Tokyo Nikikai Tokyo Nikikai / Annual great valued opera appreciation “set ticket” is released. “Opera Friend P ack” for beginners of opera is newly introduced!発 売 Limited release from January 24 (Fri) to March 14 (Sat) 2020

Tokyo Nikikai
Tokyo 2nd Party / Annual great value appreciation of opera “set ticket” released. “Opera Friend Pack” for beginners of opera is now available!発 売 Limited release from January 24 (Fri) to March 14 (Sat) 2020
Internet sales of student tickets also started!
Tokyo Nikikai is launching a new Opera Season Set ticket for younger generations and an Internet of student tickets for the younger generation so that a wider generation of people can enjoy the culture of opera appreciation. .

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From the 2019-2020 season (October 2019 Tokyo Nikikai Opera Theater performance “Mrs. Butterfly”)

Tokyo Nikikai 2020-2021 Season Opera Set Ticket Released!
Three types of Opera Season Set tickets will be released from January 24 (Fri) to March 14 (Sat) for a limited time so that many people can enjoy the Tokyo Nikikai Opera performance throughout the season. You. オ ペ ラ “Opera Friend Pack” newly appeared this year. For those who want to enjoy the atmosphere of the opera at a reasonable price, we will provide B to C seats of all the performances of the premiere performance or Senshugaku performance at an affordable price.
■ Three courses to choose from:
Enjoy a luxurious opera in earnest!
From the top seat (S seat) of all performances, you can purchase your favorite seat quickly and cheaply.
* In addition to the discount of 5,000 yen for the 2nd party opera lovers’ association (annual fee of 2,500 yen or more), a paid program of all performances will be presented one by one (you can also apply for a set ticket at the same time)
<< Premier Set (PS) 55,000 yen (including tax) for S seats (equivalent to 73,000 yen) for Premiere (first day) performances of all performances << Chiaki music set (FS) 60,000 yen (tax included) for the S seat (equivalent to 76,000 yen in price) for all performances I want to enjoy the opera more casually and more affordably! << Opera Friend Pack (FP) 30,000 yen (tax included) for B to C seats (equivalent to 41,000 yen price) of all performances' premiere or Senshugaku performance ■ Release period: Limited time release from January 24 (Fri) to March 14 (Sat) 2020 Internet reservations start at 00:00 on the release day, and telephone reservations start at 10:00 on the same day. ■ Reservation / Contact: Nikikai Ticket Center@TEL.03-3796-1831 Reception hours: weekdays 10: 00-18: 00, Saturdays 10: 00-15: 00 (Sun / holiday, New Year holidays, closed) (Online 24 hours) Tokyo Nikikai Opera sponsored by the Internet sales of student tickets! 東京 Student tickets for Tokyo Nikikai Opera, which is popular with students under the age of 28, can now be purchased online. Open the "Ticket Request" page from the Tokyo Nikkikai website and click on "Internet Reservation (Gettii Getty)" for each performance and proceed with "Student Registration / Enrollment". Register as a ticket member. If you log in as it is, you can reserve a student seat of Tokyo Nikikai Opera on the spot. ■ Conditions for purchasing student seats: ・ For students under 28 years old. ・ You can purchase only one student seat per student per performance. In the same performance, you can purchase multiple dates for one performance x 1 piece. ・ As a general rule, the reception will be an application from the person himself / herself. ・ You cannot purchase a student ID card issued by a culture school, correspondence course, driver's license school, or various training schools. ・ Please purchase "Student seat voucher" on the Internet or by telephone. On the day of the performance, we will exchange for "student seats" at the reception. ・ Please present your student seat voucher and student ID card at the reception. ・ If you cannot confirm your identity at the reception desk or you cannot present your student seat voucher or student ID card, we will not be able to exchange your student seat for any reason. ・ We confirm the school name, school year, name, and date of birth at the reception. Redemption is invalid if transfer to a third party is permitted, or if the person