“Movie“ Katsuben! ”Official Album” released on December 11!

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“Movie“ Katsuben! ”Official Album” released on December 11!
CDs with a lot of content such as Suo Yoshikazu’s accompanying soundtrack, Tamada Okuda’s ending song “Katsuben-bushi”, and Narita Ryo’s newly recorded narration “Fire Car Osen” will be released before the movie.

In the days when there was no sound in the movie, the activity bento (commonly known as “Katsuben”) colored with his own narration and explanation in line with the music played by the musicians!
The narrative rich in character attracted the audience and was more popular than the actor. The movie “Katsuben! Is a superb entertainment with action, laughter, and tears, with unique characters weaving, with a young man who dreams of an “Activist Bento” as the main character. Now, “Katsuben! The music of the director ’s cousin, Yoshikazu Suo, is in charge of the world ’s world and the story. They can be heard in the “Movie“ Katsuben! ”Official Album” and the CD will be released on December 11th before the movie is released.
Details can be found on the special site (http://www.110107.com/katsuben) (1) Play soundtrack that lets you experience the world of movies (2) Starring: Ryo Narita’s new narrative as an activity attorney (3) Ending song “Katsuben-bushi” by Tamio Okuda
Etc. are recorded, and it is a luxurious album. It can be said that it is a perfect item for reviewing before and after watching a movie. [Imaged20808-486-995129-0.jpg
(C) 2019 “Katsuben!” Production Committee
The movie “Katsuben! Official album
Original Soundtrack Music: Yoshikazu Suo
Released on December 11, 2019
MHCL-2834 ¥ 1,800 + tax

1.Katsuben section (唄: Tamio Okuda)
2. Taisho Lonely Hearts Polka Band
3. Caramel waltz
4. A man with seven colors of voice
5. Honky Tonk Benshi
6. Huh? I’ve got lips!
7. Kijuju no Fall, Kikan No.2
8. Beni tears Tonarisanrete? Kikan 6
9.Ten thousandth of fire cars
10. Spring south Romans?
11. Higashi-no-makai two body sinking, Kikan No. 10
12. Ragtime Kids
13. Wal, the end of the field and two women
14.Lamentazione Tomio
15. Montage of professors
16. Voice that colors the darkness
17. Caramel and activity photos
18. Kura and Shami’s Japanese and Western mix
19. Suite Jikkai Tachibana
20.Water Under the Earth
21.Kikan Study No.1, No.3, No.5
22. Beautiful natural
23. If you run away, you will be caught.
24. Okasen Sen (Activity Bentor: Ryo Narita)
25.Katsuben section, short story (Akatsuki: Tamio Okuda)
Movie “Katsuben!”
Released on December 13
Appearance: Ryo Narita Yuna Kuroshima Masatoshi Nagase Kengo Takara Naoto Ono Naoto Takenaka Eri Watanabe Mao Inoue Fumiyo Kohinata Yutaka Takenouchi
Director: Masayuki Suo
Music: Yoshikazu Suo
Activity attorney supervised by Satoshi Sawa
Activity attorney guidance: Ichiro Kataoka Norimitsu Sakamoto (C) 2019 “Katsuben!” Production Committee
Official website: http://www.katsuben.jp/

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