【Impress Group】 Practical use casebook for Elasticsearch middle class! “Elasticsearch NEXT STEP” Issue Technology Fountain Series, July New Issue

Impress Holdings Inc. Practical use casebook for Elasticsearch middle class! “Elasticsearch NEXT STEP” Issue Technology Fountain Series, July New Issue ………………………………………………………………………………………… Impress R & D Co., Ltd., which operates the electronic publishing business at Impress Group, will issue “Elasticsearch NEXT STEP” (Supervised by: AcroQuest Technology Inc., author: Shin Higuchi, Daiki Yamamoto, Shun Sasaki, Hitoshi Tsukano). The “Technology Fountain Series”, which provides the latest knowledge, publishes commercial books based on the technical coterie published in various “advanced events” such as “Technical Books”, study sessions, and LT meetings. , I aim to contribute to the spread and development of technology doujinshi. “Elasticsearch NEXT STEP” nextpublishing.jp/isbn/9784844398981 [Image 1 Supervision: AcroQuest Technology Inc. Author: Higuchi Shin, Yamamoto Daiki, Sasaki Shun, Tsukano Hitomasa Retail price list: Electronic book version 1600 yen (excluding tax) / printed book version 1800 yen (excluding tax) Electronic book version format: EPUB3 / Kindle Format 8 Printed book version specification: B5 size / color / text 96 pages ISBN: 978-4-8443-9898-1 Issue: Impress R & D << Issuance purport / content introduction “Elasticsearch NEXT STEP” is a collection of practical examples to take you to the next step (NEXT STEP) of the Primer. Elasticsearch can be easily operated by executing a few commands with a product that is very easy to download and install, but it is extremely difficult when it is used for data analysis etc. in an environment-friendly setting. It's hard to climb up and step over the next wall. Therefore, we have published practical experience as a casebook. After reading, Elasticsearch can be used more. ・ If you have touched Elasticsearch for a while ・ If you are going to take a practical next step (This book is published using Next Generation Publishing Method.) You can use Elasticsearch functions through blog article analysis. [Image 2
Introduce how to use Elasticsearch as a Japanese search engine [Image 3 Introduce know-how to safely use Elasticsearch in a clustered manner [Image 4 << Contents Chapter 1 Hatena Blog article analysis practiced with Elasticsearch 1.1 Preparation 1.2 Overview of work 1.3 Submit Article 1.4 Create dashboard 1.5 Summary Chapter 2 Elasticsearch as a Japanese Search Engine 2.1 What is full text search 2.2 Common Problems of Full-Text Search 2.3 Measures 2.4 What is Sudachi 2.5 Try using Sudachi 2.6 Sudachi Tips 2.7 Summary Chapter 3. Elasticsearch SQL 3.1 Basic Functions of Elasticsearch SQL 3.2 Basic SQL and API Usage 3.3 Data Type List, Function List 3.4 Practice 3.5 How Elasticsearch SQL Works 3.6 How to use CLI 3.7 Access with JDBC driver 3.8 Summary Chapter 4 The First Elasticsearch Cluster 4.1 Cluster 4.2 Types of nodes 4.3 Shards and Replicas 4.4 Indexing Flow 4.5 Flow of search 4.6 Failure detection of data nodes 4.7 Things to do before production 4.8 Summary << Introducer introduction Acroquest Technology Inc. Founded in March 1991. Develops business in mission-critical fields, focusing on the development of centralized supervisory control systems that adopt UNIX quickly. Immediately after the birth of Java, Java / object orientation was introduced to the development site, and a number of distributed systems were developed. We entered into an OEM contract with Elasticsearch in April 2016, and have developed and sold Elastic Stack-based data analysis solution "ENdoSnipe". It became Japan's first Advanced Reseller Partner in July 2018, and operates as a distributor of Elastic Stack. In 2015, we received the Special Award of the Jury for the “Best Company to Save in Japan” by the Management Association, which values ​​people. In 2015, 2016 and 2018, the company was ranked No. 1 (under 99 employees) in the "Companies with Work" ranking performed by Great Place to Work. << Author introduction Hiroki Yamamoto (Hiroki Yamamoto) Chapter 1 Hatena Blog Article Analysis Practice with Elasticsearch Writing Engaged in data science, analysis work, specialized in image processing. We focus on developing and proposing solutions using machine learning and deep learning, and we also conduct analysis work with Elasticsearch in parallel. My hobbies are Kaggle, who participates in the day-and-night competition. He has won 2nd place with his fellow Kaggle at the "Home Credit Default Risk" competition, the largest ever (71 September 2018) with 7198 teams. Currently, Kaggle Master. Takashi Sasaki (Takashi Sasaki) Chapter 2 Writing Elasticsearch as a Japanese Search Engine His activities focus on natural language processing, full-text search, and IoT analysis related projects. At the 24th annual conference workshop of the Association for Language Processing, "Now and Tomorrow of Morphological Analysis", we presented with the title "The story of applying Sudachi to search services to reduce operating costs". Higuchi Shin Chapter 3. Elasticsearch SQL Writing Involved in data analysis and ElasticStack consulting. In addition to teaching at Elasticsearch's certified technical workshops, he holds one of the few Elastic Certified Engineer qualifications in the world. Hitoshi Tsukano (Tsanoyuki Yuki) Chapter 4: First Elasticsearch Cluster Writing He is mainly engaged in distributed systems, big data and machine learning related projects. In the last few years, he has been consulting, designing and developing systems using Elasticsearch, and has experience in operating 100 TB Elasticsearch clusters. He has presented at seminar "Elasticsearch special feature" hosted by Japan Java user group and "Elasticsearch study session" sponsored by Elastic Tokyo User Group. My hobbies are math, quantum computer, spanish. He works as a member of the department of mathematics in the company. << sales store E-book: Amazon Kindle Store, Rakuten kobo ebook store, Apple Books, Kinokuniya Bookstore Kinoppy, Google Play Store, Honto e-book store, Sony Reader Store, BookLive !, BOOK ☆ WALKER Printed books: Amazon.co.jp, Sanseido bookstore on demand, honto net store, Rakuten books ※ Sales at each store will start as soon as it is ready. ※ You can order from general bookstores across the country. 【Impress R & D】 https://nextpublishing.jp/ Impress R & D Co., Ltd. (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Masanobu Ijima) is a company that operates Digital First's Next Publishing Electronic Publishing Platform. The company is also developing IT-related media businesses, such as publishing the Internet White Paper using NextPublishing. ※ NextPublishing is the name of the electronic publishing platform (or method) developed by Impress R & D. It solves the problems of traditional publishing, such as simultaneous production of electronic books and printed books, and print out on demand (POD). As a result, traditional publishing makes it possible to publish financially diverse varieties and small numbers of copies, and aims to distribute diverse knowledge possessed by excellent individuals and organizations. 【Impress Group】 https://www.impressholdings.com/ Media group with Impress Holdings Co., Ltd. (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative director: Natsuo Karashima, Securities code: TSE1: 9479) as a holding company. We are developing highly specialized media & service and solution businesses with the main themes of "IT", "music", "design", "mountains and nature", "travel and railway" and "science and engineering". In addition, we also work on platform development and operation of content business. 【Contact Us】 Impress R & D Next Publishing Center Co., Ltd. TEL 03-6837-4820 Email: np-info@impress.co.jp

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