RecoChoku Niigata-born singer-songwriter “Izu Sota” will release his first nationwide single! ~ “My Navi Unconfirmed Festival 2019” Finalist-

Niigata-born singer-songwriter “Sohta Izu” has decided to release his first nationwide single! ~ “My Navi Unconfirmed Festival 2019” Finalist ~
“Eggs” is a label derived from “Eggs”, which supports music activities for indie and new artists. The single “CAN YOU” by singer-songwriter Izu Souta, a singer / songwriter who participated as a finalist at “Unconfirmed Festival 2019” On March 18 (Wednesday).
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Sota Izu
Souta Izu is a 19-year-old singer-songwriter from Niigata Prefecture. From around the spring of 2017, I started playing guitar mainly in Niigata prefecture. In 2019, she was selected as a finalist for the teenage limited music Koshien “My Navi Unconfirmed Festival 2019”, and as the only singer-songwriter who wrote and played a single guitar, faced the final stage, Shinkiba STUDIO COAST. His live performance using the looper was a unique view of the world that could not be thought of as singing and guitar alone. In addition, she won a grand prix at the “COME100 Audition 2019” with her appearance at the Nagaoka Yonebawara Festival, and this single will also be released as a prize. His pop sense is distributed nationwide for the first time, and each song is composed not only of acoustic guitar but also an ensemble of instruments such as piano and percussion, and his singing voice reaches straight to the ear .
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【release information】
● Artist: Souta Izu
● Title: CAN YOU
● Release date: Wednesday, March 18, 2020
● Price: 1,000 yen (+ tax)
● Part number: EGGS-044
● Number of songs: 3
2. Next to you
3. Treasure
● Label: Eggs
Eggs page:
■ Eggs
“Eggs” is a free music platform operated by RecoChoku Co., Ltd. and Tower Records Co., Ltd., registered by more than 20,000 artists and 300,000 listeners, mainly indies.
In the future, a new service “TOWER CLOUD” will be released in February 2020 (planned) for artists and indie music-related companies working independently, delivering to various music distribution services (DSP) and producing CDs (press ) We plan to expand the platform area that can be deployed on a one-stop basis, from outsourcing to sales contracts at Tower Records.
RecoChoku Co., Ltd. and Tower Records Co., Ltd. jointly established Eggs Co., Ltd. on December 9, 2019. With the establishment, the Eggs business will be transferred to Eggs Co., Ltd. on April 1, 2020. Click here for Eggs Inc.
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■ Indie label “Eggs”
The label “Eggs” to be released this time is an independent label born within Tower Records from Tower Records Co., Ltd. and the Eggs Project, which supports music activities for indie and new artists at RecoChoku Co., Ltd. From the spring of 2016, Tower Records’
independent search for newcomers and the independent support label FIRE STARTER have been integrated into the Eggs label, combining the discerning power of all Tower Record store staff with the promotion power of the Eggs project, making it more powerful for independent artists. We support activities.

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