Yomiuri Land Co., Ltd. Goodjoba !! Renewal! Open date of the entire public decided!

Yomiuri Land Co., Ltd.
Goodjoba !! Renewal! Open date of the entire public decided! …………………………………………………………………………
1. The contents of the extra stage of Campus Challenge are revealed! Directed by Square Enix!
2. The entire image of the spin runway selfie is released !! 3. New sensation live activity-talk with fully automatic deformation car “CIRA”! Pyomiuri Land (Inagi, Tokyo, Kawasaki, Kanagawa) is Japan’s largest on March 6, 2020! We will reopen the amusement park area “Guggova!” Where you can experience manufacturing.
春 In the spring of 2020, the fifth year of its opening, “Gutgova !!” has evolved using cutting-edge technologies such as projection mapping and VR! I will publish the whole picture
At the FASHION factory “Spin Runway”, the creative company “NAKED” will produce attraction for the first time. You can shoot on your own smartphone while riding a roller coaster, the first in Japan !? The CAR factory “Custom Garage” and the BUNGU factory “Campus Challenge” will collaborate with VR production group “Hashiras” pursuing the most advanced entertainment and introduce the latest VR. In addition, the Campus Challenge will create an extra stage that collaborated with Square Enix, a leading company that continues to produce hit titles in the entertainment field. The FOOD factory “Splash UFO” expands Kettler’s mischief,
The degree goes up. In addition, CAR factory’s fully automatic deformed car “CIRA” will be reborn as a new type of live activity, and you can chat with the giant robot CIRA happily.
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Goodjoba !! Renewal Overview
Reopening date: Friday, March 6, 2020
Location: 4015-1 Yanoguchi, Inagi-shi, Tokyo
Eligible attractions: Custom Garage, Splash U.F.O., Spin Runway, Campus Challenge, CIRA
Fee: Admission ticket Adult 1,800 yen Middle and high school student 1,500 yen Elementary school student / senior 1,000 yen Preschool child 1,000 yen
One-day pass Adult 5,500 yen Middle and high school student 4,400 yen Elementary school / senior 3,900 yen Pre-school child 3,400 yen * Adults are 18 to 64 years old, seniors are 65 years old or older, preschoolers are 3 to 5 years old
* Refer to the following pages for fees for each attraction
Opened in March 2016, Gugjoba !! is an amusement park area where you can experience manufacturing in four industries: automobiles, food, fashion, and stationery.
CAR factory Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
◆ Custom Garage × Hashiras
◆ Experience different space test driving with the latest VR
At the “Custom Garage” where you can attach parts of your favorite design to the car body, ride the car, inspect the vehicle in the factory, and enjoy test driving, the VR production group “Hashiras” pursuing the most advanced entertainment is a custom garage Produce a course! Wear VR goggles and warp to a past or future space with a time machine and perform a test run. Exploring mysterious archeological sites in the ancient jungle and aerial battles on the future hypercourse, you can experience a completely different driving experience on two distinctive courses. Cooperation play by all four is also possible.
Renewal point Express two test courses with the latest VR
1. Mysterious ancient site exploration course in the jungle! A little cute! The ancient ruins course offers a slapstick wilderness experience, exploring the jungle in the first half and experiencing the dangerous slapsticks in the ruins in the second half. From 20km to 40km / h, you can enjoy the experience of sprinting through jungle and ancient archeological sites.
[Image 5

2. Screaming race in the aerial hyper course!
未来 The future course where you can experience transcendental speed and aerial battle is a course that feels like racing with other cars while driving at high speed in the air. It is full of speed & action, such as being attacked or crashing another car! It is an image of sprinting in the air and city at 100km to 300km / h.
[Image 6

Custom Garage Overview
Name: Custom Garage
Fee: 1,000 yen
Usage restrictions: Height 90 cm or more, less than 110 cm required, elementary school children required
VR is available from 7 years of age and older (7-13 years old must have parental consent)
[Table 2: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/41300/table/31_1.jpg”>

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BUNGU factory KOKUYO Corporation
◆ Campus Challenge × Hashiraz
◆ Introducing the latest VR etc., fully remodel four games!
キ ャ ン “Campus Challenge” has been renewed, where you can experience the manufacturing process of campus notebooks while enjoying the seven games! Hashiras, a production group pursuing the most advanced entertainment, and Square Enix, a leading company that continues to produce hit titles in the entertainment field, will undergo a full remodeling of the Campus Challenge.
Renewal point 1. Ruled line printing rolling challenge
さ せ Rotate the two print rollers and rotate the specified number of rollers within a certain period of time to clear. In this process, you can experience the process of printing ruled lines.
[Image 9

Renewal point 2. New sense! Cut the flow of paper with Standing VR! 進 み Using the VR goggles on hand, go through the notebook factory and challenge the paper cutting game. There is a target in the center of the screen, and the paper is cut when the target is aligned with the paper. Experience the notebook cutting process.
[Image 10

