Bushiroad Co., Ltd. Report on the “Girls ☆ Opera Revue Starlight” Project Presentation

Bushiroad Co., Ltd.
Report on the “Girls ☆ Opera Revue Starlight” Project Presentation …………………………………………………………………………
Bushiroad Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nakano-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Yoshiyoshi Hashimoto) will hold a “Girls ☆ Opera Revue Starlight” project presentation on January 21 (Tuesday), featuring two theatrical versions of the film, the stage, We are pleased to announce that we have released new information on game apps and collaborations. We encourage all members of the media to share this information on your media.
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Broadcast overview
■ Date and time
January 21, 2020 (Tue) 21: 00-22: 00
■ Performers
・ MC
Hyakuyo Koyama (Hanako Aijo), Suzuko Mimori (Hikari Kagura)
·The guests
Kanon Nanagi (as Aoarashi Institute of Arts Koharu Yanagi)
Takaaki Kitani, Director of Bushiroad Co., Ltd., President and CEO of Nerke Planning Co., Ltd., Yoshiko Nogami, Director Tomohiro Furukawa, Composition / Screenplay Tatsuto Higuchi, Bushiroad Co., Ltd. Animation producer Akane Takeji
■ Content
In addition to the latest information on “Girls ☆ Opera Revue Starlight Rondo Rondo Rondo” in the reproduction version of the movie, the stage “Aoarashi Spin-Off Performance” will be decided, music and game application “Girls ☆ Opera Revue Starlight -Re LIVE- ( Starila)], an event and various other first ban information were announced.
■ Delivery
YouTube, Periscope (with archive distribution)
■ Archive URL
【Movie version】
It has been announced that the reproduction omnibus “Girls ☆ Opera Revue Starlight Rondo Rondo Rondo” will be released at theaters nationwide on Friday, May 29.
Tickets will also be available from February 14 (Fri) at screening theaters nationwide and at 7-Eleven.
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In addition, a limited time distribution of all 12 episodes of the TV anime series will be decided on YouTube “Starlight Channel” from February 14.
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The new work “Theatrical Version Girl ☆ Opera Revue Starlight” has released a new visual with an impressive catch, “Let’s see through, your glitter”.
There is also a talk corner where directors, screenwriters, and animation producers have high expectations for two theatrical versions.
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[Stalila Festival 2020]
On May 9th (Sat) and 10th (Sun) at the Tokyo Big Sight Aomi Exhibition Building, the “Starila Festival 2020” will be held during the “Bushiroad Festival 2020”.
In addition to exhibitions, attractions, and merchandise, stage events featuring the Top Star Performance 2020 of the game application “STARILLA” and the appearances of Hotaru Nomoto, Haruka Kudo, and Momoyo Koyama were also announced.
“Special Advance Ticket with Ticket Holder” is on sale at Ticket Pia from Wednesday, January 22.
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[Starila Update]
Announced update information under development such as “★ 2 stage girl training content” and new content “camp”.
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As a guest, Kanon Nanagi, the role of Koharu Yanagi of the Aoashi Performing Arts Center, will appear and perform in December 2020 on the stage “Aoashi Spin-Off Performance”
Shoko Nogami, President of Nerke Planning, who creates the stage, also spoke on the stage and talked about the appeal of the stage. [Image 7

[Image 8

A follow-up report of the band drive “Starry Session” held on April 11 (Sat.) and details of the preview videos and recorded songs for the Starlight 99-unit 7th single “Star Parade” will be released. [Image 9

[Image 10

March 7 (Sat) Science Hall Science and Technology Hall Science Hall “starila presents Radio Star Audition” will be held.
Performers include Hinata Sato (as Junna Hoshimi), Hotaru Nomoto (as Akira Yukishiro), Risa Spinoki (as Akikaze), and Miyu Tomita (as Larafin Nonomiya).
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[TV broadcast]
The stage “Shoujo ☆ Kageki Revue Starlight -The LIVE- # 2 revival” performed at the Maihama Amphitheater in July 2019 will be broadcast on TBS Channel 2 from 19:30 on February 22nd (Sat).
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[Product sales event, collaboration]
“Girl ☆ Opera Revue Starlight Happy Valentine Store” is decided at AKIHABARA Gamers main store.
The premiere of illustrations drawn by stage girls with chocolate has been unveiled.
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“Girls ☆ Opera Revue Starlight x Sanrio characters in animate ONLY SHOP” will be held.
Goods commemorating the first anniversary of “Shoujo ☆ Kageki Revue Starlight -Re LIVE-” will be sold at anime goods stores and websites nationwide.
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Collaboration between “Girl ☆ Opera Revue Starlight” and “NEW ERA” is decided. The design of the T-shirt was revealed, and the sale of hats and bags was announced.
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[New stage performance]
Announced the decision to accept a second advance reception for a new stage performance to be performed in July.
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[Image 19d14827-2578-509878-15.jpg
What is “Girl ☆ Opera Revue Starlight”?
[Image 20d14827-2578-165963-12.png
“Musical” and “anime” are linked to each other, and a new sense of live entertainment that develops.
Starting with the musical, the main cast of the musical is directly responsible for the anime version of the voice actor.
With a wide range of musicals, comicalizations, TV animations, and game applications, the company also announced the production of two new reproductions, “Shoujo ☆ Kageki Revue Starlight Rondo Rondo Rondo” and the new “Theatrical Girl Shoujo ☆ Kageki Revue Starlight”. He also conducts music activities as a unit called “Starlight Kukugumi” with nine main casts.
Shoujo ☆ Kageki Revue Starlight Official Site: https://revuestarlight.com/ Girl ☆ Opera Revue Starlight Official Twitter:
Shoujo ☆ Kageki Revue Starlight Movie Special Site:

For more information about this release(Japanese):


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