Emi Ikumi appeared! The first commercial of Witch ’s Pouch will begin airing on Abema TV from December 9th ! !

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Emi Ikumi appeared! The first commercial of Witch ’s Pouch will begin airing on [Abema TV] from December 9th! !
~ “I know the witch” What are the conditions to become a fascinating witch … ~
Athli H, Inc. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director (Lee Heathop) is a free internet TV station [AbemaTV] where you can enjoy “Witch’s Pouch” CM featuring Ehime Ikumi from December 9, 2019. It will air through December 29th (Sun).
[Image 1

In commemoration of the broadcast, a Christmas campaign will be held simultaneously, where you will be able to win commercials wearing commercial costumes and witches pouches.
■ Contents and highlights of CM
Ikumi who dressed as a provocative witch somewhere with sparkling charm. The eyes use a witches pouch with a sparkling pigment to enhance the look. Because it will be full of attractive videos full of Ikumi who has an unusual atmosphere,
Please watch this opportunity.
■ CM overview
・ Title: “Witch’s condition” 15 seconds
・ Broadcasting period: December 9 (Mon)-December 29 (Sun), 2019 ・ Broadcasting station: AbemaTV (https://abema.tv/)
・ Official website: https://www.witchspouch.jp/
・ CM video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K8plL4hIEag&feature=youtu.be ・ Interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xTXf4Z1ie24
?? Use of Dα-iCE Sota Hanamura’s band project “Natural Lag” for CM tie-up The tie-up music of this CM will be released on January 22, 2020. Dα-iCE Hanamura Sota’s band project “Natural Lag”,
From the 1st mini-album “Natural Story”, appointed “Unfriendly Bell”. The teenager who is the main target gets even more exciting. [Image 2

■ Commercial broadcast Christmas campaign
It is a campaign to win the following gifts by lottery.
[Present contents]
・ This time only! Check with CM costume wearing … 3 people ・ Exclusively signed costume wear check … 10 people
・ Witches pouch Cushion cheek ・ Steak shadow SET ・ ・ ・ 10 people [Campaign URL]
■ Product introduction
Silky Tint
[Image 3

Appropriate gloss and beautiful color. I wanted a good balance because I wanted a mat and gloss. 6color is easy to use ON and OFF! Smooth and silky like silk. A semi-matte tint that makes your lips come true! ・ Product name: Witches Pouch Silky Tint
・ Color development: 01 Conch Pearl / 02 Pink Diamond / 03 Mandarin Garnet / 04 Red Spinel / 05 Pink Coral / 06 Red Beryl
・ Price: ¥ 900 (¥ 972 including tax)
・ How to use: Apply lip balm or lip base, lightly tissue off, and apply. ・ Purchase site URL:
https://www.witchspouch.jp/products/detail.php?product_id=14 Selfie fix pigment
[Image 4

Instant contact with magical pigment shadow pearl coating!
It can be used for everyday use while adjusting the amount of the new pearl pigment that shines like gold leaf. To a gorgeous finish for a special party.
・ Product name: Witches Pouch Selfie Fix Pigment
・ Color development: All 8 colors
・ Price: ¥ 924 (excluding tax)
・ Purchase site URL:
■ What is Witch ’s Pouch?
Anyone can be a cute girl! Witch’s pouch with a witch hat is a cosmetic brand that is a small but high quality gift for all girls who want to be cute. The lip series and the new sensation glitter pigment eye shadow are particularly popular, especially on SNS.
[Witch ’s Pouch]
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