Cover Co., Ltd. Daimaru Umeda store x “Holo Live Production” pop-up store for a limited time is announced! Goods using New Year’s costumes will be released in advance!

Cover corporation
Daimaru Umeda Store x Details of “Holo Live Production” Pop-up Store for a limited time are announced! Goods using New Year’s costumes will be released in advance!
In January 2020, “Holo Live” will make its first landing in Osaka! ……………………………………………………………………
Cover Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Motoaki Tanigo) will operate “Holo Live Production” operated by the Company from January 15 (Wed) to January 28 (Tue), 2020 We will hold a pop-up shop at Daimaru Umeda for a limited time. Period: Wednesday, January 15-Tuesday, January 28 / Place: Daimaru Umeda store [Image 1d30268-205-832222-0.png
“Holo Live Production” first landing in “Kansai”!
During the period from Wednesday, January 15, 2020 to Tuesday, January 28, a limited-time pop-up store will be available at the east side antenna plus on the 1st floor of Daimaru Umeda store. In-house posters, videos, and in-store broadcasts tied up with VTuber, a member of Holo Live, will also be developed at the same time. Please come to the venue during the event.
Sale product ※ All prices include tax
-Daimaru Umeda store-advance sales-
■ New Year Costume Acrylic Stand (21 types)
■ 2,200 yen each
■ Blind can badges (22 types)
■ once 330 yen
-Daimaru Umeda store limited sale-
■ Special
■ Ema (4 types)
■ 1,650 yen each
■ “Holo Live” original icing cookies
■ 550 yen each (up to 4 per person) In addition, for commodities sold at Comic Market 97 (C97) last December, we will sell a small amount of C97 original goods that are in-house stock to commemorate the opening of this pop-up store. In addition, official goods of VSinger “AZKi” belonging to our company “Inonaka Music” will be sold at the time of this pop-up store holding. “Holo Live Production” is a specially designed pop store tailored to the first landing in Kansai, so please come and visit us.
-C97 original goods (only sold separately)-
■ Holo Live Official Fan Book 2 2,200 yen
■ Can Badge
■ Full Comp Set
■ 5,500 yen
缶 Can badge Set alone (random) Once 1,100 yen
■ Hololive × Azur Lane A3 Tapestry (7 types) 3,300 yen each
■ Holo Live x Azure Lane A4 Clear File Set
■ 5,500 yen
-AZKi Official Goods (Partial introduction)-
■ without U 2020 CALENDER 2,000 2,000 yen
■ LED BAND2 2,000 yen
■ BADGE SET 2,000 yen
■ TAPESTRY 3,000 3,000 yen
Gift items
-Get an original trading card for every purchase over a certain amount! – For each purchase of 2,200 yen or more including tax at the target sales floor, you will receive one original trading card of VTuber belonging to “Holo Live Production”.
* It will end as soon as it is gone.
* Cards will be given randomly (23 types)
* Trading card designs are subject to change without notice. -Gift of “Holo Live Ata Cairo” which was popular at C97 to goods purchasers- The original Cairo packaged with illustrations of Holo Live 3rd Grade “Hoho Bell Marine” newly distributed at the C97 “Holo Live” booth will be distributed to purchasers on a first-come, first-served basis. [Image 2d30268-205-309326-3.jpg

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