“Death Note THE MUSICAL” is coming to Ikebukuro! Just before the opening! Countdown event report

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“Death Note THE MUSICAL” is coming to Ikebukuro! Just before the opening! Countdown event report
“Death Note THE MUSICAL” will finally reach its first day on January 20 (Monday) at Brillia HALL (Toshima Ward Arts and Culture Theater) in Tokyo Tatemono.
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Provided by Horipro (from left) Satoshi Takahashi, Shoma Kai, Sakiyoshi Yoshiyanagi
On January 12 (Sunday), the first day of January 20 (Monday) is approaching, at the new outdoor theater Global Ring (1-8-26
Nishi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo) on the opening of “Death Note” THE MUSICAL ”is coming to Ikebukuro! Just before the opening! A countdown event was held.
On the main stage of the countdown event were Shoshin Kai, the role of Yagamizuki (double cast), Satoshi Takahashi, the role of El, and Sakiyoshi Yanagi, the role of Sanda Misumi.
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Provided by: Horipro
300 fans who gained the right of priority entry by prior application gathered at the Ikebukuro Nishiguchi Park Outdoor Theater Global Ring, and people passing through the park also watched the PR track “Desmy Truck” and the main stage.
At 11 am, the main stage of the countdown event started with a greeting from the host, Tomomi Kawaguchi (Horipro Announcement Office).
When the three speakers appeared on the stage, loud applause was heard from the audience.
Three people greet in order by the introduction of the moderator. Shoma Kai was concerned about the audience who gathered early in the morning, saying, “Are you stuck with Cairo? Don’t catch the cold and keep the cold!”, And commented on Satoru Takahashi, “It was really nice today without rain.” Sakura Yoshiyanagi concluded with a greeting saying, “I’m nervous, but the slightly cloudy weather looks like death note (laughs) and I’d be happy if I could talk a lot.”
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Provided by: Horipro Shoshin Kai
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Provided by: Horipro @ Takahashi
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Provided by: Horipro @ Yoshiyoshi Yanagi
Kai says, “I think Death Note THEMUSICAL is a manga original, but it doesn’t seem like a manga in a good way. “It’s a work that feels the reason why society is well maintained, life and death,” said Takahashi, “It is a very attractive work, a work that attracts everyone. Intense psychological warfare and brain warfare are the keywords, and the song is so wonderfully embodied in the song that I want to keep up with it. ”
What is unique about the musical version of Saki Yoshiyanagi? “If there is music, I feel it will be more persuasive. I just want to listen to Mass songs.”
Here, from the Kai I heard next to, he said, “It’s a wonderful comment. You’re only fifteen years old?”
Shoshin Kai has shot the role of Shin Yagami from a total of 2416 applicants. When asked what the role of the audition was, Kai said, “The moment my eagerness came true, I was so full of thoughts that I was filled with my heart. I felt responsible for that night that I had to become a Shinzuki, because it was a popular work all over the world, I thought I had to succeed, and 2415 people couldn’t help but think that it was ridiculous. I think we have to do our best and we will do our best to make it a month that will make you happy. ”
Takahashi said, “I was a big fan watching the 2006 movie version of Death Note. I was eight years old, but longing for L, I always wore jeans at home … A friend told me that he was L (laughs). ” Kai praised Takahashi’s role as “Let’s say, Takahashi is perfect for L. The look is strange, but a very mysterious atmosphere is used for L.”
Yoshiyanagi has starred in Peter Pan since 2017. Regarding the role of the mass this time, “I thought that it was difficult to be honest. I was flying in the sky as a boy for 3 years, so the mass is 180 degrees different role. I feel that I am challenging the role as difficult as ever I just think I’m experiencing a lot of really new things through Mass. ”
Next, the theme of the talk was “rehearsal hall”. When Takahashi revealed that he had been told by Tamaya Kuriyama, “Musicals and plays must not sing songs,” Kai told Eiji Yokota, the role of Ryuk, “We gave Yokota a special lesson in the name of Yokota-juku. It’s really wonderful. ”
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Provided by Horipro (from left) Satoshi Takahashi, Shoma Kai, Sakiyoshi Yoshiyanagi
◆ Singing “Death Game”
After the special mini-talk show was completed successfully, the “Death Game” sung by L and Misa Misa during the play was followed by Shoshin Kai’s musical commentary. Before singing, Satoshi Takahashi sang “Ah” on the stage and checked the condition of the throat. This is the first time that Death Note THE MUSICAL songs have been shown outdoors. After the show on a rare occasion, a big applause came from the venue.
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Provided by: Horipro Shoshin Kai
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Provided by: Horipro @ Takahashi
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Provided by: Horipro @ Yoshiyoshi Yanagi
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Provided by Horipro (from left) Satoshi Takahashi, Sakura Yoshiyanagi, Shoshin Kai
When asked about the enthusiasm for “Death Note THE MUSICAL”, Yoshiyanagi said, “Death Note has been loved in various forms before I was born, and it is a great honor to be a part of the all-new cast. I’m looking forward to seeing the real human beings playing the black parts that humans couldn’t see or the parts I really thought but couldn’t say, and how that message would be transmitted to everyone. “ I am very nervous at the new theater, but I am glad if you can come to see me, ” Takahashi said, “ The directing team, the music team, and the actor team are all fantasy, but there is enthusiasm that we will not end with fantasy, I really want you to think about what happens when you fall into the world. ” Kai says, “I want to play in a very real way. It’s about to start, but I will continue to face the Death Note until the beginning,
I would like to work hard with the whole spirit, so please come and enjoy the live Death Note at the theater. ”
Finally, the main stage ended with a commemorative photo with the audience. [Image 11

