Kayama Miyama Founded a fan club on the 23rd birthday!

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[Kayama Miyama] Founded a fan club on the 23rd birthday!
EC site also opened

[Miyama Kaoi Fan Club] start
Kayama Miyama establishes a fan club on her 23rd birthday!
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On December 12, 2019, Kayama Miyama held a “Birthday Event” for the first time. It was announced that an “official fan club” would be established in a fully-occupied venue. At the same time, an EC site has been established where you can purchase several products sold during the event through mail order.
https://store.emtg.jp/shop/products/list.php?category_id=1607 Finally opened! I think there are people who have been waiting. Thank you! This is my wish. From now on, in this fan club, I would like to write about my daily life on a blog, sell goods, and see opinions from you on the site. I want to interact more and more.
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[Overview of Fan Club] http://sp.arena.emtg.jp/miyamakaren
■ Membership fee: 400 yen per month + tax * docomo, au, softbank, credit card payment support
Main content: Karen blog (blog), Staff blog (staff blog), Movie, Radio, Q & A, Birthday mail, Mail magazine
■ Supported OS / Browser
・ IOS 4.0 or higher / Mobile Safari 4.0 or higher
・ Android 2.2 or higher / standard browser
* Tablet devices, Garaho (smartphone with a numeric keypad), and easy smartphone are not supported
[EC: Miyama Kaoi official shop]
https://store.emtg.jp/shop/products/list.php?category_id=1607 [Talent profile] Kayama Miyama
Born in 1996, from Tokyo. Debuted in 2002 on the stage “Teruko of the Terubo”. In 2004, he attracted attention as the role of Tsuji-chan in the Fuji TV drama “Me, her and her way of life”. Since then, the movies “I’m going to meet you now”, “Our rice is waiting for tomorrow”, TBS “IRIS-Iris-“, NTV “Mioka”, Fuji TV “Suzuko no Koi”, Musical “Redheads” Many appearances such as “An”. As a voice actor, he first challenged TV animation as a heroine Alicia in 2016 NTV “ End Ride ”, and then in 2017 TV Asahi “ Kirakira Precure Ala Mode ” as the main character Cure Whip / Usami Ichika Play starring. In 2018, he appeared in TV Tokyo “Aikatsu Friends!” As a choreographer, but also active as a member of the music unit “BEST FRIENDS!”. TV Tokyo “anireko TV” acting as MC is broadcasting.

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