RecoChoku Ryowa’s next break artist is here! ? “Eggs” announces annual ranking 2019! The first place is a backpack and a bed with a bed! ~

Recochoku Co., Ltd.
Ryowa Next Break Artist is here! ? “Eggs” announces annual ranking 2019! The first place is a backpack and a bed with a bed! ~

The communication platform “Eggs” developed by RecoChoku Co., Ltd. and Tower Records Co., Ltd., which supports music activities for indie and new artists, was often heard on Wednesday, December 11, 2019 in “Eggs Annual Ranking 2019” “announced.
This ranking is for artists and their songs registered in Eggs, and the songs and their order of songs that have been listened to based on the number of times played on Eggs will be released (counting period: December 1, 2018) -November 30, 2019).
The artists who gathered the topic in the 2019 indie scene are slurry! What kind of music did you listen to in the past year at Eggs? Please look back with the memories of the one year live and festival! [Eggs Annual Ranking 2019]
“Artist” and “Music” will be released up to 30th each! Learn from here
■ Artist Ranking
# 1 Luc
[Image 2

Rucksack and accompanying bed
2nd place UMEILO
3rd Mr. Forte
■ Music ranking
1st place “Normal” Backpack
2nd place “ High Sky ” UMEILO
3rd place “Mouth-mouth” Mr. Forte
Rucksack and accompanying bed
[Image 2

Rucksack and accompanying bed
I’m sure there are no Eggs listeners! Tokyo expression high school student 3 piece guitar rock band. This summer attracted widespread attention, such as performing at large festivals, and always ranked high in the Eggs ranking! Considering age, it ’s scary…! Keep stepping up steadily and watch out for the future of those who are riding on the board now!
“Normal”, which won the song ranking No. 1 on Wednesday, December 11, will be released for the first time! Download and distribution started on the main CP.
[Image 3

4-piece guitar rock band from Sapporo, Hokkaido. This year, they saw their names in various places, and they are in the top 10 following last year! Of course, the lyrics and sounds that pierce the hearts of a wide range of people of the same generation are a must.
Mr. Forte
[Image 4

Mr. Forte
Tokyo’s four-piece guitar rock band for men and women. They have been attracting attention since last year, and in 2019, the release of their first mini album and many appearances at circuit and school festivals made a big breakthrough!
[What is Eggs]
[Image 5d2747-1197-564730-0.jpg
“Eggs” is a communication platform that connects all artists who want music and all listeners who love music, Tower Records and RecoChoku support music activities for indie and new artists. The service started in 2015, and a community of artists and music fans gathered on the web / app “Eggs”. Encounters with artists and songs for fans, CD releases for artists to the next step, places for activities such as appearances at music festivals, live appearances that can expand the range of activities, etc. Provides music production opportunities. In December 2019, Tower Records and RecoChoku jointly established Eggs Co., Ltd. We will continue to make further efforts to support the activities of indie artists.
Please see here about Eggs Co., Ltd. Https://

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