2nd single “City Walk” by the notable authentic R & B singer mashoe ‘will be released from the long-awaited 1st album “GROOVOX” on 11/20! !

2nd single “City Walk” by the notable authentic R & B singer mashoe ‘will be released from the long-awaited 1st album “GROOVOX” on 11/20! !
It is gorgeous, light, muddy and beautiful.
2nd single released by R & B singer mashoe ’, the inevitable next break. An urban R & B tune that combines Jamiroquai’s light and cool beats with city pop’s urban-colored synth sounds is complete. The contrast between the melody and catchy vocals that are developed on the exciting beat of halftime shuffle and the rap part that listens to the cool flow is due to the revival triggered by Bruno Mars’s hit album “24k Magic” The finish reminiscent of Bobby Brown’s “Every Little Step”, which was re-evaluated and attracted worldwide attention with New Jack Swing. Featuring R & B-style guitars throughout, the soulful guitar solo with sharp, funky cutting and singing is a must. From a danceable 80’s R & B listener,
This is a recommended song that makes black music the finest pop music that can be enjoyed by current city pop fans such as Nulbarich, Suchmos, SIRUP and Soulflex.
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Keep an eye out for the long-awaited 1st album “GROOVOX”, which will be released on December 11th. A total of 10 songs that can be enjoyed with the progressive 21-year-old mashoe ‘, including the preceding singles “Midnight Dancing” and “City Walk”. The essence of black music that became his roots is scattered everywhere, and the groovy sound backed by a deep background is sublimated into pop with an original interpretation. It is a title that shows its skill as a track maker without regret. A masterpiece that is perfect for the end of the year is about to be lifted. stay tuned.
In addition, on the weekend immediately after the album release, a self-planned live show hosted by mashoe ‘was held at Shibuya Star Lounge. After enjoying “mashoe ‘as an artist” on the album, the theory is to experience “mashoe’ as an entertainer” live. It is a must-see content for talented artists such as Mori Shingo, Akimoto Ryohei, Zeta-kun, UPDOWNBeats, cozycozy. Don’t miss the all-night party that you’ll love with a pleasant raw groove.
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■ Artist: mashoe ‘
■ Title: City Walk
■ Release Date: 20/11/2019
■ List of various distribution services: https://lnk.to/GROOVOX
■ Music video
[Video 2: https://prtimes.jp/api/movieim.php?url=www.youtube.com/watch?v=O1lc3wZulBA]

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A male R & B singer from Kanagawa Prefecture. He started playing guitar when he was 15 years old, started live activities the following year, started full-fledged music activities, and started working under the name mashoe ’in 2018. Currently, he is expanding his career as a track maker playing vocals and keyboards. R & B, HIPHOP, JAZZ, SOUL, FUNK and other dance styles with Motown music and disco music as their roots are distinctive. As a track maker and entertainer, it has an extraordinary sense and solid ability. Stevie Wonder, J Dilla, The Brand New Heavies, and other names who have built a golden age in each genre are listed as favorite artists, and their influence is strongly reflected in their music. Chorus work with urban colors with the refined harmony of contemporary R & B,
It has a modern sublimation sound of roots music such as the intuitive and physical groove of Soul Classic. A notable artist who will make an outstanding leap in the Japanese music scene of the 2020s.
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