Blow off the cold with hotness! Spicy Canteen “Spicy Saga Atsui Canteen” opens for a limited time in Saga Pr efectural Office 庁

Saga Prefecture
Blow off the cold with hotness! Spicy Canteen “Spicy Saga Atsui Canteen” opens for a limited time in Saga Prefectural Office 庁 January 20 (Monday)-February 3 (Monday) @SAGA CHIKA ※ Excluding February 1 and 22
Saga Prefecture and Saga Prefectural Product Distribution Design Corporation collaborate with Afro & Co., led by party creator “Afromance,” and the coldest season of the year is from January 20 (Monday) to February 3 (Monday). For a limited time only, the “Shin Saga Atsui Dining Room,” a combination of exquisite spicy dishes and Saga’s traditional crafts, is opened at SAGA CHIKA on the first basement floor of the Saga Prefectural Office New Building.
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To promote Atsui traditional crafts cultivated in the history and climate of Saga Prefecture, a limited-time event, “Shin-Saga Atsui Shokudo,” which provides hot spicy dishes with motifs of each traditional craft during the coldest winter season of the year “. At the opening ceremony held on the first day, the Governor of Saga Prefecture, Yoshiyoshi Yamaguchi (Yoshinori Yamaguchi), Afromance, who was in charge of this project, and Kim Son-hee, who was in charge of menu supervision, attended.
Governor Yamaguchi remarked, “I want many people to thoroughly enjoy the cold of winter with spicyness. I also want to touch traditional crafts from Saga prefecture.”
“To make more people aware of traditional crafts, we thought of an event that combines traditional crafts and food. It ’s the coldest time of the year, I want my body and mind to warm up. ”
Mr. Kim commented, “We supervised the traditional crafts of Saga in consideration of the affinity of spicy dishes. We were quite worried about how spicy it was.”
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Inside the venue, there is a giant demon-shaped panel that makes you want to take a commemorative photo, and a red kotatsu sheet that makes it even more hot. We display traditional crafts along with the calligraphy of Sori Ejima, a calligrapher from Saga.
In addition, we hold workshops on traditional crafts every day during the period. Please enjoy this opportunity to collaborate with Saga’s traditional crafts and hot spicy dishes that make the cold winter hot. How to enjoy the spicy Saga Atsushi dining room
STEP1: Decide menu and hotness and order
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STEP2: Spicy dishes and crafts!
[Image 4

STEP 3: Enjoy spicy dishes and crafts
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STEP4: Enjoy the traditional craft exhibition in the venue
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STEP5: Even before the demon panel!
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STEP6: Traditional craft workshop experience
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Food menu and traditional crafts
During the period, all 5 menu items can be selected from 6 levels of hotness, and you can enjoy a wide range from those who want to warm in winter to those who like hot spicy. Five traditional crafts are selected from Saga prefecture-designated traditional local products. The menu, which makes use of the characteristics of each of the traditional crafts, can be enjoyed as well as tasted.
Offer period: January 20 (Mon)-February 3 (Mon)
■ Floating noodles-Intense spicy noodles-(Floating surface) ¥ 600 [tax included]
■ Large noodles + 100 yen
■ 6 levels of spicy
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Fried spicy noodles “Floating noodles” applied to the traditional craft “Floating face” (Furimen). A special tray with a floating surface is provided. You can enjoy the hot spicy tsukemen while being glared at the terrible demon’s face, which is a feature of the floating surface. The noodles are sprinkled with demon-shaped spicy powder to symbolize the demon’s face.
(Ingredients: Use Chinese noodles in Kanzaki City)
Offer period: January 20 (Mon)-January 26 (Sun)
■ Piritto Mapo Shiraishi-yaki tofu
■ (Shiroishi-yaki)
■ 500 yen [tax included]
■ Set meal +300 yen
■ Spicy 5 stages
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“Pirito Mabo Shiraishi-yaki tofu” is a motif of the traditional craft “Shiraishi-yaki”. The simplicity and warmth of Shiraishi ware are expressed in mapo tofu using grilled tofu. Actually, it is served on a Shiraishi ware. The tofu in the center is also branded to give it a distinctive look when photographed.
(Ingredients: Wakakusu pork is used)
■ Colorful Yuno Doll Chimi (Yumino Doll) 500 yen [tax included] 5 levels of spiciness
[Image 11

