Started recruiting idol groups with the theme of girls from Shinjuku and mass production

Revot, Inc.
Started recruiting idol groups with the theme of girls from Shinjuku and mass production
Expressing the feelings of girls who are called mass-produced girls by singing and dancing, the producer is a young entrepreneur who works on various businesses
Recruitment of new idol group “Don’t say mass production” first stage members starting today (scheduled to start in March 2020)
Under the theme of “Don’t say mass production
(”, girls who are concentrated in Tokyo from regions and girls who are mass-produced in Tokyo, In addition to expressing identities and feelings for the region to turn the banner against a uniform society, singing and dancing their feelings with songs and dances so that people with similar circumstances and values ​​can breakthrough into a diversified society. I will express it. The producer is the owner of Shinjuku’s cafe and bar Mujinto (, which is used as the base of the group, and is an entrepreneur who also develops and operates drones and robots. [Image

Recruitment of new idol group “Don’t say mass production
(” Phase 1 members start today (Scheduled to start in March 2020)
As the first idol group based in Shinjuku’s cafe and bar Mujinto (, we are looking for people who will work together in various places, mainly in Tokyo.
Under the theme of the group name “Don’t say mass production”, girls who are concentrated in Tokyo from the local area and girls who are mass-produced in Tokyo have their identities to rebel against this uniform society. In addition to expressing the feelings of the local people and the local people, we will also express our own thoughts in songs and dances so as to be a breakthrough in a society with similar circumstances and diversifying values.
The producer of the idol is revot Co., Ltd., a university-based venture company that owns cafes, bars, and uninhabited islands where shoppers who are active in a variety of fields, mainly idols, serve as managers a day. ( and also CTO of JSA
(, which develops new sports systems and develops them nationwide. This time, idol production has been decided as a new business to realize the dream that has been around for a long time. By using the uninhabited island as a base for lessons, exchange events with fans, etc., it is possible to appeal the appeal of groups and members to various people other than live activities.
The main activities include live activities, event activities, and a wide range of other activities to raise awareness from various places, not just in Tokyo.
I like singing and dancing, idols, and so on. Experienced and inexperienced people are welcome. We will hold an audition, so please feel free to apply.
Do you not realize the dream of idol with us aiming at the stage of Tokyo, the whole country and the world?
【Qualification requirements】
・ Age 18 to under 26
・ People who are healthy both physically and mentally
・ No experience required (song / dance inexperienced)
・ Person who does not have a contract with a specific record company, entertainment production, etc.
・ People who focus on idol activities
・ People who can work mainly in Tokyo
・ Person who can communicate appropriately
・ Person who can keep schedule and time
[Flow of selection]
Primary screening: Document screening
Second selection: Interview and practical skills (Sing a song of your choice) [Venue] Cafe & Bar Uninhabited Island
[Date and time] Implemented within about 2 weeks after passing the document screening
[Remarks] Examination fee is free. However, transportation expenses etc. related to the examination are paid by yourself.
The finalists will be given final explanations and contract procedures for those who have passed the second selection, and will aim for their unit debut in April 2020 while conducting lessons.
Contents provided: music, dance lessons, voice training, costumes, equipment such as check machines, goods for sale, etc. (CD, PV, etc.) 【Application method】
Please fill in the following items and apply by e-mail
( or LINE (ID: mwy0113z).
[Description of name, age, phone number, height, weight, special skill, art history (if any), face image from front and whole body image (capable of shooting with smartphone, no processing)]
We are also looking for people to cooperate with our activities. We are always waiting for you to contact us, such as those who wish to become idols, those who are interested in idol activities and management, those who provide music, choreography guidance, those who are doing idol activities.
[Contacts, etc.]
Official website:
Email address:
LINE ID: @@ mwy0113z

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