Provided by Horipro (from left) Sakiyoshi Yoshiyanagi, Shoma Kai, Satoshi Takahashi
◆ Desmu Trucks gather
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Provided by Horipro (from left) Satoshi Takahashi, Shoma Kai, Sakiyoshi Yoshiyanagi
“Death Note THE MUSICAL”, which started running in Tokyo from January 6 (Monday), had three PR trucks known as “Desmu Truck” gathered at the venue for this day.
It was the first time to see three trucks running in each area of ​​Tokyo at the same time, and many audiences were shooting.
Horipro is conducting a “Look for Desmu Truck! Campaign” along with this “Desmu Truck” run. Follow the official Twitter or Instagram account and spread the photos taken with “# Desmu Lac”. The campaign will be a lottery to give a cast autographed program.
For more information, check out the URL below.
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Provided by Horipro (from left) Satoshi Takahashi, Shoma Kai, Sakiyoshi Yoshiyanagi
[Outline of the performance]
“Death Note THE MUSICAL”
[Image 14d28143-228-196290-13.jpg
Provided by: Horipro
■ Tokyo performance
Period: January 20 (Mon)-February 9 (Sun) 2020 * Shizuoka, Osaka, Fukuoka performances available
Venue: Tokyo Building Brillia HALL (Toshima City Arts and Culture Theater) Organizer: NTV / Horipro
Planning and production: Horipro
■ Staff
Music: Frank Wildhorn
Directed by Kuriyama Tamaya
Lyricist: Jack Murphy
Screenplay: Ivan Menchel
Translated by Seiko Suga
Translated by: Ako Takahashi
Music director and orchestration: Jason Howland
Music Director: Akihiro Shioda
Art: Shusaku Nimura
Lighting: Jiro Katsushiba
Sound: Koichi Yamamoto
Costume: Jun Arimura
Hair makeup: Naoki Kamada
Video: Daiki Ueda
Choreography: Tomoko Tainaka
Director: Megumi Toyota
Singing instruction: Chiaki Shin
Stage Director: Takashi Kato
■ Cast
Ryodai Murai Shinma Kai Satoshi Takahashi
Yoshiyoshi Yanagi Saki Hirari Nishida
Park Henna, Eiji Yokota, Kiyotaka Imai
Tatsuya Kawaguchi, Yuki Ohara, Daisuke Kaneko, Seiki Kamada, Hayao Kamijo, Teppei Nagao, Shinpei Hirose, Hiroki Fujita, Makoto Honda, Arashi Matsutani, Takato Watanabe
Ishimaru Shiina, Yui Ouchi, Kori Kayaji, Hanahana, Natsumi Hamahira, Yuuki Hibira, Misaki Machiya, Yuna Minato, Rina Mori
■ Performance details
■ Official work SNS account #Death Note Musical
Twitter / Instagram: @dnmusical
■ Inquiries about works
Hori Pro Ticket Center 03-3490-4949
(Weekdays 10: 00-18: 00 / Saturdays 10: 00-13: 00, Sundays and holidays, closed)

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