Naoki Prize writer ・ filmization of the masterpiece novel “Makuko” of Nishikanako! September 25 (Wed) Blu-ray & DVD release decision!

A.jpg”>]use Inc. Naoki Prize writer-Ms. Nishioka’s masterpiece novel “Makuko” is projected. Jpg “]]! September 25 (Wed) Blu-ray & DVD release decision! ………………………………………………………………………………………… The movie “Makuko” is released on Sept. 25 (Wed.), a movie in which a novel that captures the hearts of a broad generation has been live-shot, after being awarded the Naoki Prize by Nishi-Kanako, which was released on March 15, this year. It is decided to be released on Blu-ray & DVD. [Image 1:]
■ Repeater comes out! ! A masterpiece movie surrounded by a sense of happiness and loved over generations. A novel “Makuko” written by Nishi Kanako as the first work after receiving the 152nd Naoki Prize (“Salava!”). A total of 55,000 copies of unusual sales were recorded for children’s novels. The long-awaited film-ized work sublimes the wonderful view of the world of the West, which is loved by a wide generation. The director is directed by Tsuruoka Atsuko, whose first feature film “Kujira no machi” (12) received high acclaim both in Japan and abroad. Although it is the director’s first original, it faithfully extracts the essence of the original which was said to be difficult to be converted into a film, and expresses it using tricks that can only be done with images, and it is delicate sensibility to shake the character’s mind. Carefully scooped, finished with a sense of action. What a beautiful girl who has come to a closed town and is “wandering” to all the clumsy people. A lot of repeaters rushed to the theater at the time of release to the masterpiece which gives kind notice to adults who were children before.
■ 【14-year-old first starring】 Yamazaki Hikari × [overwhelming beautiful girl] New sound × [make it attractive in the new front] grass 剛 Go × Sudo Risa The great actors support and color fresh children. [Image 2:] The main character, Satoshi, is Yamazaki Hikaru who will star at the age of 14 years old. It plays the role of a boy who has a slight sense of discomfort around him, and he beautifully expresses the adolescent fluctuation. The role of the mysterious transfer student Kozue is an overwhelming beauty, a new star, a new star (Nonon). And as Satoshi’s mother, Akemi, who works in a ryokan, an actress who works in a wide range of genres such as dramas and commentators on information programs, Rika Sudo, a father who likes women, is a bad father, but she looks back while watching her son’s growth Takeshi Kusanagi plays the role of Koichi, the father of pushing, and shows off a new front with a sexy, bleak and clumsy bad guy. Also, Kozue’s mother role, Miho Tsumemi, Adolescent Dono role, Jun Murakami (Shizuru), and other adult performances support the children firmly.
■ Blu-ray deluxe edition is full of privilege images such as interviews with Yamazaki Hikaru × grass 剛 × × Sudo Risa! Some of the bonus videos included in the deluxe version are also available! ! In addition to the “Makuko Photo Book” enclosed as a bonus in the Blu-ray Deluxe Edition, in addition to the completion show screening held in an at-home atmosphere and the opening commemorative stage greetings (for two times), Yamazaki Hikaru × Grass A complete interview with Go Tsuji x Risa Sudo and the making program “People around” Makuko “broadcasted on Hikari TV in June! Included only in the luxury version Some of the bonus videos have been released. [Blu-ray luxury version recording release part of the bonus video:] [Image 3:] [Image 4:] [Image 5:]
■ The movie “Makuko” Blu-ray & DVD overview «Staff» [Original work] “Makuko” Nishikanako (Evangelical building bookstore publication) [Director / Screenplay] Tsuruoka Atsuko 【Theme song】 Yu Takahashi “The Passion of Youth” (Warner Music Japan / unBORDE) [Cast] Yamazaki Hikaru Shinonon Sudo Rika / Grass Go Tsukasa Tsumi Kimio Murakami Jun (Shizuru) Hashimoto Satoshi Uchikawa Hasuo Negishi Kirei Ogura Hisahiro «Story» The son of a Japanese inn in hot spring town, Satoshi, is a fifth grader in elementary school. I was embarrassed by my father’s love for a woman, suffering from changes in her body. One day, a beautiful girl Kozue is transferred to school. At first it was Satoshi who was puzzled at first by the mysterious Kozue, but she is gradually attracted by her. And what Kozue, who reveals the unbelievable secret, “Come from a certain star,” eventually went to everyone in the town …. A father who lives in irreplaceable adolescents and a confusing first love of Satoshi and a father who loves his family but also flirts, a mother who works brightly while knowing it, a young woman who loves in vain Yes parent-child … Project a clumsy people somewhere in a small town. ○ Amazon limited first-come-first-served special offer: “Makuko” original washcloth [Image 6:] “Makuko” original washcloth with hand-drawn illustration of Nishikanako ○ Other corporate reservation privilege: “Makuko” A4 Clear File [Image 7:] “Makuko” A4 clear file containing hand-drawn illustrations of Nishikanako ※ The benefits will end as soon as they are exhausted. Please note. ※ The benefits may be changed without notice. Blu-ray & DVD Overview
■ [Product Specifications (Planned)] ※ Product specifications are subject to change without notice. please note that. «Blu-ray Deluxe Edition (BD + DVD 2-disc set)» Product number: ASBD-1228 JAN: 4943566311370 Price: ¥ 4,800 (excluding tax) «DVD regular version (DVD1 piece set)» Product number: ASBY-6149 JAN: 4943566311387 Price: ¥ 3,800 (excluding tax) «DVD rental» Product number: ASBX-6150 JAN: 4943566311394 Sell ​​cell & rental same day.
■ 【Privileged Video (Blu-ray Deluxe Edition Only)】 Approximately 90 minutes scheduled -Preview editing (notice · special report), completion unveiling + public commemorative stage greetings, making (Hikari TV broadcast minutes full recording),
● Interview (Hikari Yamazaki × Takeshi Tsuji × Risa Sudo) 【Screen size】 Vista size [Audio specification] BD / 5.1ch DTS-HDMA DVD / 5.1ch Dolby Digital, 2.1ch DTS-HDMA 2018 Japanese work Main part 108 minutes Release / seller: Amuse soft (c) 2019 “Makuko” Production Committee / Nishi Kanako (Kevkankan) Official site:

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