Renewal point 3. Dancing with cover!
When the note paper comes to the block area, step on it according to the rhythm and the cover will be scored. A dancing game that you can enjoy using your feet. In this process, you can experience the process of putting the notebook cover.
[Image 11

◆ Campus Challenge × Square Enix
Renewal point 4. Extra stage that only those who have good results can enjoy! SNS A sensational attraction with no doubt that SNS can be performed freely according to the image and music. In this stage where you can enjoy the dancing game in the image as if floating in space, not only the players who are playing, but also the viewers will be entertained together.
[Image 12

[Image 13

Campus Challenge Overview
Name: Campus Challenge
Fee: 800 yen
Usage restrictions: 5 years and older
VR is available from 7 years of age and older (7-13 years old must have parental consent)
FASHION factory World Co., Ltd./Shima Seiki Co., Ltd.
◆ Spin runway × NAKED
◆ Creative company “NAKED” first attraction Nippon’s first indoor spiral coaster, NAKED, uses a spiral spiral lift, the first in Japan, to enjoy the production process of clothes and production of fashion shows, such as cutting and sewing fabric while riding a roller coaster! Creative company “NAKED” is the first to produce attractions. With consciousness of SNS, Immersive (immersive) production of light, sound and video in cue lines and courses. What’s more, for the first time in Japan! You can shoot on your own smartphone while riding a roller coaster.
Renewal point 1. Add an image, lighting and mirror panel to the spiral lift to create an immersive effect!
映像 Project images with fashion item motifs. From the top of the screen to the mirror lift in the center, we use colorful lights to create a fantastic world! The central mirror panel becomes a mirror and diffuses light.
[Image 14

Renewal point 2. Talking fashion item production
フ ァ ッ シ ョ ン Buttons and other fashion items are talking like creatures in the roller coaster queue, and moving sounds and shadows are seen, drawing you into the fashion world.
[Image 15

Renewal point 3. Smartphone photography inside the roller coaster of Japan’s first !? OK
初 Japan’s first! Roller coaster with smartphone shooting OK is born. A special smartphone holder can be attached to the right wrist to shoot an immersive world! If you use the in-camera, you can also take self-portrait photos of brilliant spots.
[Holder usage fee] Free (admission fee and spin runway usage fee are required separately)
[How to use] Please contact the Spin Runway platform staff.
[Others] * Holders can only be used for lending provided at the facility. * Holder is only for Spin Runway. It cannot be taken out to other attractions. * You cannot shoot inside the course of feature phones or mobile phones that cannot be fixed with a holder.
[Image 16

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Spin Runway Overview
Name: Spin Runway
Fee: 1,000 yen
Usage restrictions: Height 110cm or more, less than 130cm required 4 years old and under 6 years old required
FOOD factory Nissin Foods Co., Ltd.
◆ Splash U.F.O. × Direction expansion
◆ Direction 150% expansion, slapstick degree UP!
初 Japan’s first! Splash U.F.O. that can become “Nissin Yakisoba U.F.O.” is powered up! Splash UFO is a series of processes from the manufacturing process such as rolling the kneaded noodle dough and frying with oil to “ instant oil heat ” to the cooking process such as “ turbo hot water heater ” until “ Nissin Yakisoba UFO ” is completed It is a rapid descending attraction where you can experience the flow. In this renewal, breathing while riding, such as mischief by Nisshin Yakisoba UFO character “ Ketler ”, “ Kettle Point ” where customers fire water, random water splashing, mist screen to enhance immersion feeling A fun effect is added so that there is no time to take it.
Renewal point 1. Kettler prank shot
お 客 様 Customers who are outdoors will also be under Minor of Kettler and participate in mischief productions. A small kettle is lined up beside the huge kettle, and water is released by pressing a button outside the waterway. Normally, water is fired from four small kettles, but when a mischief is added, water is fired from six small kettles.
[Image 18

Renewal point 2. Giant Yakisoban and mist screen!
ミ At the end of the torrent descent, a mist screen and a huge Yakisoban appear. Cook Nissin Yakisoba U.F.O. with video. As you penetrate through the cooking video, in addition to the scent of the sauce, the finished Nissin Yakisoba U.F.O. appears and enhances the immersive feeling.
[Image 19

Renewal point 3. New photo spot and projection wall appeared at the entrance! When the customer incorporates the package design of My UFO into the data drawn by My UFO Factory, My UFO is projected into the outer space projected on the wall. The entrance will be lively as a new photo spot where you can take photos with My U.F.O. flying around outer space. [Hours] @ Same as business hours of My U.F.O.Factory
[Image 20d41300-31-268934-15.jpg
Splash U.F.O.Overview
Name: Splash U.F.O.
Fee: 1,000 yen
Usage restrictions: Height 110cm or more, less than 130cm required

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