“Colorful chizumi” with motif of traditional craft “Yumino doll”. The colorful colors characteristic of Yumino dolls are expressed with red paprika and blue pepper. In addition, we create and provide a bird-shaped jizumi that is also used as a motif for Yumino dolls. It expresses the colorful and rounded atmosphere of Yumino dolls. (Ingredients: Ariake Sea Red Shellfish, etc.)
Offer period: January 27 (Mon)-February 3 (Mon)
■ Drool Chicken Two kinds of Mala bi-doro sauce (Hizen bi-doro) 500 yen [tax included] Set meal set + 300 yen 5 spicy levels
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“Yorodare chicken two types of mabo bidoro sauce” with the motif of the traditional craft “Hizen bidoro”. We offer a special marinated “Doro” marinated sauce, which is served on a cold drool chicken that goes well with Hizen Bidoro’s cool plate. There are two types of sauces in accordance with the two-sword style manufacturing process that is a feature of Hizen Bidoro.
(Ingredients: use such as tracing)
AmiAmi Nishikawa Tokuzaiku potato (Nishikawa Tokutakezaiku) ¥ 500 [tax included] [Image 13

“AmiAmi potato” with the motif of the traditional craft “Nishikawa Nobutake work”. The braid, a feature of Nishikawa Tobukizaiku, is expressed in a net-like potato. It is provided in a basket or basket made by Toshi Nishikawa. In addition, spices are put in bamboo containers to emphasize bamboo work. (Ingredients: using potato from the prefecture)
■ Menu supervision
Kim Seong Hee
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After obtaining a nationally licensed cook’s license, involved in the development of various products. He specializes in hot and spicy gourmet, specializing in genres, commenting on television and radio, producing events and supervising menus.
A unique “spicy saga” experience in an extraordinary space.
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At the venue’s SAGA CHIKA, a huge demon-shaped panel with a logo is installed, and a tongue-shaped red carpet is placed from the mouth so as to penetrate the center of the venue, creating an extraordinary space of “ Shin Saga Atsui Dining Room ” To do.
And there are bright red kotatsu seats on both sides. Eating a hot spicy dish at a kotatsu seat can further warm your body. In addition, a book written by Shiori Ejima, a calligrapher from Saga Prefecture, using Saga’s traditional handicraft, Nao handmade Japanese paper, and several traditional handicrafts will be exhibited. It is a space where you can have a meal while enjoying it visually.
■ Logo and book display
Shiori Ejima
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Born in Saga City, Saga Prefecture. Lives in Tokyo. Enrolled in the calligraphy major at Saga Kita Senior High School, he deepened his study of calligraphy and was involved in supervision of TV dramas from Tokyo Gakugei University / Graduate School. In addition, he is involved in production of store names, trademark logos, food label characters, and demonstrations of books.
About traditional crafts workshop
During the period, there will also be daily workshops on traditional crafts. You can experience “painting Yumino dolls” and “making Nao handmade Japanese paper uchiwa” from crafts in Saga Prefecture. Please try to experience this opportunity.
■ Yumino doll painting experience (Monday, January 20-Sunday, January 26) [Image 17

Time zone: 11: 30-19: 00 (reception)
Activities: Painting on a palm-sized pigeon flute
Participation fee: Free ※ Limited quantity
■ Nago handmade Japanese paper fan making (Saturday, January 25-Monday, February 3)
[Image 18