is over 28 years old at the time of the performance. Reference: Opera lineup for the 2020-2021 season ■ September 2020: Fidelio The first opera of Rakusei Beethoven, presented to commemorate the 250th anniversary of birth, will be the first appearance in Tokyo Nikikai Under the direction of Dan Ettinger! Also pay attention to the stage that will be the third film director Kenta Fukasaku opera! Beethoven "Fidelio" (new production) [Performance in Opera 2 Acts with Original Subtitles in German (German)] Performance date: September 3 (Thu), 4 (Fri), 5 (Sat), 6 (Sun), 2020 Conductor: Dan Ettinger Directed by Kenta Fukasaku Orchestra: Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra Venue: New National Theater Opera Palace ■ November 2020: "Merry Widow" Nozoka Okisawa, winner of the Besançon International Conductor Competition, and Takuji Manabe, the director of the Japanese theater world Hope actor, are the first members of the Tokyo Nikikai! The finest operetta spun by young leaders. Lehar "Mary Widow" (new production) [Operetta All 3 Acts Performing Japanese translation] Performance date: November 26 (Thu) / 27 (Fri) / 28 (Sat) / 29 (Sun) 2020 Conductor: Norioka Okisawa Director: Takuji Manabe Orchestra: Tokyo Symphony Orchestra Venue: Nissay Theater Co-sponsor: Nissay Cultural Promotion Foundation [Nissay Theater] ■ February 2021: "Tannhauser" Axel Kober, a regular conductor of the Bayreuth Music Festival, has visited Japan for the first time. Miracle that occurs with Keith Warner, director of Tokyo Ring. The supreme Wagner experience is here! Wagner "Tannhauser" (new production)-Performance in partnership with the French National Opera [All three acts of the opera performed in Japanese with German subtitles (German)] Performance Date: February 17 (Wed) / 18 (Thu) / 20 (Sat) / 21 (Sun), 2021 Conductor: Axel Kober Director: Keith Warner Orchestra: Yomiuri Nippon Symphony Orchestra Venue: Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Large Hall ■ May 2021 "Nikikai New Wave Opera Theater": "Celce" The annual baroque opera festival once every three years presented by the Tokyo Nikikai! The famous song-Ombra My Hu-invites A love story set in ancient Persia. Handel "Selce" (new production) [All three acts of the opera performed in Japanese with Italian subtitles (Italian)] Performance Date: May 22nd (Sat) / 23rd (Sun), 2021 Conductor: Hidemi Suzuki Directed by Yo Nakamura Orchestra: New Wave Baroque Orchestra Tokyo (NBO) Venue: Tokyo ■ July 2021: "Falstaff" Verdi's best comedy presented by the world-famous European Roland Perry De Billy, conductor of the NY Metropolitan Opera Re-appearance since September 2018 Puccini-Trilogy-! Verdi "Falstaff" (new production) -Collaboration with Theater Real, Royal Monet Theater in Belgium, and Bordeaux Opera de France- [All three acts of the opera, the original language with subtitles (Italian)] Performance Date: July 16 (Fri) / 17 (Sat) / 18 (Sun) / 19 (Mon / Holiday) 2021 Conductor: Bertrand de Billy Director: Loran Perry Orchestra: Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra Venue: Tokyo Reference: Opera Beginner's Guide-Enjoy Opera More Easily! ~ オ ペ ラ Appreciation of opera with high threshold image. For beginners in opera, what is your outfit? Need preparation? How to watch? And maybe a lot of uneasiness. However, Tokyo Nikikai offers opera performances that can be more casual and casual. で By extension of usual date. A little special filial piety. In a higher-grade girls' association. Make your opera debut this year with the help of the guide below! 1 First opera [Preparation]-I'm about to make an opera debut soon
● Get advance information Ticket information on the Internet, such as Ticket Paya e +, contains all the performance information. In particular, the special performances of the season have special feature pages, so it might be a good idea to select these special performances as the first opera. Please note that performance information may be published in newspapers, music magazines, and sometimes women's magazines. The flyer that you can get to the concert hall will include the performers, conductors, directors, and highlights of the performances. There are many wonderful designs by the organizer, so be sure to check them out.
