One Too Ten presents a magical bouquet to Bangkok in Thailand in 2020

One two ten
One Too Ten, presenting a magical bouquet for 2020 in Bangkok, Thailand Developed “Wonder Flower Land,” an interactive content that changes with emotion at the “Beautiful Bangkok 2020,” a light and sound show presented by MQDC, Thai Tourism Authority and RSTA

One Tooten Co., Ltd. (Head office: Kyoto City, President: Yoshiaki Sawabe / Yoshiaki Sawabe) is a luxury show of light and sound at the end of the holiday season in Bangkok, Thailand “Beautiful Bangkok 2020-A Blossom of Happiness-” Will be launching interactive
interactive content “Wonder Flower Land” in the square in front of Magnolia Ratchadamri Boulevard from December 16th to December 31st.
■ “Beautiful Bangkok 2020-A Blossom of Happiness-”
Co-sponsored by Thailand’s leading real estate development company Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited (MQDC), Thailand Tourism Authority (TAT), and Ratchaprasong District Commercial Association (RSTA) Luxurious show. The purpose of the event is to enrich the Rachaprasong holiday season not only for Thais, but also for tourists from abroad, and to make Bangkok an exciting destination, so that people around the world can grab and spread happiness and friendship. Follow it. The dazzling light and sound performance at “Magnolias Ratchadamri Boulevard”, one of the top landmarks of Ratchaprasong, will light up the Bangkok skyline during the festive season and count down for the New Year A climax on the display. The annual “Beautiful Bangkok” is the third year this year.
■ “Wonder Flower Land”
An interactive interactive content that is unfolded in front of Magnolia Ratchadamri Boulevard. The concept is “Wonderactive (Wonder + Interactive) Dream”.
In an iconic place in Bangkok, Thailand, we created an overwhelmingly beautiful space that instantly attracted people’s gaze and heart, and crossed ages, genders and national borders, and various people celebrating 2020 were impressed instead of talking Experience content that connects with each other.
The exterior looks like a ribbon with a magnolia flower, and a beautiful design like a gift box illuminates the night of Bangkok as if it were a flower gift to the people of the city.
Once inside, the world looks like a kaleidoscope, and when you touch the emotional sensors arranged in it, you will see six types of flowers that bloom according to the touch of the person who touched them. Will appear.
And you can have a moving experience that the “dream flower” created by everyone is projected with music in the entire space.
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“Beautiful Bangkok 2020-A Blossom of Happiness-”
Location: In front of Magnolia Ratchadamri Boulevard
Date: December 16 to December 31 18: 00-23: 00 (Open to the public from December 17)
From December 31 to January 1 after the countdown
■ About One Two Ten
A near-future creative group focusing on cutting-edge technology, developing new services that make full use of AI technology, and digital production of commercial facilities and events using projection mapping and XR.
Emerging (immersive) projection and “Juki Gold Medal 3rd consecutive title” in the “Kabukiza Hyaku Kabuki-za Shibutsu 30th Year of July”, starring Mr. Echizo Ichikawa A combination of Japanese traditional culture and advanced technology, such as projection mapping production at a judo event with Abe poetry, a combined lighting and light-up event using the former Shiba Rikyu Gardens, and parasports and technology Many unique projects are underway, such as the new sports entertainment CYBER SPORTS project.

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