TORICO Co., Ltd. “SHIORI EXPERIENCE Jimi I and Nao Hen” Volume 14 Commemorative Exhibition is in Osaka in January 2020! There will also be an autograph session between Yasuyuki Nagata and Kazuhachi Machida!

TORICO Corporation
“SHIORI EXPERIENCE Jimi I and Nao Hen” 14th volume commemorative exhibition will be held in Osaka in January 2020! There will also be an autograph session between Yasuyuki Nagata and Kazuhachi Machida! Held in Osaka Valley 6 prisoners from Friday, January 10, 2020
TORICO Co., Ltd. (head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, representative: Takuo Ando), from January 10th (Friday) to January 27th (Monday) 2020, in Osaka Valley Rokupo, “ SHIORI EXPERIENCE “Hen Naoji” 14th Anniversary Exhibition Jack in Osaka-Signed by Dr. Yasuyuki Nagata and Mr. Kazuhachi Machida ” In addition, Manga is also selling sets with storage boxes drawn by Dr. Yasuyuki Nagata. These sets with storage boxes can also be purchased at event venues in Osaka. [Image

An exhibition event for a new sensation rock & blues manga “SHIORI EXPERIENCE Jimi I and Hen Uncle” by Yasuyuki Nagata and Kazuhachi Machida, serialized in the monthly “Big Gangan” will be held in Osaka! An unbelievable event that decorates the beginning of 2020 is here! Please come to a space where you can immerse yourself in the SHIORI world, from original goods to full-size box sales and autograph sessions by Prof. Nagata and Machida!
Event hashtag is decided at [# Shioek Exhibition Osaka]! Please share a lot and support us.
Those who love comics, music lovers, and those who don’t are welcome! Osaka Valley 6 prisoners, JACK IN!
▼ Date and time
January 10 (Fri)-January 27 (Mon), 2020
OPEN 12:00 / CLOSE 19:00
▼ Venue access
Osaka Valley six prisoners
13-10 Tanimachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka 542-0012, Japan
▼ Admission fee
▼ Exhibition contents
Other than reproduction original picture display
There is also a panel display
▼ Sales items
・ SHIORI EXPERIENCE Jimi Na me and Hen Uncle 14 latest edition (scheduled to be released on January 23, 2020)
・ “SHIORI EXPERIENCE Jimi me and uncle uncle” 1 ~ 13
[Special sale]
Set sales of “SHIORI EXPERIENCE Jimi Na me and Hen Naoji” (Vol.1-13 latest edition) with storage box drawn by Mr. Yasuyuki Nagata will also be held at the event venue.
Web sales site: Manga whole volume dot com
coming soon …
[Collaboration menu]
coming soon …
▼ Organizer
TORICO Corporation
▼ Cooperation
Square Enix Co., Ltd.
▼ Inquiries
The latest information about the event will be announced on the following twitter account.
Follow and check in real time!
Manga exhibition
Monthly Big Gangan

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