Hotel New Otani Full of strawberries in the morning and night! Dedicated to the strawberry-holic you, a limited night stay plan!

New Otani Corporation
I’m exhausted in the morning and at night! Dedicated to the
strawberry-holic you, a limited night stay plan!
The next day after enjoying the sweets at the DJ night, you can enjoy a hot pancake with champagne in your room
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Hotel New Otani (Tokyo)
Accommodation plan “STRAWBERRY-HOLIC SWEET STAY” At Hotel New Otani (Tokyo), we will be offering a full stay plan from dinner to breakfast on Friday, March 27, 2020.
Enjoy lots of “Night Sweets” along with the five types of Rose Sparkling! Adult DJ Night Buffet
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“FRIDAY NIGHT BUFFET-AMAOU SWEETS & DJ MUSIC LOUNGE-” where you can enjoy the fascinating night sweets, adult sandwiches, and a drink comparison of five types of rose sparkling wine with music created by DJs active in the world. The sweets include the “Ultimate Shortcake” “Super Amaou Shortcake” for 1200 yen per piece, the seasonal Amaou Sweets, and the Hotel New Otani limited sweet “Soft Cream Celest”, which is handled by Pierre Herme, the “Picasso in the patissier world”. Also appeared.
[Image 3d14571-838-211601-1.jpg
Adult women’s attention is that you can enjoy 5 kinds of rose sparkling wine selected by the sommelier as sweets as you like. Why don’t you look for your favorite brand while comparing and comparing five types with unique colors, fragrances and tastes? Indispensable snacks for sake are hotel-made pinchos and excellent sandwiches. [Image 4d14571-838-590314-7.jpg
“ Classic roast cutlet fried with crispy fried cutlet ”, “ Roast beef sand ” with soft meat and special sauce, “ New soy meat ” using “ soy meat ” attracting attention as next generation meat We offer a total of 12 types of sandwiches from classic to individual, such as “Tokyo Soy Meat Burger”. In addition to the hotel’s special curry and pasta, daily pintxos also appear. Spend a glorious Friday night with a glass of wine.
『FRIDAY NIGHT BUFFET -AMAOU SWEETS & DJ MUSIC LOUNGE』 On the day after the glittering night, enjoy the finest pancakes with one hand of champagne
[Image 5d14571-838-482533-2.jpg
For breakfast, a special plan-limited breakfast is served by room service. You can enjoy Amaou slowly in your room, such as the restaurant “SATSUKI” signboard menu “Hotel New Otani Special Pancake (Amaou)” and the “Amaou Pyramid”, which is a luxurious stack of selected Amaou. For drinks, select “Drapier Otani Brut”, a
strawberry-friendly champagne. Amaou’s sweetness and rich aroma of champagne make the holiday morning even more special. Please enjoy the ultimate luxury of the hotel with the seasonal fruits.
Overview of accommodation plan “STRAWBERRY-HOLIC SWEET STAY” [Image 6d14571-838-696412-3.jpg
Garden Tower Count Suite (88.4 square meters)
Period: Until March 27, 2020 (Friday only)
Pricing example:
● The Main Deluxe Room (45 sqm) ¥ 100,000 ~ per room
● Garden Tower Count Suite (88.4 square meters) ¥ 2,180 per room * Rates include one night room charge, dinner (FRIDAY NIGHT BUFFET -AMAOU SWEETS & DJ MUSIC LOUNGE), breakfast (room service), tax and service charge.
* Accommodation is limited to one night from Friday.
* There are other room types. Please contact us for more information. Reservations and inquiries: 03-3234-5678 (room reservation)

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