subscribe to the channel so that you don’t miss it!
YouTube “SHOW BY ROCK !! Official Channel”:
[Broadcast information]
◆ TOKYO MX January 9 (Thursday) Start every Thursday 22: 30 ~
◆ BS Fuji Starts on Thursday, January 9 Every Thursday 24:00
◆ Sun TV: Start on Thursday, January 9 Every Thursday 25: 00 ~ Also scheduled to be broadcast on Hokkaido Cultural Broadcasting [Web fastest delivery site]
January 9 (Thursday) Start every Thursday 22:30-distribution (simultaneous terrestrial)
Scheduled to be sequentially distributed to other distribution sites 【introduction】
You might have met a miracle! ?
Born and raised in a small village in the northern country, a whitish fox girl, “Howan”.
The city of longing for the audition,
Traveling to Under North Zawa.
Meet the striped cat Masashima Himeko, the Devil Mint Demon Tribe Delmin, the Werewolf Tribe Rufuyu,
A band will be formed. Is it?
A rock-like music story full of glitter is about to begin.
Alright, I’ll do it ♪
Original: Sanrio
Director: Nozomi Son
Series composition: Daisuke Tazawa
Character design and general drawing director: Yasuyuki Ito
Advisor: Masayuki Kojima
Art setting: Yoshinori Hishinuma
Color design: Hiromi Miyawaki
Director of Photography: Akira Iwasaki
CG Director: Masayuki Uemoto
CG Producer: Kanako Hosoe
CG Production: Polygon Pictures
Edit: Ayumi Takahashi
Acoustic director: Yuki Gobun
Music: Koji Takanashi / Funta7
Music production: Pony Canyon
Animation production: Kinema Citrus
Howan: Hikaru Tono
Mimashima Himeko: Yuko Natsuyoshi
Delmin: Misaki Wada
Rufuyu: Akira Yamane
Yas: Kento Ito
Hatchin: Shohei Komatsu
Jo: Yuki Ono
Sojuku: Keisuke Shirai and others
Official website: Official Twitter: Anime Official Website: Anime Official Twitter: / SB69A
Anime PV:
YouTube “SHOW BY ROCK !! Official Channel”:
“SHOW BY ROCK !! Fes A Live” Official Website:

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