Sanrio Co., Ltd. Hello Kitty hits the entertainer directly in this season when comedy is exciting! Jarjar appe ared on YouTube “Hello Kitty Channel”

Sanrio Inc.
In this season of comedy, Hello Kitty hits the entertainer! Jarjar appeared on YouTube “Hello Kitty Channel”
“I’ve crossed” the head family! ? Jarjal reviews Criticism of Kitty and Mimi!
Hello Kitty of Sanrio Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, President: Shintaro Tsuji) is a comedian on YouTube “HELLO KITTY CHANNEL” at 19:00 on December 12, 2019 (Thursday). “Jarjal” appeared in charge of “Jarjal-san’s assault!“ Character name separation ”Manzai, what do you think? [The road to M-1 Champion] This video was released in June this year and recorded “380,000 views” “Futago Manji Vol. 2! [Road to Hello Kitty M-1 Champion Vol.2]”. -1 Grand Prix 2018 “The neta” Country name break “was arranged into” Sanrio character name break “and followed by the development of” Afterwards “with my sister Mimi. Kitty and Mimi said, “What do you think Jarjal thinks about that comic?”
I will visit you. How are the reactions of the two people? Please pay attention to the interaction between the four people in the room! [Image 1

(C) ’76, ’88, ’19 SANRIO Sanrio Co., Ltd. (C) YOSHIMOTO KOGYO CO., LTD 【Related Videos】
■ MANZAI tried it! [Road to M-1 Champion Vol.1] (Released on November 30, 2018) [Image 2

Kitty, who became a comedy freak, is not enough to talk about “ M-1 Grand Prix 2018 ” hotly, “ I want to do it properly ”, and my sister Mimi, a twin sister, appeared as a companion and showed Manga The
It’s 3 minutes that you can’t keep an eye on the good tempo of the two people, with a blurry Kitty and Mimi, who puts the tsutsukomi.
[Video 3:]

■ Futago Mansai 2nd! [Road to Hello Kitty M-1 Champion Vol.2] (released June 20, 2019)
[Image 3

For the first time in seven months, this video shows the twin sister, Mimi, and Mansai, and arranges the “National Dividers” that Jarjaal performed in the final of the “M-1 Grand Prix 2018”. Arranged version of “Sanrio Character Name Classification”
Kitty “Pompom!” Mimi “Purin!”
Kitty “Keroke!” Mimi “Rokeroppi!”
Kitty “Han! Han!” Mimi “Gyodong! Gyodong!”
It’s a popular video that just pops out with a strong “dividing character” named Sanrio character.
[Video 4:]

[YouTube What is “HELLO KITTY CHANNEL”? ]
Hello Kitty is an official YouTube channel that started in August 2018 and currently boasts 227,000 subscribers (as of December 12, 2019). One video is updated every week. Hello Kitty’s perspectives and ideas wrapped in compassion and great love are a big topic, “Look at them and get energy and courage!”
[Image 4

(C) ’76, ’88, ’19 SANRIO Sanrio Co., Ltd.
Hello Kitty Profile
Name: Kitty White (Did you know?) Birthday: November 1
Hometown: Suburb of London Height: 5 apples Weight: 3 apples Blood type: Type A What I am good at: making cookies My favorite food: Apple pie made by mom [What is YouTube’s “Jaljar Official Channel”? ]
Photographed for the official homepage as a story of the story before becoming a story written by Jarjar in the story book. 8000 are updated daily on the homepage and YouTube!
[Image 5

Jarjar profile
Name: Junpei Goto Date of Birth: March 20, 1984
Height: 177cm Weight: 65kg Blood type: AB type
Hometown: Suita City, Osaka
Hobbies: listening to music, table tennis, cars, the Beatles Name: Shusuke Fukutoku Date of Birth: 1983.10.05
Height: 175cm Weight: 65kg Blood type: O type
Hometown: Hyogo
Hobbies: Sports, mountain climbing, rugby, running
[Jarjar official website]
[Jaljar Official LINE]
[Jaljar Twitter]

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