TV TOKYO group Animation works of interest at TV TOKYO gather! Exclusive live distribution on “Anime JAM2019 ” “Adere” “Paravi”! !

TV TOKYO group
A collection of popular anime works at TV TOKYO! Exclusive live distribution on “Anime JAM2019” “Adere” “Paravi”! !


On December 22nd (Sunday), 2019, the anime JAM2019 will be held at Maihama Amphitheater. From December 22nd (Sunday) 18:30, the TV Tokyo anime delivery service “Adere” and the video delivery service “Paravi” (Parabi) “has been decided to distribute exclusively live.
Gorgeous voice actors and theme song artists gathered from TV anime that is a topic in TV Tokyo! Deliver a one-day premium stage where dream collaboration is realized. In addition, all 11 male casts have also been decided to appear in tuxedos, showing off their precious costumes that can’t be seen normally! We will also hold the first collaborative reading drama and quiz corner in the history of Anime JAM, so please enjoy a premium time that goes beyond the boundaries of your work.
Live broadcasts of “Adere” and “Paravi” will send lively images and music to fans who couldn’t purchase tickets and those who couldn’t go to the venue. I will do it.

Performance name Anime JAM2019
Distribution date Sunday, December 22, 2019 18:30-(planned)
■ Distribution site
TV Tokyo Anime Distribution Service “Adere” ( * Unlimited member registration (700 yen per month [tax excluded)] 1-month free trial!
Video distribution service “Paravi” ( * Paravi Basic Plan Registration Required (925 yen / month [tax excluded)) 30 days from the first registration free!

■ TV animation “Inazuma Eleven Orion’s stamp”
Jun Fukuyama / Hiroshi Nojima / Tomohiro Omachi
■ Theatrical version “Royal Teacher Heine”
Yusuke Ueda / Yuya Asato / Hayato Adachi / Daisuke Hirose
■ TV animation “Diamond A actII”
Ryota Osaka / Nobunaga Shimazaki / Ryotaro Asanuma / Yuma Uchida
■ TV animation “Fruit Basket”
Mai Iwami / Nobunaga Shimazaki / Yuma Uchida
■ LIVE Artist
pugcat’s / Heine Kai Bruno Leonhard from P4 with T / OxT / Beverly * Performers are subject to change.
TV Tokyo Anime Distribution Service “Adere”
-TV Tokyo is an all-you-can-eat anime service that began on April 1, 2017. -Monthly fee of 700 yen (excluding tax), you can watch unlimited anime as well as the latest anime.
-Not only the main anime, but also live and stage live and archive distribution, original programs with gorgeous casts, invitations to events, gifts for goods, and anime news.
・ A lot of contents that can be viewed for free.
・ A free trial for one month is also in progress (* Applicable only for the first registration).
* Supported devices: PCs, smartphones, tablets
* Membership registration (email address, credit card, etc.) is required. * This service is a monthly fee-based online video / information distribution service.
Contracts and usage fees for Internet service providers and mobile carriers required for Internet connection will be borne by the customer separately, and communication charges will be incurred separately.
* This service is for Japan. You cannot watch videos overseas. Video distribution service “Paravi”
Paravi, TBS HD, Nihon Keizai Shimbun, TV Tokyo HD, WOWOW, Dentsu, Established in July 2017 through joint investment by six companies of Hakuhodo DY Media Partners.
This is a video distribution service operated by Premium Platform Japan. The number of domestic drama archives is the largest in Japan. In addition, popular drama variety and movies,
An abundant lineup of anime, music, economic information, overseas works, etc. for 925 yen (excluding tax)
In addition to the enjoyable Paravi basic plan, rental works that can be purchased for each content
You can see it. Paravi Basic Plan is free for 30 days from the first registration.
★ Paravi service page
★ The latest information on Paravi is “News.Paravi”!

Twitter: Paravi (@_paravi_)
Facebook: Paravi

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