Time zone: 11: 30-19: 00 (reception)
Activities: Pasting Japanese paper on fans
Participation fee: Free ※ Limited quantity
About traditional crafts
In order to recognize the importance of traditional products and support the development of the industry, the prefecture has designated it as a “Saga Prefecture-designated traditional local product” for traditional crafts and foods in the prefecture by the prefecture’s unique designation system. .
10 crafts (Kashima Nishiki, Saga Nishiki, Shiraishi Yaki
[Shiraishiyaki]), Morotomi furniture and fittings, Nao handmade Japanese paper, Nabeshima carpet, Nishikawa tokiku, Hizen bidoro, floating face, Yumino doll, food Three dishes (Ureshinocha, Kojo Yokan, Kanzaki Somen) have been designated.
Traditional craft homepage in Saga Prefecture
Alcohol is also available for spicy dishes
[Image 19d18574-170-103823-18.jpg
During the period, alcoholic beverages such as micro-beer, which is suitable for hot food at the same time of food order, are also offered.
Spicy level price list
[Image 20d18574-170-940307-19.jpg
The spiciness is 5 or 6 levels depending on the menu (“Spicy Saga-friendly” is only for floating noodles and AmiAmi Nishikawa Tokuseki potatoes)
Event implementation summary
Name: Hot Saga Atsui dining room
Date: January 20 (Monday)-February 3 (Monday) 2020 * Excluding Saturday, February 1 and Sunday, February 2
Business hours: From 9:30 to 20:00 (food order is from 11:30 to 19:00) Location: SAGA CHIKA (Saga Prefectural Government B1F) 1-59-1 Jonai, Saga City, Saga Prefecture 840-8570
Menu: January 20-February 3 (through): Floating noodles-hot spicy noodles- From January 20 to January 26 (first half): Spirit and Mapo Shiraishi baked tofu / colorful Yumino doll chizumi
January 27-February 3 (second half): Drool Chicken, two kinds of marinated bidoro sauce / AmiAmi Nishikawa Tokutake potato (5 dishes during the period)
Implementation content:
・ Provide a collaboration menu of exquisite spicy dishes and Saga’s traditional crafts
・ Exhibition of traditional crafts and books by Shiori Ejima ・ Huge demon-shaped panel photo spot
・ Traditional craft workshop
・ We do not accept seat reservations. Please note.
・ The number of crafts is limited.
・ If you receive a lot of orders, we may have to wait for a while. ・ Choose the spicy dish that suits you.
Organizer: Saga / Saga Prefectural Products Distribution Design Corporation Planning: Afromance (Afro & Co.)
Official site:
Inquiries: Saga Prefecture Distribution and Trade Division Ikeda, Koga TEL: 0952-25-7095 (reception hours: 9 am-5pm on weekdays)
What is Afromance
Party creator / Creative director / DJ
Real name Riichiro Nakama.
1985 Born in Kagoshima. Started activities under the name of “Afromance” while studying at the Department of Architecture, Kyoto University. After graduating, joined Hakuhodo Products in 2009. Independent in 2015. Under the corporate philosophy of “More exciting in the world.” Afro & Co. Inc., a creative company in the field of experience, is launched.
Create new calories in society with free thinking ability that is not constrained by pre-established concepts, realization ability to form unprecedented ideas, planning ability covering various areas from experience to creative, PR, SNS, etc. .
As for the activities, the first bubble party in Tokyo will be held in 2012, and it will spread nationwide through SNS and TV in a blink of an eye, establishing the “Bubble Pa” brand. After that, “ Slide the City ” that slides on a huge slider of 300 m in the city adopted for the TV commercial of Sprite, “ The Lantern Fest ”, a superb view festival where you can enjoy sky lanterns and chill-out music that flooded 280,000 applications, weekday morning 6 Planning and hosting a number of hands-on events and music festivals, such as the “Early Morning Festival (R)” that dances from half past, and the “Tuna House (R)” that processes tuna in line with house music.
Furthermore, a huge speaker-like 360-degree table tennis “ Bass Table Tennis ” collaborated with SONY, a chill-out bar “ SAKURA CHILL BAR by Saga ” buried in 1.2 million cherry blossom petals collaborated with Saga Prefecture, a movie “ Tokyo Ghoul S ” In collaboration with various companies and governments, such as the immersive restaurant “Ghoul Restaurant”, which is based on the theme of blood and roses, planned in conjunction with the opening of the event, has created new hands-on events.
Afromance Official Website:
Afro & Co. Official Website:

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