Complete self-produced dance & vocal unit WhiteA will be added! Bikkuriman ~ The ☆ Stage Wakamiko LIVE & TAL K ~ 2/2 (Sun) Ebisu Garden Room! !

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Complete self-produced dance & vocal unit [WhiteA] will be added! Bikkuriman ~ The ☆ Stage Wakamiko LIVE & TALK ~ 2/2 (Sun) Ebisu Garden Room! !
An extra performance by a cast that appeared as the role of Wakamiko on the stage [Bikkuriman-The ☆ Stage-] that made the legendary chocolate sweet Bikkuriman the stage at Shinagawa Rokugyokai Hall at the end of last year, February 2 ( Sun) Ebisu Garden Room will be held as “Bikkuriman-The ☆ Stage Wakamiko LIVE & TALK-“!

In addition to the performers already announced, the group [WhiteA] (White Ace), who is a completely self-produced ability group and belongs to Junya Tanaka, the role of Peter Miko, will be added! ! [WhiteA] is a dance & vocal unit composed of 3vocal and 2dancer, formed in November 2016. The choreography, music, staging, costume, video, and editing are all handled by himself. Held in Shinjuku ReNY last June. At the 2nd one-man live, 500 fans were mobilized. In 2020, the group is rapidly gaining popularity, such as announcing the first WhiteA tour in Higashi-Meihan.
This event is a one-day stage where idols who appeared as Wakamiko on stage [Bikkuriman-The ☆ Stage-] compete across the boundaries of the group. Furthermore, a special stage where the groups to which they belong also appear.
There is no doubt that the stage of each group will become even hotter with the additional appearance of [WhiteA]!
Junya Tanaka (WhiteA) and Arashi, who played rap & vocal at [WhiteA] and successfully mobilized more than 500 people at the second one-man live, appeared in this memorable event both day and night. Also, he has experience in MV of AAA and AAA, and belongs to the dance vocal group [AI (R) PEN] who handles all the choreography by himself, KOCKY (AI (R) PEN) as Tenko Ushiwaka, AbemaTV “I love you today. In the 6th installment, the role of the goddess Alibaba, Yuuki Mochida (NetsuAc), and the role of a single fishing emperor, “NetsuAc,” a men’s idol group, “NetsuAc,” who is active on a wide variety of romance varieties and movies broadcast on AbemaTV. Yuhiro Matsunaga (NetsuAc). Tsubasa Niwa (SELLOUT) who plays the role of an angel male Jack who plays an active part in movies and dramas as an actor in the baseball YouTuber Kunin’s TV of Kunin’s TV in 2017, and also in Shizuoka, Nagoya, Osaka, etc. mainly in Tokyo.
Yuuki Ninohe [UNIVERSAL BOYS], the leader of [UNIVERSAL BOYS] and Peter Miko, who is active, and Ryosuke Shinga (BESTIALITY), the role of Rojin Hood, who has appeared on many stages since debuting on the stage last year. .
And not only as Wakamiko, but also as a member of each group, and perform music for each group. The performing groups are AI (R) PEN, NetsuAc, [UNIVERSAL BOYS], [WhiteA] for day performances and AI (R) PEN, NetsuAc, BESTIALITY, [WhiteA] for night performances.
Appeared in costume of the stage I wanted to watch again
[Bikkuriman-The ☆ Stage-], and performed Wakamiko’s performance again. In addition, we challenged songs in the popular drama. Expectations are high for their appearance that can only be seen on this stage. And one more thing, the performances in each group with their own personality will be excited.
It will definitely be a one-day premium event for fans!
Tickets are now on sale in the play guide!
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● Performance overview

Bikkuriman ~ The ☆ Stage Wakamiko LIVE & TALK ~
[Schedule] February 2, 2020 (Sun)
-Lunch Performance- Open 13: 15 / Start 14:00 -Night Performance- Open 17: 45 / Start 18:30
[Venue] Ebisu Garden Room (4-20 Garden Place, Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) [Performance]
◆ Lunch Performance: KOCKY (AI (R) PEN) / Yuki Mochida (NetsuAc) / Yuhiro Matsunaga (NetsuAc) / Junya Tanaka (WhiteA) / Yuki Ninohe [UNIVERSAL BOYS] / Tatsuya Niwa (SELLOUT)
★ Group appearance: AI (R) PEN / NetsuAc / [UNIVERSAL BOYS] / * (Additional appearance) WhiteA
◆ Night performance: KOCKY (AI (R) PEN) / Yuki Mochida (NetsuAc) / Yuhiro Matsunaga (NetsuAc) / Junya Tanaka (WhiteA) /
Ryosuke Shinga (BESTIALITY) / Tatsuya Niwa (SELLOUT)
★ Group appearance: AI (R) PEN / NetsuAc / BESTIALITY / * (Additional appearance) WhiteA
* Performance schedule and schedule may be subject to change. * We will not refund you for changing performers. Please note. [Price] Standing 6,500 yen (tax included) * Paid for 4 years old and over, no entry for 3 years old or younger
[Organizer] RISE Communication
[Planning and production] Rise communication
[Production cooperation] Lotte
[Contact] Rise Communication 03-5790-2661 (Weekdays 13: 00-17: 00)
■ Bikkuriman ~ The ☆ Stage Wakamiko LIVE & TALK ~ 」Special Site
■ Bikkuriman ~ The ☆ Stage Wakamiko LIVE & TALK ~ 」Special Twitter

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