Sanrio Co., Ltd. Launch of January 2020 “SHOW BY ROCK !! Band visuals and cast information are also lifted a t once! !

Sanrio Inc.
Start of January 2020 “SHOW BY ROCK !! Masyu Maireshu !!” 3rd report New band “REIJINGSIGNAL” announced! Band visuals and cast information are also lifted at once! !
March 4, 2020 (Wednesday) will be released as early as the insertion song CD! !
As the third report of the new anime series “SHOW BY ROCK !!” announced on November 24 (Sun), “SHOW BY ROCK !!”, the new band “REIJINGSIGNAL” We will announce the participation. At the same time, the band visuals and cast information for “REIJINGSIGNAL” will be lifted.
[Image 1

(C) 2012,2019 SANRIO CO., LTD. SHOWBYROCK !! Production Committee M The new band “REIJINGSIGNAL” (reading: Raging) will be launched in “SHOW BY ROCK !! Signal) ”will participate.
A talented girl with three realizations of self-produced three signals, Lararin (cv.Lynn), Sumone (cv.Yu Serizawa), Uoi (cv.Minori Suzuki) band. In the released band visual, it is only called the ability group, and it is an illustration that feels like a king and personality.
Also, “REIJINGSIGNAL” double A-side insert song CD “Parallelism Crown / Neon Tetra no Sora” will be released on March 4, 2020 (Wednesday). “Mashumairesh !!”, “DOKONJOFINGER”, and “REIJINGSIGNAL”, “SHOW BY ROCK !!” and “SHOW BY ROCK !! Please expect what kind of story and music will be played in the broadcast from Thursday, January 9, 2020. Animated production of this work is handled by Kinema Citrus, which is popular for its delicate and bold images. Directed by Masayuki Son, Masayuki Kojima, who was the director of “Made in Abyss” as an advisor, will participate. In addition, CG is in charge of Polystone Pictures, which continues to challenge innovative video in Japan’s oldest studio, and is a solid rock formation. Keep an eye out for the follow-up of “SHOW BY ROCK !!
[Character / Cast]
REIJINGSIGNAL !! (Reading: Raging Signal)
A talented girls band that self-produces three signals that are raging in the music scene.
LaLarin (Vo & Gt) cv.Lynn
A fierce beautiful girl of the fierce Caracal tribe. Serious justice charge. In order to fulfill his dream and justice, he cooperated with the members and made his debut by self-production.
[Image 2

LaLarin (Vo & Gt)
[Image 3

Sumone (Vo & Gt) cv. Yu Serizawa
A peach momonga tribe. Healing person in charge. There are many small devilish behaviors that make fun of the opponent. I don’t know my true love now.
[Image 4

Smomon (Vo & Gt)
[Image 5

Yu Serizawa
Uoi (Vo & Ba) cv. Minori Suzuki
An iced rabbit tribe. Insatiable greedy brain. I grew up skating every day. Because I have been in various countries, my language is slightly different.
[Image 6

Uoi (Vo & Ba)
[Image 7

Minori Suzuki
Double A-side insert song CD “Parallelism Crown / Neon Tetra no Sora” will be released!
[REIJINGSIGNAL double A-side insertion song “Parallelism Crown / Neon Tetra no Sora”]
Vo & Gt. LaLarin (CV: Lynn)
Vo & Gt. Sumone (CV: Yu Serizawa)
Vo & Ba. Uoi (CV: Minori Suzuki)
◆ Release date
Released on 4th March 2020 (Wed)
◆ Price
¥ 1,500 (main unit) + tax
◆ Part number
◆ Publisher
Pony canyon
◆ Recorded songs
M1. Parallelism crown
[Lyrics / Composition: Yugo Ichikawa / Arrangement: Yugo Ichikawa, yksb] M2. The sky of neon tetra
[Lyrics: Atsuko Miyajima / Composition / Arrangement: Tomomi Takami] M3. Title TBD
[Lyrics / Composition / Arrangement]
M4. Parallelism Crown (Instrumental)
M5. Neon Tetra Sky (Instrumental)
M6. Title undecided (Instrumental)
[Broadcast information]
◆ TOKYO MX Starts on Thursday, January 9 Every Thursday at 22:30
◆ BS Fuji Starts on Thursday, January 9 Every Thursday from 24:00
◆ Sun TV Start on Thursday, January 9 Every Thursday from 25:00
◆ Hokkaido Culture Broadcasting Starts January 9 Every Thursday from 26:00 [Web fastest delivery site]
January 9 (Thursday) start every Thursday 22: 30 ~
Scheduled to be sequentially distributed to other distribution sites 【introduction】
You might have met a miracle! ?
Born and raised in a small village in the northern country, a whitish fox girl, “Howan”.
The city of longing for the audition,
Traveling to Under North Zawa.
Meet the striped cat Mashima Himeko, the Devil Mint Demon Delmin, the Werewolf Rufuyu,
A band will be formed. Is it?
A rock-like music story full of glitter is about to begin.
Alright, I’ll do it ♪
Original: Sanrio
Director: Seiki Son
Series composition: Daisuke Tazawa
Character design and general drawing director: Yasuyuki Ito
Advisor: Masayuki Kojima
Art setting: Yoshinori Hishinuma
Color design: Hiromi Miyawaki
Director of Photography: Akira Iwasaki
CG Director: Masayuki Uemoto
CG Producer: Kanako Hosoe
CG Production: Polygon Pictures
Edit: Ayumu Takahashi
Acoustic director: Fumihiro Go
Music: Koji Takanashi / Funta7
Music production: Pony Canyon
Animation production: Kinema Citrus
Howan: Hikaru Tono
Mimashima Himeko: Yuko Natsuyoshi
Delmin: Misaki Wada
Rufuyu: Akira Yamane
Yas: Kento Ito
Hatchin: Shohei Komatsu
Jo: Yuki Ono
Sojuku: Keisuke Shirai
LaLarin: Lynn
Sumone: Yu Serizawa
Uoi: Minori Suzuki and others
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Official Twitter:
Anime Official Website:
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YouTube “SHOW BY ROCK !! Official Channel”:
“SHOW BY ROCK !! Fes A Live” Official Website:
【Reference information】
TV anime new series broadcast commemoration! On the official YouTube channel All 36 episodes of the TV anime “SHOW BY ROCK !!” series are now available for free!
In commemoration of the TV anime new series broadcast, “SHOW BY ROCK !!” on YouTube official channel
All 36 episodes of TV anime “SHOW BY ROCK !!”, “SHOW BY ROCK !! Since November 24th (Sunday), two episodes will be released every day for a limited time, so please take this opportunity to enjoy. We plan to update various contents on this channel. Subscribe to the channel so that you don’t miss it!

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