Nippon Television’s “Buzz Rhythm 02” Graduation ☆ Star, adopted in the January ED song and increasing attentio n, “Graduation ☆ Star @ SOTSUGYOSEI 4th ​​LIVE” will be held!

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Nippon Television’s “Buzz Rhythm 02” Graduation ☆ Star, adopted in the January ED song and increasing attention, “Graduation ☆ Star @ SOTSUGYOSEI 4th ​​LIVE” will be held!
January 18, 2020 (Sat) 10:00-General release reception started! …………………………………………………………………………
Graduation ☆ Hoshi will be holding “Graduation ☆ Hoshi @ SOTSUGYOSEI 4th ​​LIVE” at DESEO mini with VILLAGE VANGUARD on Saturday, February 15, 2020.
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-From the left of the photo, Sara Abe, Aima Ito, Shiori Yamamoto- Graduation ☆ The stars are produced by composer Yoshimasa Inoue who has produced a lot of AKB 48 million seller songs such as “loud diamond” “RIVER” “Sounds good! : Dance & vocal unit aiming for START. In September 2019, Aisin Ito, who was active as a “ too cute beer seller, ” joined, and in January 2020, “ Happy End ” was also used as the ending theme for Nippon TV “ Buzz Rhythm 02 ” in January , Is gaining more attention.
Don’t miss this show, which will be the release of the songs on the 1st album “Frontier” released in October 2019, including “Happy End”! Tickets will be available for general sale on January 18 (Sat) 10:00-eplus. [Details]
Performance name: Graduation ☆ Hoshi @ SOTSUGYOSEI 4th ​​LIVE Date and time: Saturday, February 15, 2020 OPEN18: 00 / START18: 30 Venue: DESEO mini with VILLAGE VANGUARD
Price: All standing ¥ 3,500 (tax included) * 1 drink separately ¥ * Order number General release date: January 18 (Sat) 10: 00-
Play guide: eplus @ https: //
Organizer: Rhythm section
Planning and Production: Rhythm Section / Graduation ☆ Hoshi Executive Committee Inquiries: Zen-A (TEL) 03-3538-2300 (weekdays 11: 00-19: 00) [Official Site]
★ “Happy End” short ver.
[Video 2:] * Full Ver. Will be distributed to “Graduation ☆ Star” fan club members (
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Graduation ☆ star logo
[About “Graduation ☆ Star” project]
A project by Yoshimitsu Inoue, a “god song” composer who has produced many famous AKB48 songs from “Loud Diamonds”, “RIVER” and “Midsummer Sounds good!” To “Sustainable” in 2019.
With a desire to support ReSTART (restarting) as an artist, the “graduation members” (graduation members) who have graduated from idols, along with the highest standards of music and choreography, take a new way into the Japanese music scene Started in 2018 with the aim of pioneering. Currently, it is a project that supports people who want to graduate from something and want to ReSTART as artists, and seriously want to challenge music. We are active with the goal of a Budokan performance in 2021.
[About Dance & Vocal Unit “Graduation ☆ Star”]
The first phase of recruitment will be conducted from October to December 2018, and members will be announced on March 15, 2019. While having activity and graduation experience as an idol, he started activities with members who aim to be artists. After the debut single release on April 18, 2019, and the one-man live to be unveiled, the three-man live was successful three times in July and November. A new member who has won the vocal audition, Aisin Ito, will join from September 30. The first album “Frontier” was released on October 30, and “Happy End” was adopted as the ending theme for January in Nippon TV series “Buzz Rhythm 02” in January 2020.
[Member profile]
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Sara Abe
サ ラ Sara Abe
Born February 25, 2003.
Debuted in 2013 with the idol group Amore Carina. The main songs that participated include the theme song for the Oha Star “Sun x Sun OHA!” He graduated in 2015 for academics. After that, asics kids dancer, a-nation official dancer, HOME MADE family / Ryu Siwon’s back dancer, EXILE PV appearance, E-girls co-star, SILLY Bee dancer, stage HIKOBAE appearance, etc. Decided to take a serious approach to a dream of becoming an artist and applied for the “Graduation ☆ Star” audition in 2018. With skillful dance techniques and rich expressiveness, he was the only non-production general applicant to go through the narrow gate and win the position of a member. Graduation ☆ Active as a dance leader at the stars, and also in charge of choreography for some songs. The artist image to be aimed at is RIEHATA, TWICE. Belongs to the rhythm section.
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Aima Ito
[Aito Ito]
Born July 31, 1997.
“Idol of a baseball stadium” attracted attention as a cute beer seller and made his talent debut. Appeared on Nippon Television’s “I compared it tonight” “Ariyoshi x Giant”, TV Asahi “Please! Ranking”, TBS “Momm !! Singing Horse Championship”, “Tokyo Girls Collection”, etc. In addition, he won the 2017 Miss Asia University Grand Prix and achieved the first ever four crowns in the Miss Miss Campus Queen Contest. He has been learning piano since he was a child, and has been in charge of guitar vocals in a girls band in high school. He has also won a special judge award at the “Odaiba Dream Continent Dream Mega Girls Audition”. I love music and want to sing songs as an artist! Applying for the “Graduation ☆ Star” audition to fulfill his long-standing dream. Ai Otsuka is the artist that I want to aim for. Belonging to Zeroichi Familia
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Shiori Yamamoto
[Shiori Yamamoto]
Born November 24, 1997.
She has a singer, Hitomi Meguro, who made her debut on Nippon Television’s “Star Birth!” And studied piano and electon since childhood. Appeared in the 2016 Red and White Singing Battle in the AI ​​back chorus squad, and at the music station with Maki Oguro’s chorus squad. Debuted in 2017 with the idol group “Ring-Trip”.
The main songs that participated include “Future Train” and “Fancy Travel”. In 2018, she graduated as an artist for further step-up. Since then, he has been active as a singer / songwriter, and has been working hard to upload original songs and K-POP covers to YouTube. Apply for “Graduation ☆ Star” audition. The artists we should aim for are Little Mix and Rihanna. Belongs to Cypress.
[Image 6

Yoshimasa Inoue
◯ General Producer Yoshimasa Inoue Profile]
Born in Tokyo. Singer / songwriter, lyricist, composer, arranger. Debuted in 1979 as a member of the Cosmic Invention.
After that, he worked mainly as a composer, Yoko Oginome, Kyoko Koizumi, Provides music to Hikari GENJI, Miho Nakayama, Toshihiko Tahara, Iyo Matsumoto, Lee Byung Hun, CHEMISTRY, Miho Morikawa and others. Since 2007, started composing AKB48. Many compositions including million sellers such as “Loud Diamond”, “10 Years Sakura”, “Tear Surprise”, “RIVER”, “Beginner”, “Everyday Katyusha”, “Matsuka no Sounds good!” Deals with “Sustainable”. There are many awards such as the Japan Gold Disc Award, JASRAC Award, and Japan Record Award.

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