Fuji Television Co., Ltd. Fuji Television “Tokyo Love Story” Delivery decision! Scheduled to be distributed on FOD / Amazon Prime Video in spring 2020!

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[Fuji Television] “Tokyo Love Story” 決定 Delivery decision! Scheduled to be distributed on FOD / Amazon Prime Video in spring 2020! That drama, which can be said to be the monument to the romantic drama of the 90s, is back in 29 years in a modern version! ! Starring and cantilevered by Kentaro Ito, Rika and Shizukawa Ishibashi, Sho Sho Kiyohara and Anna Ishii
Scheduled to be distributed on FOD / Amazon Prime Video in spring 2020! (Official site) https://www.fujitv.co.jp/tokyolovestory/
(FOD distribution page) https://fod.fujitv.co.jp/s/genre/drama/ser4h06/ This time, the masterpiece drama “Tokyo Love Story” representing the trendy drama of Ganso May 9 has been produced for the first time in 29 years with a video distribution service “FOD” operated by Fuji Television and Amazon Prime Video. It has been decided to be delivered.
Speaking of “Tokyo Love Story,” a manga originally written by Fumi Shibamon was serialized in “Big Comic Spirits” (Shogakukan) in 1988, and then made into a drama on Fuji TV in 1991. The love story of Kanji Nagao and Rika Akana became a social phenomenon at the time, and it is an immortal masterpiece drama that can be said to be the monument of a romantic drama in the 1990s. “Tokyo Love Story” will be revived in the spring of 2020 as a modern version for the first time in 29 years! ! The starring is Kentaro Ito, who is popular not only from the younger generation but also from a wide range of people, and is active in various fields such as dramas, movies and commercials. Plays Kanji Nagao who is obedient and kind, but a little indecisive. The bright and passionate heroine, Rika Akina, is played by Shizukawa Ishibashi, who has a strong presence in movies, theaters and dramas. In the role of Kenichi Mikami, a medical student who is a classmate of Kanji and a woman, she breaks in the NHK serial TV novel “ Natsuzora ” and is currently appearing in the serial drama “ Alive Oncologist Chart ” currently being broadcast on Fuji TV. Sho Kiyohara. The role of Satomi Sekiguchi, who is also a classmate of Kanji and whose thought is Kanji, Anna Anna Ishii who is not only a performer of E-girls but also an actress such as CM and drama. Please look forward to “Tokyo Love Story” which will be reborn with these attractive and luxurious casts. 【comment】
Kentaro Ito
“I was very honored to be able to complete the cure with the familiar” Tokyo Love Story “. At that time, it was a social phenomenon, so I would lie if there was no pressure. There are plenty of smartphones and elements that are not present in the old Tokyo Love Story, so I hope you enjoy the new Tokyo Love Story made by Reiwa. ”
Shizukawa Ishibashi
“ When I heard this story, I think that it would be a new challenge for me to play a sensational role called Rika Akana, and to enter a work that is a bit embarrassing to face romantic relationships. The shooting was delicate and straightforward, so every day I was hurt, joyful, and tearful together with Rika who lives hard while she hurt herself. I was happy that I was able to play such a wonderful woman, and I hope that each character will see them grow by loving someone. ” Sho Kiyohara
“At first, there was pressure and excitement when I heard that we were making a new hit drama called” Tokyo Love Story “now. I thought through this work that I was able to make myself think in various ways.Some parts I could sympathize with and some parts I couldn’t, so I think the way I feel depends on each viewer. I’m looking forward to seeing you in the eyes of Mikami, and I’m glad to be able to create a work called “Tokyo Love Story” with the cast members I hope you look forward to it, and I hope many people will watch it. ”
Anna Ishii
“I was surprised when I heard the title. I was so happy because I didn’t even dream of getting into that world! I was really excited about what kind of work it would be. At times, I had a lot of sympathy for Sekiguchi Satomi, so when I actually performed, I performed while being aware of what I sympathized with, and there were various scenes, but I learned and enjoyed it! The hearts of the four people swaying on the ground are drawn beautifully and intricately and beautifully. I would like you to enjoy the group play while sympathizing with others and overlapping with others! ”
Author, Fumi Shibamon
“Tokyo Love Story, which was made into a drama in 1991, will be re-dramaized for the first time in 29 years. In this drama, the characters are utilized and the stage is contemporary, so a smartphone that is not in the original Tokyo has changed a lot, Starbucks and Uniqlo have been absent, Kanchi and Mikami have been smoking. Young people who were never born during the first drama I’m really looking forward to seeing how the actors play Canchi and Rica. ”
Planning and production: Kazuyuki Shimizu
“In 2020, when the Tokyo Olympics will be held, I think that the world’s eyes will gather in” Tokyo “and the world’s people will gather in” Tokyo. ” This is “Tokyo!” In this Tokyo Love Story, gorgeous casts from Kentaro Ito, Shizukawa Ishibashi, Sho Kiyohara and Anna Ishii gathered together!
