WATWING Debut song selected as CM song

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[WATWING] Debut song selected as CM song
1st Digital Single “ Only One Life ”
[WATWING debut song] A company CM song related to employees of Sky Corporation! WATWING’s debut song “Only One Life” released today has been selected as a Sky Inc. CM song to support employee recruitment.
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(C) Taku Fujii
Horipro’s first male dance & vocal group WATWING’s debut song, 1st Digital Single “Only One Life” will be released today on Wednesday, January 15, and the music video has also been lifted.
[Video 2: https://prtimes.jp/api/movieim.php?url=www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Wsom-Au8So]

The debut song was decided to be a company CM song related to employee recruitment of Sky Corporation. The commercial featuring Yusuke Onuki and Kenta Suga started broadcasting in February. WATWING’s debut song with the message “I’ll try it out is impossible” is used.
The music video for the debut song “Only One Life” is directed by Daiki Kamoshita, a young up-and-coming video director who is 24 years old and works on a wide range of genres from live-action to motion graphics.
Six people who have been on different roads until their debut form a group, and the figure that represents them as they go further and stronger is expressed through dance.
To celebrate the release of the debut song, it has been announced that Dwango Jaypee and RecoChoku will also receive special jacket photo stickers and autographed photos as exclusive gifts for purchasers.
■ Dwango Jaypee: http: //r.dwango.jp/a001TD95
■ RecoChoku: https://recochoku.jp/lapap/tokuteninfo/20004535/
Six months since the audition was formed in June last year, we are finally starting! The debut song “Only One Life” is a song that gives the courage to take a step forward, which is perfect for WATWING, who is active in wanting to be a group that can cheer someone rather than cheer. I am very happy to have selected this song as a Sky Inc. CM song to support employee recruitment! I’m glad if you can support this debut song so that everyone who listens can smile. We will do our best to deliver it to many people, so please pay attention to WATWING in the future!
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(C) Horipro
[Distribution single buyer limited privilege information]
For those who have purchased the music of WATWING’s 1st distribution single “ Only One Life ” distributed from Wednesday, January 15 at the music distribution site Dwango Jaypee or Rekochoku and applied within the period, Dwango Jaypee The jacket photo special sticker, RecoChoku will give you a signed autograph!
■ Dwango Jaypee: http: //r.dwango.jp/a001TD95
■ RecoChoku: https://recochoku.jp/lapap/tokuteninfo/20004535/ * Songs are distributed through streaming services and major download services such as Dwango Jaypee, Recochoku, and iTunes Store. [WATWING] “WAT” is slang and “what?” “WING” is “wing”. “No matter what anyone says, I want to go through my thoughts and fly.” Keep an eye on your future activities.
■ HP: https://www.horipro.co.jp/watwing/
■ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/watwing_official/
■ Twitter: https://twitter.com/watwing_info
■ YouTube: https://bit.ly/2rfSmZD
■ LINE official account: https://lin.ee/zOth0iv
■ LINE LIVE Channel: https://live.line.me/channels/4502858
[Image 3d28143-229-505445-3.jpg

【release information】
2020.1.15 Release Debut distribution single “Only One Life”
Lyrics: DAISUKE Composition: RYUJA, DAISUKE Arrangement: RYUJA
■ Music distribution: Streaming service and major download services such as Dwango Jaypee, Recochoku, iTunes Store
■ Video distribution: -Download-iTunes, mora, Recochoku, Dwango, music.jp -Stream-Apple Music, Amazon Prime, Amazon Music Unlimited, RecMusic, dTV, LINE VIDEO

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