The special event “YOKOHAMA Midnight HAR ★ BAR2019” for the night of December 14 (Saturday) will be held f or the first time!

Pia Corporation
The special event “YOKOHAMA Midnight HAR ★ BAR2019” for the night of December 14 (Saturday) will be held for the first time!
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“YOKOHAMA Midnight HAR ★ BAR2019”
This is the first special event “YOKOHAMA Midnight HAR ★ BAR2019” set in the Yokohama Harbor Area, which Pia Co., Ltd. produces, and will be held for the first time on Saturday, December 14th.
Details flyer
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“YOKOHAMA Midnight HAR ★ BAR2019” table
To the city where you can enjoy the world’s best nighttime-
This event is held as the first step. Marine Rouge, Le Grand Bleu and Open Top Bus have special midnight flights. Illumina & Tree that colors the city, Cosmo Clock 21, and some restaurants at Yokohama Hammerhead and Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse will be extended until 24:00 (*). For specific plans and stores, discounts and benefits that can be obtained by presenting [Special PASS] attached to flyers distributed at various locations will also be available. Please take this opportunity to explore your favorite content and enjoy the Yokohama Harbor Area at night.
* Open until 24:00, last order and reception end time varies by store / facility [Image 17

Behind “YOKOHAMA Midnight HAR ★ BAR2019”
[Table 5:”>

Marine Rouge Midnight Cruise Bar
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Marine Rouge Midnight Cruise
“Marine Rouge” offers a panoramic view of Minato Mirai’s cityscape from the ship. Live performances of popular artists will be held onboard both on the first and second flights. You can enjoy delicious sake, food and music.
[Departures and arrivals] Pier red brick platform (21:45 boarding start) [Time] First cruise from 22:00 to 22:30
2nd cruise 22:50 departure-23:20 return to port
[Price] Special charge 2,500 yen (tax included)
* Boarding fee + 2 drinks (or 1 drink and 1 food) including music charge
Boarding from the first time 2,000 yen (tax included) ★ 500 yen discount Boarding from the second time 1,500 yen (tax included) ★ 1,000 yen discount * Customers who board the first time can board the second time. Additional drinks and foods are 500 yen (including tax) per item * If you exceed the capacity, you may not be able to board.
* Minors (under 19 years old) cannot board
Midnight Open Top Bus
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Open top bus
“Keikyu Open Top Bus”, which runs on a route limited to this day, includes a sightseeing guide and is free to ride! The first 160 people will receive a Coca-Cola Yokohama bottle.
【Departures and Arrivals】? Red Brick Warehouse ⇒? Osanbashi
International Passenger Terminal ⇒? Yokohama Royal Park Hotel ⇒? Yokohama Bay Hotel Tokyu ⇒? Yokohama Grand Intercontinental Hotel ⇒? Yokohama Hammerhead ⇒ Red Brick Warehouse Will be lined up in a row) [Time] About 30 minutes per lap, patrol by repeating the above? Cosmo Clock 21 Midnight
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Cosmo Clock 21 Midnight
After closing the Yokohama Cosmo World, the Ferris wheel “Cosmo Clock 21” will be open for special midnight only on this day. Get a special PASS and save 300 yen!
[Time] 21:00-23:40 (Registration closed)
[Regular fee] 800 yen (tax included / 3 years old and over)

500 yen (tax included) ★ 300 yen discount
Le Grand Blue Midnight
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Le Grand Blue
“Le Grand Blue”, which travels around the Shinko area, operates two flights. Enjoy the night view of Minato Mirai from the special seat on board with a special fee of boarding fee + 1 drink.
[Departures] Pukarisanbashi
[Time] First flight 21:30 departure-22:00 return to port
Second flight 22:20 departure-22:50 return to port
* Each 30 minutes before reception, complete replacement system [Fare] Special fee 2,000 yen (tax included) * Boarding fee + 1 drink [Table 6:“>

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