“Jooto”, a task / project management tool, released a new CM2 version depicting the “stagnation” of working in a team


PR TIMES Inc. "Jooto", a task / project management tool, released a new CM2 version depicting the "stagnation" of working…


“Jooto”, a task / project management tool, released a new CM2 version depicting the “stagnation” of working in a team
-Broadcast starts from January 27 (Monday)-
Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Takumi Yamaguchi, TSE: 3922; below: ), which runs the task and project management tool “Jooto”, has a new CM ” I will! 』And” Jooto use! ] Has been released. From January 27, 2020 (Monday), we will roll out WEB, taxi video advertising, and TV commercials.
[Video 3:] Jooto CM “The manager has it!” (30 seconds) URL:
[Video 4:] Jooto CM “I use Joeto!” (30 seconds) URL: This CM is a content that expresses one act that causes a delay in work through exchanges between the director who asks questions every time and young members who use IT for information transmission and reporting.
Used by more than 190,000 people, from personal task management to information sharing during teamwork, Jobo improves work efficiency by bringing “excellent comfort” and “safety to see now” to daily work It is a service born from a desire to contribute to productivity and productivity.
With the diversification of everyday life, work styles, and
organizational styles, the number of collaboration destinations and projects is increasing, and work style reforms are also required to increase productivity. This CM was created from the desire to widely convey that it is a service that meets the needs.
■ For commercial production
[Image 1

-Jooto Division Manager Yusuke Hara Comments-
“Task management is a common issue for all working people. As expressed in this CM, the complexity of information directly affects the productivity of the team. And I want more people to experience the way work is changing. ”

[Image 2

-Muto Office Co., Ltd. Creative Director Yuichi Muto Comments- “The leading director is a real person. Tell him what Joeo is doing, and get him to remember his name as much as possible. If he hums, it’s even better! To do that, I work on what” Jooto does ” At the worksite. “That’s right. I understand. I understand. Our company is so.” In fact, some people have become models of the director who is the protagonist. I’m ”
[Image 3

-Commercial Director Mr. Terao’s comment-
“What I wanted to leave a strong impression on in this commercial is the” gap “where the smart and cool director character gradually collapses. I think there is a gap in the way of task management depending on the generation and occupation. I hope Jooto is a tool that fills that gap. By the way, Mr. Hiruma, the director, was really smart and cool without any gaps (laughs). ”
[Image 4

-Commentary by Yoshihiro Hiruma, Director-
“This time, the boss’s role has been to give me many instructions from the director, including the cool parts and the disturbing plays. The commercials are comical and easy to understand, so it’s a system that I want my boss like me to be interested in. ”
[Image 5

-Comment from Toshiki Kudo, Sales Employee-
“At the filming site, I tried to promote Joeto while maintaining the comical atmosphere of the work. I think it’s a unity of smiles, and my smile is just crisp (laughs). ”

[Image 6

-Rina Koike, Marketing Employee Comment-
“This time I was very honored to be involved in a fashionable and humorous commercial for being a” subordinate subordinate “. The individuality was dense and the shooting was very detailed and I was able to enjoy it through trial and error. I think it’s a great commercial. I’d be glad if you could feel the rhythmic charm of Joeto within 30 seconds. ”
[Image 7

-Kazumasa Nomura, Creative Employee Comment-
“In the shooting, the director gave me very careful instructions for each movement, such as the position of the hand, the angle of the line of sight, and the speed at which the face turned around. In the cut where the subordinate turned around the manager, He looked like a hero, so he turned around with his cool face as much as he could (laughs). ”
■ CM overview
[Image 8

Title: The director has it! I use Hen / Jooto! Hen
Deployment destination: Web, taxi advertising, TVCM
Broadcast date / time (area):
Web: From January 27 (Mon)
Taxi advertising (36,000 taxis in 10 major cities nationwide): Monday, January 27
TVCM (TV Tokyo “Actions” and others): February 1 (Sat.)
■ Staff list
CD / Copy / Plan: Yuichi Muto (Muto Office Co., Ltd.)
Advisor: Tetsuya Minobe
Production Company: Paragon Co., Ltd.
Producer: Yasuo Watanabe
Production Manager: Ken Ueda / Tomoyuki Ishizaki
Director: Learn Terao
Director of Photography: Shuhei Umene
Lighting: Shinya Ishizuka (Lucky Lighting)
Art: Mamoru Furumoto
Location Coordinator: Kenji Suzuki (Wonder Vogel)
Stylist: Takashi Ohashi
Hair and Makeup: Junko Imai (BELLEZZE)
Casting: Masunobu Motogawa (Laparo) / Kazuhiko Akiyama (Laparo) Offline editing: Tokutaka Imamura
Online Editing: Kazuhiko Sato (GZ-TOKYO)
Colorist: Ayako Osumi (GUILD)
Mixer: Satoshi Maejima (B Blue)
Music: Kosuke Ogaki (step)
“Jooto” is a cloud-based task / project management tool that is simple, easy and free to use for all functions
[Image 9

Jooto URL:
Jooto is a cloud-based task and project management tool launched in 2014. As a tool that anyone can use easily and intuitively, it features a simple and user-friendly interface.In addition to individual task management, sales progress management, system development process management, customer support inquiry management, human resources general affairs More than 190,000 users are using it in various situations, such as task management and public relations schedule management. The billing plan was significantly revised in March 2019, and all functions can be used free of charge for small teams of 1 to 4 people.
■ Simple design that can be used intuitively by drag & drop
Even if you are new to IT tools, you can use it intuitively as if you were sticking or peeling a sticky note.
With simple design specifications, task / project management can be easily performed without any specialized knowledge.
■ Gantt chart shows the whole picture and progress at a glance The Gantt chart function, which allows you to see the project schedule and progress at a glance, is also available free of charge at Joeto.
■ Multiple projects can be centrally managed
A single dashboard can manage multiple projects, greatly reducing the time and effort required for confirmation.
Tasks for each project member can be easily viewed, making it easier for the entire team to manage tasks.
[Overview of the “Jooto” task management tool]
[Image 10

App Store:
Google Play: Jooto is a cloud-based task and project management tool that can be updated and confirmed anytime, anywhere, such as at home, at work, or on the go. It features a pop design and a user-friendly interface, facilitating not only personal tasks but also team project management and information sharing in the company. Clarifying what members should do and their progress will create a sense of security, foster a sense of unity and improve performance. Jooto aims to realize a world where every user’s project is successful and everyone’s life is enriched through their successful experience. (Managed )
[Company of Co., Ltd.]
[Image 11
Company name: Co., Ltd. (TSE First Section Securities Code: 3922) Location: 2-7-25 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 3F Hulic Minami-Aoyama Building Established: December 2005
Representative Director: Takumi Yamaguchi
Business Description ①:-Operation of press release distribution service “” (
-Operation of the public relations and PR effect measurement service “Web Clipping” (
-Strategy planning and implementation of digital PR to make topics online -Operation of the video PR service “ TV”
( and “ LIVE” ( -Operation of customer relation service “Tayori” ( -Operation of the task and project management tool “Jooto”
-Startup media “BRIDGE” ( operation, etc. URL:

For more information about this release(Japanese):

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