AWA Co., Ltd. A new heroine Nana Akari from the Internet has been released, and a playlist with the theme “How to make Nana Akari” has been released on “AWA”!

AWA Corporation
A new heroine Nana Akari from the Internet that has attracted attention has released a playlist on the theme of “How to Make Nana Akari” on “AWA”!
In addition, a gift campaign to win autographed goods will be held ………………………………………………………………………
AWA, a subscription-type (flat-rate) music streaming service operated by AWA Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Tetsutaro Ono) will be launched on Sunday, January 19, 2020. More than 300,000 YouTube subscribers who are popular with addictive funny voices and characters, Nana Akari has released a playlist on “AWA” that selects songs that “Decipher the music of Nana Akari”. In addition, a gift campaign to win autographed goods is also held. [Imaged22425-786-408855-0.png
The playlist released this time will be released on Wednesday, February 5, 2020, “Turing Love feat. Sou” featuring guest vocals Sou who boasts 720,000 YouTube channel subscribers Created in
commemoration of the start, it is an introductory playlist that unravels the music of Nana Akari, focusing on artists who have collaborated in the past. Leading song “ Turing Love feat.Sou ”, which is a duet anthem with impressive high-speed interaction that male and female vocals weave, Osaka-based rock band Nekuri Toki “ Twilight Teacher ” and creator from vocaloid Harumakigohan
“Seventina” is a song that can be heard about the backbone of Nana @ Akari. By all means, please enjoy the new works and playlists of the hottest artist Nana Akari.
In addition, AWA official Twitter is also implementing a gift campaign to win autographed AWA caps. Retweet the designated post on AWA Official Twitter and we will present this account by lot from those who follow this account.
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“AWA” launched its service in May 2015, with a monthly fee of 980 yen (tax included), about 60 million songs distributed, and celebrity and user playlists that can only be heard on “AWA”. Has grown to become Japan’s largest music streaming service with approximately 11 million music services. We will pursue services that will allow you to enjoy “meeting” and “reunion” with new music comfortably, expand functions and songs, and aim to boost the Japanese music industry as a whole.
■ “Selected by Nana Akari: How to Make Nana Akari”
01. Turing Love feat.Sou / Nana Akari
02. Planet Loop / Alien Nayutan
03. flos / Sou
04. Theme of Human Destruction / Nana Akari
05. Dusk Teacher / Necry Talkie
06. Touched the vase / balloon
07. Perari Musou / Nana Akari
08. Non-national hero / Yasuko Omori
09. Vanilla / Sachiko Aoyama
10. Seventyna / Harumaki Rice
11. youth / Nana Akari
12. Sad Girl
13. Palette / Yuyo Yuppu
14. ukigumo / mustache driver
15. Delusion Happy End / Nana Akari
16. Otome dissection / DECO * 27
17. SNOBBISM / Neru
18. Bonjin Parade / Takeaki Wada (Jellyfish P)
▼ Playlist URL
■ Nana ヲ Akari
Basic communication disorder. Hikikomori working hard. In 2016, “I want to be happy” announced at Nico Nico Douga became a hot topic, and the 1st T-shirt (with CD) “want to be happy” sold exclusively at mail-order at the secondhand clothing store “Business As Usual” in Harajuku was sold out immediately. Since then, a total of four mini-albums have been announced at Indie by “I want something but” (Heart) “(like)”. In 2017, he was selected as a role of Mash Kyrielight on the stage “Fate / Grand Order THE STAGE-Holy Round Table Camelot-” and attracted a lot of attention. In 2018, he was recruited as a newcomer to the theme song of the TV anime “Happy Sugar Life” and made a major debut from Sony Music Associated Records. Addictive funny voices and characters have become popular, and the music MVs that have been uploaded so far have exceeded 75 million views on video posting sites.
■ App overview
“AWA” is a subscription-type (flat-rate) music streaming service provided by AWA Co., Ltd. jointly invested by CyberAgent and Avex Digital Inc. The service was launched in May 2015, with 60 million songs distributed and approximately 11 million playlists created by celebrities and users. In addition to the “Standard Plan”, which costs 980 yen (including tax) for all functions, and the “Free Plan,” which allows all functions to be used free of charge except for “Offline Playback,” a monthly fee of 270 yen (including tax) in April 2019 Add “Artist Plan” that allows you to listen to specific artists as much as you want. In addition, it supports a variety of devices including smartphones, PCs, TVs, car navigation systems, and wearable terminals. Since its launch, AWA has expanded its various plans and functions to meet the needs of users and the viewing environment.
It has grown into a model music streaming service.
Name: “AWA” @https: //
Recommended environment: -Smartphone version -iOS 10.0 or later, Android 6.0 or later
-PC version-Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32 / 64bit), Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks or above -Embedded Player- Google Chrome (latest version), Microsoft Edge (latest version),
Safari (latest version), Internet Explorer 11 or later
Price: Standard plan (980 yen per month including tax) / Free plan (free per month)
Launch: May 27, 2015
App Store: Google Play: Desktop version application:
AWA Update:
AWA Official Twitter:
■ Company profile
Company name: AWA Corporation (read: millet)
Location: Avex Building, 1-3-30 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo Representative: Tetsutaro Ono, President and Representative Director Business: Music streaming service, etc.
Date of establishment: December 1, 2014
■ Contact
AWA spokesman

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