Upd8 Kizuna AI and YuNi will be appearing on the VR music live “Shindenshinyu? -Borderless Live 5G-” which uses 5G and is distributed simultaneously during the day!

Activ8 Inc.
Kizuna AI and YuNi will be appearing on the VR music live “ Ishin Denshin Yu Batsusai -Borderless Live 5G- ” which uses 5G and is distributed simultaneously during the day!
Start accepting participation on Friday, February 14
With over 4 million subscribers in total, Kizuna AI, a virtual talent who is also active as an artist and performing at SUMMER SONIC 2019, and (self-proclaimed) the world’s first virtual singer, with many original songs YuNi, which has been attracting attention such as ranking in the top of the music distribution service, has decided to appear on the VR music live “Ishin Denshin Atsutsusai -Borderless Live 5G-” which uses 5G and is distributed simultaneously during the day. [Image 1

Future virtual music live realized by 5G x virtual artist!
“Shindenshin Shinryu -Borderless Live 5G-” is a live VR music live broadcast using 5G during the day. With the virtual artist, you can experience the live performance of the future that takes advantage of the features of 5G’s “high-speed large-capacity”, “low-latency”, and “multi-connection”. Through the communication between the virtual artist and the participants and online viewers, as well as directing with VR goggles, you can enjoy the real and virtual together. In this live event, in addition to Kizuna AI and YuNi, Tacitly from “Live broadcast animation intuition x algorithm ♪” and yousa from China will appear. In addition, we will start accepting participation on the event official website from February 14.
▼ Event official site URL
[Summary of “Shindenshin Shinyoku-Borderless Live 5G-”]
・ Event name: “ Shindenshin Shinyashii -Borderless Live 5G- ” ・ Schedule: March 21, 2020 (Sat) 19: 00-21: 00
・ Venue: Bellesalle Shiodome
・ Fee: Free
・ Participation method: Participation offer on the official website of the event (lottery)
・ Recruitment starts: February 14 (Fri)-February 29 (Sat) 23:59 ・ Winner Announcement: Early March
* Event official website: http://project-algorhythm.com/ishindenshin-live/ * Program official website: http://project-algorhythm.com/
* Official Twitter account: @algorithm_jc
Kizuna AI
[Image 2

Kizuna AI is a virtual talent that started its activities in December 2016. With the desire to “ connect with everyone ”, he continues to work mainly on YouTube as the world’s first virtual YouTuber, the number of registered users of his own YouTube channel “ AIChannel ” has exceeded 2.6 million, and is a game broadcast channel One AIGames subscriber has also surpassed 1.4 million.
In July 2018, he released his first original song, “Hello, Morning”, and reached No.1 on the Spotify domestic weekly viral chart ranking. In October of the same year, an unprecedented nine-week continuous release was started, with Yunomi, Avec Avec, Nor, Pa’s Lam System, TeddyLoid, MATZ, DE? DE? It won the 1st place and raised a big topic. In December of the same year, the virtual YouTuber world’s first and largest ever 2-day live “Kizuna AI 1st Live“ hello, world ”” Held in Tokyo and Osaka. In 2019, we released W & W ft.Kizuna AI “ The Light ” as collaborative songs, released “ AIAIAI feat.Yasutaka Nakata ” with Mr. Yasutaka Nakata and performed at SUMMER SONIC 2019, attracting attention not only from Japan but also from overseas I am collecting. (c) Kizuna AI

[A.I.Channel] https://goo.gl/uMP1DM
[A.I. Games] https://goo.gl/Xn7u84
[Twitter] https://twitter.com/aichan_nel
[Instagram] https://www.instagram.com/a.i.channel_official/
[Facebook] https://www.facebook.com/Kizuna-AIofficial-773286456183351/ [Weibo] https://www.weibo.com/aichannelchina
-Official website
[Official website] http://kizunaai.com/

[Official website] https://upd8.jp/
[Image 3

Started activities in June 2018 as “(self-proclaimed) the world’s first virtual singer”. I have posted to YouTube mainly videos that I sang in various genres. Currently, about 300,000 YouTube subscribers and about 100,000 Twitter followers. In October 2018, launched the private label yunion.wave and released the original song “Transparent Voice”. The iTunes ranking was 3rd overall and 1st in the electronic category. The album “clear / CoLoR”, released in April 2019, ranked high in many music distribution services, including iTunes Ranking 4.5th overall, Electronic Category 1.2nd, Oricon Daily Ranking 8th. Rather than talk or talk, we continue to work with sincerity to singing, and express a wide range of genres such as Showa songs, anisons, vocaloids, western music, etc. with a transparent singing voice,
Leading the industry as a pioneer in Rusinger.
Official site: https://yunionwave.com/
Twitter: @yuni_vsinger (https://twitter.com/yuni_vsinger)
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHTnX0CSX_KObo5I9WuZ64g Illustrator: Ren Sakuragi (https://twitter.com/sakuragi_ren) About upd8
[Image 4

“Upd8 (update)” is a project started by Activ8, Inc. to make virtual talent into a culture from a boom. A total of about 50 talented individuals, including Kizuna Ai, are participating (as of January 2020). Upd8 is a bridge between companies and virtual talent, and we continue to support influencer marketing such as tie-up promotion using virtual talent.
[Upd8 official website] https://upd8.jp/
[Upd8 service list] https://upd8.jp/service/
For inquiries about promotions using virtual talent:
Activ8 Corporation Overview
[Image 5d33882-98-281794-4.png
Activ8 Co., Ltd. is a startup that produces, develops, and operates virtual talent with the mission of increasing the choices of the living world. We aim to create new entertainment content by utilizing technologies such as 5G and xR for the future where singularity has occurred.
Location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Takeshi Osaka
URL: https://activ8.co.jp/

For more information about this release(Japanese):


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