Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd. First appearance of Kitri, TBS “COUNT DOWN TV”! Performing the popular song “Rashinbird”

Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd.
Kitri, TBS “COUNT DOWN TV” first appearance! Performing the popular song “Rashinbird”
Ticket release for the album release tour “Kittori no Mukou # 3” Kototori and Wool “”
Piano vocal duet unit Kitri will make its first appearance on TBS “COUNT DOWN TV” today as a “best recommended artist” introducing featured artists who are expected to break.
[Image 1

The song “Rashinbird” to be shown this time is a song included in the 1st album “Kitrist” to be released on the 29th of next week, Many power plays have been acquired at radio stations nationwide, and in the comment section of the MV, listeners who heard songs on the radio,
It is a popular song that has become a hot topic on social media and other sites over original sounds such as “addictive” and “goose bumps do not stop”.
In addition, the general release of tickets for the one-man tour “Kittori’s Concert # 3” Kototori and Wool “” has started today. At Kitri’s live, you can enjoy performances that can only be heard live, such as playing with new instruments, newly arranged songs, and cover songs. Don’t miss the charm of duet and the harmony of your sister.
■ Program information
0:58 on January 25 * Saturday midnight
■ “Kitrist” site summary
■ Release information
[Image 2

2020.1.29 Release
1st album “Kitrist”
CD: COCB-54295 / tax included: ¥ 3,300
LP [180g weight board]: COJA-9369 / tax included: ¥ 4,180
-Recording content-
01 overture
02 Akari
03 Contradiction
04 mirror
05 Goodbye, Teardrops * Theme song “I was doing“ Hidden Bitch ”” 06 Lento
07 Blue Sky Kakeru
08 After the rain ※ NHK “Minna no Uta” (broadcast from December 2019 to January 2020)
09 Barcarole
10 compass bird
11 another world
■ CD / LP inclusion privilege
Special sound source QR code.
Song Name: “Rashincho Shohei Amimori Rework”
■ -Kitri Live Tour 2020 SS Kittori’s Music Concert # 3 “Wooden and Wool”-
● 3/15 (Sun) [Kanazawa] Shirasagi / Shirasagi Art
● 3/21 (Sat) [Sapporo] The Lutheran Hall
● 3/28 (Sat) [Kobe] FISH IN THE FOREST
● 4/5 (Sun) [Kumamoto] Hayakawa Warehouse
● 4/11 (Sat.) [Aichi] Aichi Prefectural Art Theater Small Hall
● 4/19 (Sun) [Sendai] Retro Back Page
● 4/25 (Sat.) [Osaka] Osaka Club 4F Hall
● Sunday, April 26 [Fukuoka] IMS Hall
■ Music video
Kitri Flowers Company “Midnight High Speed” cover video
[Video 6:]

Kitri Russian folk song “One week” cover video
[Video 7:]

Kitri “Contradiction” Music Video [official]
[Video 8:]

Kitri “Rashinbird” Music Video [official]
[Video 9:]

Kitri “Cell Dance” Music Video [official]
[Video 10:]

■ -NOW ON SALE-Nippon Columbia / BETTER DAYS
Digital Release
“after the rain”
Lyrics: Hina Composer: Mona Arranger: Kitri
NHK “Minna no Uta” (broadcast from December 2019 to January 2020) “Goodbye, teary eyes”
Lyrics / Composition: Mona Arrangement: Kitri
Movie “I was doing“ Hidden Bitch ”” theme song
2nd EP “ Secondo ” COCB-54286 1,800 yen + tax
1.contradictory rule
2. Awakening
3. Dear
4. Continuation of the end
5.Contradiction -naked-
1st EP “Primo” COCB-54280 / 1800 yen + tax
1. compass bird
2. Cell Dance
3. sion
4. Renewal
5. Compass -naked-
[Kitri profile]
[Image 3d19470-744-729875-0.jpg
Piano duet vocal unit by sister Mona and sister Hina.
Mona is responsible for vocals and piano bass (Secondo),
Hina is in charge of the chorus and piano treble (Primo) (guitar, percussion, etc.)
Mona has studied classical piano since childhood and majored in music composition at college. Hina majors in arts.
From 2015, started music activities based in Kyoto.
Ohashi Trio, who had been visiting Kyoto during the 2016 live show, passed an independent production board, and Ohashi who listened to the sound source was acclaimed.
Involved in the theme song vocal and humming in the accompanying music of the movie “P and JK” (directed by Ryuichi Hiroki, starring Kazuya Kamenashi and Taiho Tsuchiya), which Ohashi worked on.
In 2017, the past sound source was re-recorded by Ohashi Trio Producer, and the pilot board “Opus 0” was completed under the unit name “Kitri”. He made a reverberation when he streamed the video on a trial basis. He used it as his independent sound source to acquire radio power play and perform at a studio.
September 2018 Performed at the opening act of “Slow LIVE @ 18 in Ikegami Honmonji” festival.
December 7 Trio Ohashi performed the annual “GOLD FUNK” piano duet as the opening act at the annual special live show “ohashiTrio & THE PRETAPORTERS YEAR END PARTY LIVE 2018”, and also participated as a chorus in the live part.
On January 23, 2019, she made her major debut with the 1st EP “Primo” as a newcomer of BETTER DAYS label in Nippon Columbia. Acquired many power plays at radio stations nationwide.
In January of the same year, the first one-man tour was held in Osaka, Tokyo, Fukuoka, and Kumamoto, entitled “Kittori’s Concert # 1″. We get good reviews in sold out at each venue.
On July 24, the 2nd EP “Secondo” was released. From October, a one-man tour was held at seven venues nationwide under the title “Kittori no Music Concert # 2”.
In addition, it was selected as Spotify “ Spotify Early Noise Artist 2019 ” and YouTube “ Artists to Watch ” etc.
He is also attracting attention as a break artist.
Kitri Twitter, Instagram
Nippon Columbia Official Page

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