Kinnikuman appeared in the 2nd issue of “Showa 50 Man”, a brother magazine of “Showa 40 Man”, presented to a man born in 1975!

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Kinnikuman appeared in the 2nd issue of “Showa 50 Man”, a brother magazine of “Showa 40 Man”, presented to a man born in 1975! The second magazine for men born in 1975, “Showa 50 Man”, will be released on Wednesday, December 11!

Age-limited magazine “Showa 50 man” for men born in 1975 newly launched in October this year.
On December 11th (Wednesday), the second vol.002 “Ore no Hero” will be released as soon as possible!
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“Showa 50 years man” second (released on December 11, 2019) list price 780 yen The first issue published a special feature that took the five years from 1985 to 1989 as the “Golden Age” for the teenage years of 1975 (born between 1975 and March 1976), but in the second issue, A special feature on the theme of “Our Hero”.
In addition to superheroes in the world of fiction, such as anime, manga, special effects, and games, there are also real heroes who made me feel charismatic in each world, such as music, sports, and television. Anyway, it was finished in one book full of heroes that the man of 1975 admired.
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[Boiled Egg / Professor Shimada Photo] Photo: Shinya Ohira
The cover and top of this hero special feature is “Kinnikuman”, which is “Our heroes”, which is “I ca n’t yield to other generations” for 1975 men. Introducing Kinnikuman Best Bout of each edition from the “Weekly Shonen Jump” series in the 1980s, which is the origin of a super popular work serialized on the web “Weekly News”, which celebrates its 40th anniversary this year! It is an inevitable page to look back at a number of famous scenes, and to shed blood.
The author’s tag manga artist and boiled egg original author, Takashi Shimada also appeared! Interview with an office full of “Kinnikuman” -related treasure goods, and “I ’m a hero but I ’m falling out”, but I ’ll win with “fire fucking power”! How was the new hero, Kinniku Suguru, born? And what is your commitment to being a hero? And so on, they told me carefully. The message from Dr. Shimada who always burns completely with “boiled theory” to the readers of “Kinnikuman” who are fighting in each place will surely get hearty.
In addition, in charge of the voice of Kinnikusuguru in the animated version of “Kinnikuman”, Kenshiro of “Fist of the North Star” and voice of three super-popular jump heroes of the time, “Kanwa �KA of” City Hunter ” Also includes an interview with Akira Kamiya. In addition, on the special page of “Captain Tsubasa” which colored the golden jump of the same period, Takashi Fukunishi who became J-Leger due to the influence and also directed the Nankai Katsuka SC of the Tokyo Metropolitan Working Group 1 appeared. It ’s me.
In addition, various heroes such as Table Tennis Ishino in the music field and Kenta Kobashi, a former all-Japan professional wrestling player, appear in the magazine! At this timing, the 1975 man and other generations finally entered the new era in the 2020s. I want you to receive many hot messages from “Our Heroes”!
Feature: Our Hero
The existence of a “hero” is indispensable for a man. It may be said that it is DNA common to the creature of man to try to learn about mental and spirit as well as longing for the physical side. For that reason, they existed at any time, but in our time, a wider variety of heroes appeared than in the time of Aniki, and greatly shaken their hearts. The heroes that are full of humanity, the weak and doggy heroes, snuggled up to us at the time of the kid. Not only in CRTs, but also in music, games, and the world of movies … When you look back on them, you will surely feel that you grew up in a rich and happy era. Let’s deliver such a preserving large feature “Our heroes”. [CHAPTER 1] Manga & Anime
Anime and manga are full of heroes! / Kinnikuman? GO! Fight !! / Boiled egg / Shimada-sensei hits directly! Our Kinnikuman !! / Tsubasa taught … “Balls are friends”! Captain Tsubasa / Takashi Fukunishi talks about “Captain Tsubasa” / “XYZ” to call him! City Hunter 冴 KA / hero of love and justice, and lovable bad guys? Time Bokan Series / Aya Kamiya
[CHAPTER 2] Game character
Lovely game characters / Wow! Super Mario! / Insist on personality from the screen
! Capcom Super Heroes / Dream Spinner, Longing Game Programmer! [CHAPTER 3] Athlete
Men who shined in the sporting world / Youthful hand fist Kenta Kobashi (former professional wrestler) / Punch Sato saw? A young genius Ichiro / Speed ​​King of tragedy Ayrton Senna
[CHAPTER 4] Musician
The hero / electric groove that made me tremble with music was our hero and aniki / we shot our hearts with punk rock? THE BLUE HEARTS / speed wagon Ozawa says, “I wanted to be Mercy ”
[CHAPTER 5] I was in a CRT …
Hero who heats up the tea room / Bad hero Kojiro Shimizu appears !? The strongest legend of B-Bop High School / Our laughter hero? Kato-chan Ken-chan! / Downtown became a hero at 4 o’clock
[CHAPTER 6] Colored the screen …
Movie stars have heated us! / I was shaken by the men who were fighting shirtless! Rambo, Commando? Etc./ Jackie Chan is our dear Aniki!
[CHAPTER 7] Rampage with special effects
After all we grew up as special effects heroes / man who became metal hero ─ Hiroshi Watanabe (Space Sheriff Shariban)
About magazines “Showa 40 years man” “Showa 50 years man” (Crete Publishing) If the accumulation of various experiences forms human beings, unraveling them should be synonymous with exploring their roots, that is, knowing themselves. Not just a “nostalgic hobby”, “Showa 40 man”, which was published with the aim of “warming the late and knowing the new” – “the old sorrow”, “sympathy that nostalgic memories call” An information magazine for men born in 1965 (March 41) with the concept of changing to Taking over the concept, as a new challenge of the 10th anniversary, a new brother magazine “Showa 50 Man” to be presented to men who were born in October of this year, under 10 years of age, was born in 1975 (up to March 1951). . The content is specialized for each year born, but if you want to look back on the Showa era and want to know, you can of course enjoy any generation.
“Showa 50 Man” No.2 vol.002 / January 2020 (Released on December 11, 2019) List price 780 yen (tax included)
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