AWA Co., Ltd. “AWA” and free video service “GYAO!” Pick up new artists every month! The December POWER PUSH artist is a four-person rock band “The Songbards” from Kobe.

AWA Corporation
“AWA” and free video service “GYAO!” Pick up new artists every month! The December POWER PUSH artist is a four-person rock band “The Songbards” from Kobe.

Subscription-type (flat-rate) music streaming service “AWA” operated by AWA Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Tetsutaro Ono) is a free video service “GYAO!” In collaboration with Gakuin College, Real Sound, we are developing “G-NEXT”, a new group of new artists who will power push each month. The 5th edition of the December POWER PUSH artist was chosen by The Songbards, a four-piece rock band from Kobe that released their first full album “CHOOSE LIFE” on Wednesday, November 20, 2019.
At the time of this project, AWA released a playlist of songs selected by the person under the theme of “Poca Poca from the Heart”. In addition, on AWA’s official Twitter, there will also be a present campaign where you can win goods signed by The Songbards.
GYAO! Also released a special feature page at G-NEXT, which introduces and introduces new artists, and released a music video for “Magic” recorded in the album “CHOOSE LIFE”. Students from the concert and event department of the Nihon Kogakuin College attended the panorama town directly and heard interviews about music and music activities at GYAO! ‘S trend news and general culture site “Real Sound” It is open to the public. Enjoy The Songbards’ songs, playlists, music videos, and interview articles featuring twin guitars and vocals influenced by UK rock and four breathtaking chorus works.
■ “POWER PUSH ARTIST The Songbards: PocaPoca from the Heart”
In music, I couldn’t warm the outside temperature, but I selected the music with the feeling that it could be warmed from within my heart. Please listen to it when it’s cold.
01. Top Of The World / Carpenters
02. Inner Lights / The Songbards
03. The Beatles I saw on TV / Kazuyoshi Saito
04. In My Life / The Beatles
05. You’ve Got a Friend / Carol King
06. Spanish Main / The Coral
07. Darkness slope musabi change / Happy End
09. The sky is indigo / andymori
10. Words are trivial.
11. All things must pass / George Harrison
12. The Songbards
13. For What It’s Worth / Buffalo Springfield
14. You ’re my best friends / Queen
15. Magic / The Songbards
▼ Playlist URL
■ Present campaign
On AWA official Twitter, we are carrying out a gift campaign with a signed AWA cap from The Songbards. Retweet the designated posts on AWA official Twitter and present them by lottery from those who follow this account.
▼ AWA Official Twitter Post URL
▼ G-NEXT The Songbards feature page
▼ Trend News The Songbards Interview Article
▼ Real Sound The Songbards interview article
■ The Songbards
Ueno, Kohei Vo.Gt., Matsubara Takeshi Gt.Vo., Shibata Atsushi Ba.Cho., Iwata Eihide Dr.Cho.
A four-person rock band formed in Kobe in March 2017. It features twin guitars and vocals influenced by UK rock, and chorus work that matches the breath of four people.
In the free video service GYAO !, you can watch all the TV shows you missed, anime, dramas and movies of this term! There are also many other lineups such as chain stories derived from dramas, original programs, Korean dramas and variety shows.
■ Nihon Kogakuin College
Nihon Kogakuin was opened in 1947 as an engineer training school in Iwata, Ota-ku, Tokyo, a manufacturing town. Since then, for 72 years, we have trained human resources who are ready to work in a wide range of fields, from manufacturing to design, entertainment, and medical care. This is a general vocational school that aims to create a diverse range of industries.
■ Real Sound
“Real Sound” is a comprehensive culture site that consists of a music category (real sound), a movie category (real sound movie part), a tech category (real sound tech), and a book category (real sound book). From news that shows the latest trends in each genre, scenes and industry analysis articles that deepen from a unique perspective, and serious work reviews by leading writers, we will deliver content that makes your cultural life even more enjoyable The “What music do you really want to listen to right now?” “What movies should you go to the theater?” “What entertainment x technology information to keep?” “What books to read next?” Of course, we will analyze and report in real time on the environment that is changing with the rise of flat-rate streaming distribution.
■ App Overview
“AWA” is a subscription-type (flat-rate) music streaming service provided by AWA Inc., a joint investment between CyberAgent and Avex Digital Inc. The service was launched in May 2015, delivering 60 million songs and approximately 11 million playlists created by celebrities and users. In addition to the “Free Plan” that allows you to use all functions except the “Standard Plan” and “Offline Playback” for 980 yen (tax included) per month, all functions can be used for free. Added an “Artist Plan” that allows certain artists to listen as much as they want. In addition, AWA supports various devices such as smartphones, personal computers, TVs, car navigation systems, and wearable devices. Since the launch of the service, AWA has expanded its various plans and functions to meet user needs and viewing environments.
It has grown to become the largest music streaming service in Japan. Name: “AWA”
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