Albarq Tokyo Announcement of the official support song “Furefre 2020” special PV!

Albarq Tokyo
Announcement of the official support song “Furefre 2020” special PV release! ……………………………………………………………………
The official support song “Girls?” (Girls Girls) of the official support girls for Albark Tokyo, “Frefre 2020” (Frefulni Marni Imaru), will be featured by 83 athletes belonging to Albark Tokyo and Toyota Motor, and the “Freflé” music for Girls? We are pleased to announce a promotion video (PV) that has been released in collaboration with “2020”.
This PV was created with the wish of supporting everyone who works hard in 2020, with the entire athlete of Toyota Motor, the main sponsor of Albark Tokyo.
A total of 83 athletes who will attract attention in 2020, including players from Albark Tokyo, Yuma Hattori (land marathon), Kazuki Himeno (rugby), Masama Uno (figure skating) belonging to Toyota Motor will appear It has become a super luxurious video!
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◆ Performing athlete
Al Bark Tokyo (B.LEAGUE)
Hardball baseball (hardball baseball)
Red Terriers (Women’s Softball)
Antelopes (Women’s Basketball)
Land long distance section (land long distance)
Skating club (skating short track)
Beach volleyball club (beach volleyball)
Ippei Watanabe (swimming breaststroke)
Yamamoto Seiji (Land pole vault)
Takeki Yugami (land-disc)
Keita Sato (para-land short distance)
Takuya Miki (Wheelchair Tennis)
Himeno Kazuki (Rugby)
Mio Yamanaka (Women’s Rugby)
Ozawa Dai (7-person rugby)
Akika Mizoe (Beach Volleyball)
Ryoko Yano (3×3 basketball)
Haruna Sakakibara (boat)
Yonekawa Shiho (boat)
Masama Uno (Figure Skating)
Muraoka Momoka (para-alpine skiing / wheelchair land)
Yuba Baba (Texas Legends)
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◆ Name: Albark Tokyo Official Support Girls
“ Girls? ” (Girls Girls)
・ Yuzuha Oda ※ from “miracle?”
・ Momoka Sumitani (from Sumitani Momo) ※ from “magical?”
・ Tsuruya Misaki ※ from “magical?”
・ Sakura Ogawa * from “magical?”
・ Kia Masuda ※ from “magical?”
・ Minami Hishida * (from “mirage?”)
・ Kira Yamaguchi * from “mirage?”
・ Toa Harada ※ from “mirage?”
・ Ran Ishii (from “mirage?”)
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