Osale Company Co., Ltd. This year, the Osale Company will design and produce the season pass benefits for the Oita-based J League team Oita Trinita! !

This year, Osale Company will design and produce the Oita Trinita season pass benefits! !
~ Theme is goods that support supporters who are not defeated by the heat ~ ……………………………………………………………………………………………
Osare Company Co., Ltd. (location: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, representative: Kazuki Uchimura, hereinafter Osare Company), which designs and produces 2.5-dimensional musicals and other costumes mainly for the AKB48 group, is a professional soccer club “Oita Trinita”. Announced bonus goods in collaboration with Oita Football Club Co., Ltd. (location: Oita City, Oita Prefecture, Representative Director: Toru Toru, Oita Trinita).
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■ 2020 Season Pass Collaboration Rate Goods
In this season, despite the intense heat that continued every day, we created a cool tote bag with a cold insulation function, considering the stadium environment of the supporters and the Trinita family who delivered the same cheering as usual. Because it has a spacious size, it has been finished to a size that can be used for general use, such as a cold bag for frozen foods, as an eco bag for everyday shopping.
■ Season pass benefits
The target is the cool tote bag of special goods for the 2020 Season Pass, which will be on sale from Saturday, December 7th. The design is a cool design with a geometric pattern based on the Trinita color and can be used by people of all ages regardless of gender.
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Size: 380 x 300 x 130 / mm
Material: Polyester + Aluminum vapor deposition
Printing: Full color sublimation
【Contact Us】
Oita Football Club TEL 097-554-2250 FAX 097-554-2280 (* Closed on weekends and holidays)
■ About the merchandise newly proposed by the OSARE COMPANY
The Osare Company, which will enter its 8th term in 2020, provided a variety of support related to the stage and the media through one-stop contracts from cleaning to apparel management, mainly in the costume, hair and stylist dispatch business. Recently, we have received a lot of consultations on goods production and design supervision, and we are trying to design and produce things that can be enjoyed by fans who support us all the time and fans who support us. I will do it. Going forward, we will go beyond the costume production and challenge various things related to entertainment.

・ Osare Company Co., Ltd. Company Profile
The OSARE COMPANY is a creative group that makes people shine. With experienced creative directors, designers, stylists, and hair and makeup techniques, we can help you draw out the appeal many times. Representative: Kazuki Uchimura, Representative Director
Established: March 1, 2013
Business description:
Production of costumes and accessories specialized in the entertainment industry Costume designer, stylist, hair and makeup management
Costume management business
URL: https://www.osarecompany.com/
・ Oita Football Club Company Profile
Oita Football Club Co., Ltd. is the management company of a
professional soccer club “Oita Trinita (Meiji Yasuda Seimei J1 League)” with Oita Prefecture as its home town. It mainly develops business related to its own professional soccer clubs, such as club management, player training, event planning and management, and management related to them. This fiscal year is the first year of J1 promotion, but as of December 3, it has made a breakthrough with 7th place in the J1 league.
Representative: Toru Tsuji, Representative Director
Established: January 7, 1999
Head office location: 1629 Yokoo, Oita City, Oita Prefecture Capital, etc .: 80,519,000 yen
Business description:
Management of professional soccer clubs, planning and management of other sports events
URL: https://www.oita-trinita.co.jp/

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