Focal Point Co., Ltd. New color appears on the popular iPhone and iPad backup tool “Qubii Pro”!

Focal Point Co., Ltd.
New color appears on the popular iPhone and iPad backup tool “Qubii Pro”! Ahead of spring! Gorgeous metallic rose gold and white that match Apple products are now available.
Focal Point Co., Ltd. has launched two new color variations, “Rose Gold” and “White”, for “Qubii Pro”, which can easily back up important data while charging iPhone and iPad. did.
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Focal Point Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Yamashita-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Representative Director Hideki Onda) has a Qubii Pro that can easily back up photos, videos, contacts, and iTunes music while charging your iPhone and iPad. )), Two new color variations, “Rose Gold” and “White”.
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“Qubii Pro” is a convenient smartphone device that allows you to quickly and easily back up photos, videos, contacts, iTunes music, photos uploaded to SNS, etc. on your iPhone or iPad without the need for an Internet connection (However, internet connection is required to backup photos in SNS and iCloud).
In addition, it can be used as external storage like a USB memory connected to iPhone, iPad, and also supports transferring files in File App to Micro SD card. The main unit becomes a Micro SD card reader, so data can be easily transferred to a Mac or PC.
In the Cloud Finding conducted by Focal Point in 2019, the Qubii Pro received 1,217 people in 35 days (April 22 to May 27), and 1815% of the target amount from many customers. We have collected your support. It is a useful item that can be backed up regularly every day as well as when replacing your iPhone.
Qubii is easy to use!
1. Install and configure the Qubii Pro app on your iPhone.
2. Insert the Micro SD card into Qubii Pro and connect to the power adapter. 3. Charge your iPhone via Qubii Pro.
Once set up, simply backup your iPhone via Qubii Pro and automatic backup will begin. Just leave the Micro SD card in. You can easily make backups even on business trips, destinations, or places where radio waves do not reach.
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Anyone can easily backup!
[Photo backup function convenient for business as well as private] Full backup of iPhone photos and videos
Back up all photos and videos in “Photo APP”. Not only private photos, but also photos used for business do not go through the Internet line, so there is no leak of photos due to mistakes in sharing settings. There are also times when you want to quickly import photos taken with your iPhone to your PC when you are on a business trip to make a document. However, on business trips where the Internet connection is unstable, there are concerns about going via the cloud. Qubii Pro lets you exchange photo files via a Micro SD card, so you don’t need to be online.
Back up SNS photos
Backup photos and images uploaded to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr. For example, Qubii Pro can retrieve photos that have been uploaded to Facebook but have disappeared from “Photos (Camera Roll)” due to a replacement iPhone.
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[Back up contacts]
Contacts in “Contacts APP” are also backed up in vCard format. The vCard format is a business card management file standard that can be said to be the industry standard, and is a file that can be shared by many contact management applications including macOS, Windows, and Android. If you leave it on the Micro SD card just in case, it will help you if you have a problem with your iPhone.
[The main unit becomes Micro SD card reader]
The compact and portable body can be used as a Micro SD card reader when connected to a PC or Mac. There is no need for a separate reader to read the backed up data.
Qubii Pro can be used as a normal Micro SD card reader, so it can read not only cards backed up with Qubii Pro, but also photos taken with a camera.
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[Backup iTunes content]
iTunes music backup is also supported. Qubii Pro backs up digital rights (DRM) -free content purchased from the iTunes Store and music files imported from CDs, just like charging photos and contacts. [Supports USB 3.1 high-speed file transfer and 12W charging] Achieves up to three times the transfer speed of conventional Qubii. Dramatically speed up file transfer when connected to a PC or Mac. Backups from iOS devices are 30% faster and support up to 12W charging. Efficient charging is possible with iPad.
[Reliable Appe MFi certification obtained]
MFi certification means that Apple guarantees compatibility of third-party accessories with iPhones and iPads. Qubii Pro is Apple’s MFi certified, so you can use it with confidence.
[Supports restoration to iPhone]
Files backed up to Qubii Pro can be “restored” to the iPhone again. In the unlikely event that files and photos have been deleted from the iPhone, Qubii Pro can be safely restored from backup. Restoration does not require a Mac or PC (although some features, such as restoring iTunes backups, require a Mac or PC).
[Compatible with 512GB Micro SD card]
Qubii Pro supports Micro SD cards up to 512GB. The 512GB model of iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max can be used without any problem. It is possible to backup more than 250,000 photos taken with an iPhone camera, and more than 5 million photos shared with SNS such as Facebook and Instagram (* 1).
* 1 Camera roll photos are based on 2MB, SNS photos are based on 1MB. [Image 6

[Can be used with a mobile battery]
Qubii Pro can be used for charging via a mobile battery as well as a normal power outlet. You can back up important data even in an airplane in flight or outdoors where radio waves are unstable. This is different from Qubii!
[File App storage compatible]
As a new feature of Qubii Pro, “File App” storage function has been added. This is a function that is registered as a file storage location in the “File App” and allows you to move and view files from your iPhone or iPad to the Micro SD card. It works like a USB flash drive, so you can read and write files even in places without an internet connection.
By enabling Qubii Pro in the “Files App” in advance, you can save files directly from compatible applications such as Microsoft Office. In addition, the iPad version supports Split View mode, and files can be read by dragging and dropping.
[Supports USB 3.1 high-speed file transfer]
Achieves up to three times the transfer speed of conventional Qubii. Dramatically speed up file transfer when connected to a PC or Mac. Backups from iOS devices are also 30% faster.
[Enriched color lineup! ]
This time, two colors, white, matching the iPhone’s standard charging adapter and rose gold, which is conscious of women, are available. We will also sell Space Gray, which is perfect for iPhone and MacBook colors that appeared in 2019.
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【Product Info】
[Image 8

Qubii Pro White (white)
Model number: MAK-OT-000008
Price: 6,980 yen (excluding tax)

[Image 9

Qubii Pro Rose Gold
Model number: MAK-OT-000009
Price: 6,980 yen (excluding tax)

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Maktar Qubii Pro

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Maktar is a home electronics company that develops and designs smartphone goods founded in Taiwan in 2014. We collaborate with world-renowned companies and brands to provide comprehensive software and hardware solutions. Maktar’s theme is “Easy to use for those who are not good at high-tech equipment.” We are always passionate about developing products from the light user’s perspective. This product is jointly developed by Maktar and NEXTDRIVE.
[About focal points]
Focal Point Co., Ltd., established in 1989, is an import trading company handling excellent products from all over the world. We sell and support in Japan mainly for accessories for iPhone and iPad, peripheral devices for Mac, etc.
【Company Profile】
Company name: Focal Point Co., Ltd.
Location: NU Kannai Building 6F, 223-1 Yamashita-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa 231-0023
Representative: Hideki Onda
Established: 1989
* Release contents are subject to change without notice. Please note. * IPhone, iPad and Mac are trademarks of Apple Inc.
* Company names and product names are trademarks and registered trademarks of each company.
* The release time may change depending on the status of overseas manufacturers. * Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice. * Please note that we are not responsible for any damage, damage, failure, loss, etc. of the computer itself, iPhone, iPad, iPod, and other peripheral devices due to the use of our products. You.

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