I thought that I wanted to be involved in drama production, but that was when I watched Tokyo Love Story in 1991. I was a 17-year-old high school student at that time. Then, 29 years later, I would have to do it myself … with a deep emotion and immeasurable pressure. I hope that many young people will be able to watch for the first time for young people and for those who know the past with a new feeling of nostalgia. Everyone, look forward to it! ”
Kanji Nagao (Kentaro Ito), working for an advertising agency, came to Tokyo from his local Ehime branch to the sales department in Tokyo. A colleague, Rika Akana (Shizuoka Ishibashi) will take care of her job. Kanji is invited to drink immediately by a local classmate in Tokyo, Kenichi Mikami (Sho Kiyohara). Satomi Sekiguchi (Anna Ishii), who had been secretly thinking about Kanji, was also coming and had missed his reunion after a long absence, but was contacted by Lika at the company to deliver his forgotten wallet. Will drink. On the way back, suddenly, Rika tells me “Can’t kiss me” and completes the cure. “Let’s have lunch instead!” However, it has been rumored that Rica has something to do with his boss, Waga, and that it is better to stop him.
◇ FOD original drama “Tokyo Love Story” Overview
■ Title: “Tokyo Love Story”
■ Number of stories: 11 episodes
■ Distribution: FOD and Amazon Prime Video will start distribution in spring 2020
■ Performance: Kanji Nagao: Kentaro Ito
リ Rika Akana: Shizukawa Ishibashi
健 Kenichi Mikami: Sho Kiyohara
さ と Satomi Sekiguchi: Anna Ishii
■ Staff: Original: Fumi Shibamon “Tokyo Love Story” (Shogakukan Big Spirits Comics)
Screenplay: Ayako Kitagawa
Music: Nobuko Toda
Planning and production: Kazuyuki Shimizu
Producers: Yu Moriya, Yurie Morimoto
Director: Koichiro Miki, Koto Nagata, Toru Yamamoto
■ Production cooperation: At movie
■ Production work: Fuji Television
■ URL: https://www.fujitv.co.jp/tokyolovestory/ (official site) Https://fod.fujitv.co.jp/s/genre/drama/ser4h06/ (FOD distribution page) ◇ FOD Overview
A video distribution service operated by Fuji TV. Starting with free distribution of programs currently being broadcast on TV, the paid video distribution service “FOD Premium” is delivering unlimited viewing of more than 40,000 video works, including dramas, varieties, animations, and domestic and international movies of the past year. In addition, there is a rich lineup of over 280,000 e-books, including unlimited reading of popular manga and magazines.
■ URL: https://fod.fujitv.co.jp/
フ Fuji Television Co., Ltd. Company Profile
Company name: Fuji Television Corporation
Representative: Ryunosuke Endo, President
Location: 2-4-8, Daiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo 137-8088
Established: October 1, 2008 (due to new split)
URL: https://www.fujitv.co.jp/

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