● What is the special seat for watching opera? Opera theater with more than 2000 seats in some places. Which seat should I buy? In a classical concert, "good seats" are considered "good sounding seats," but the condition of the opera venue, "the entire stage can be seen well," cannot be excluded. It is said that "preferable seats" are located near the center of the first floor seats as much as possible, but such seats are expensive without exception. Then, the next good thing is the seat around this. Consult with your wallet condition to choose a seat where the stage is easier to see. ● Is preparation required? You say that you are somewhat nervous when you say preparation. Operas are usually performed in the original language, but they always have subtitles like movies. There's no telling the story. It might be a good idea to take a gamble on the day. Rather, it is better to read a variety of materials after returning to the performance that you saw in a fresh state, The range of enjoyment afterwards may expand. ● Which clothes do you go with? You do not need to go in a suit or dress. The Tokyo Nikikai performances are basically OK if you have a feeling of cleanliness. If you want to fully enjoy the extraordinary space, of course, please come dressed up. And if possible, why not go with friends and partners you care about? Talking during breaks and after the show is one of the pleasures. 2 The first opera [just before]-it's finally the day of the opera! ~
● Oh, I can't make it! Let's check the "opening time" so that there is no such thing. Usually, the hall opens 30 minutes to 1 hour before the performance. It is not necessary to line up before opening, but those who enter the theater with plenty of time will be able to calm down the opera appreciation after that. It might be nice to arrive shortly after opening hours. Also, once the curtain has risen, the opera cannot enter until the next break. Don't be too late. ● Secure a seat anyway If you give your ticket to the ticket clerk at the entrance, they will return a stub. This is necessary when you go outside on the way, so be sure to keep it. The ticket clerk will check your seat number and will tell you, "Do you want to go to the door?" Please check the seat map. If you don't know, there is always a clerk at the entrance of the hall, so show your ticket and ask, "Where do I get in?" If you ask again, he will take you to your seat. ● Before the performance After checking your seat, you have free time until the start. Let's wash your toilet during this time. Not only the opera but also the classical concert once it starts, it is illegal to stand until the break. Please keep in mind that it may bother other customers. Please purchase the program before the performance. In addition to synopses and highlights, profiles of the singers who will appear on the day, detailed reading materials, etc. are also posted, so you should read them in advance. ● How to enjoy the foyer The theater lobby is called a foyer. Foyer sells programs, rents opera glasses, drinks and throat candy. During your break, go out to the foyer and enjoy juices and champagne. Sandwiches and sweets when you're hungry. Many foyers are non-smoking, so if you really want to smoke, you will have to go outside, but be sure to bring your ticket stub. 3 First Opera [Production]-After the curtain opens, and After Opera-
● Finally, the opening! By the way, what is a “curtain”? Most opera works are divided into "act 1" and "act 2". This is a big break between story and music. When the curtain changes, the scene of the stage changes greatly. At the end of each act, if you feel good, please give a big applause here. The foyer is overhanging with a piece of paper stating the time required for each act and where to take the break, Check it before the performance. ● Let's get a cough ... a mobile phone! In an emergency? Once you start coughing, put your handkerchief in your mouth and make as little noise as possible. To prevent coughing, put candy in a pocket or other place that is easy to remove, If the throat becomes itchy during the performance, it is a good idea to quickly throw the candy into your mouth. However, be careful as the sound of the wrapping paper of the candy is quite worrisome. It is common sense to turn off mobile phones in halls such as concerts and theaters, not just in operas. Be sure to practice "turn off your mobile phone" in advance. If it sounds, turn off the power by super express. You should gently bow your head around. ● Applause, when do you Bravo? In addition to the beginning of the curtain, there are times when the singer's listening place, Aria, is a wonderful performance and applause. With a big applause, the singer may sing the aria again. ! In addition to applause, let's call out "Bravo" for good performance. Timing is difficult at first, so you may want to check the reaction of the people around you. By the way, "Bravo" is formal for men, "Brava" is for women, and "Bravi" is formal for men and women. ● After-opera fun After the opera, why don't you discuss your thoughts with the people who went with you? Recently, the number of restaurants that have been open until late has increased. As long as time permits, enjoy an after-opera with a delicious meal. Reference: This is an opera! Orthodox "Tsubakihime" お す す め Recommended for the opera debut is Verdi's Tsubakihime, which will be staged from Wednesday, February 19, 2020. With authentic beauty and dignified performance, you can enjoy the real pleasure of the opera. [Image 4d43876-11-347610-3.jpg
Tokyo Nikikai Opera Theater Performance at the 2020 Tomin Art Festival ≪New Production≫
Verdi “Tsubakihime”
All three acts of the opera, original language with subtitles (Italian) Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Large Hall
February 19 (Wed) 18:30, 20 (Thu) 14:00, 22 (Sat) 14:00, 23 (Sun / holiday) 14:00
Conductor: Giacomo Sagripanti
Directed by Ryo Harada

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