Keisuke Watanabe First Calendar Released! Launch event in March in Tokyo, Osaka and local Sendai! !

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Keisuke Watanabe First Calendar Released! Launch event in March in Tokyo, Osaka and local Sendai! !
Keisuke Watanabe, who is currently appearing in the drama “Koi wa Tsuzuki no Yoo ni Kodomo” (TBS series: 22:00 on Tuesday, starring: Moe Ishi), is his first calendar “Keisuke Watanabe First Calendar 2020-2021” Will be released!
Watanabe’s unique presence and translucent photos were selected for the cover, and a life-sized figure of Watanabe could be seen on the inside, and one essential book for fans was completed.
In addition, to commemorate the release of “Keisuke Watanabe First Calendar 2020-2021”, it has been decided to hold a calendar handing over event at HMV in [Tokyo] Shibuya, [Osaka] Shinsaibashi and [Miyagi] Sendai!
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In the topical drama “Love is Continuing Everywhere,” Watanabe plays a rookie nurse who falls in love with her sister, Ryuko (Karina), a sister of Tendo (Ken Sato) in synchronization with a rookie nurse Nanase played by Moe Kameshiraishi. Keisuke. “Hetare” characters, who can scream just by looking at their blood, are also talking about “the place they do n’t have”, attracting attention to a new aspect. The drama will also be talked about in co-starring with special effects fans, such as Watanabe who played Woz in “Masked Rider Geo”, Ken Sato of “Masked Rider Den-O”, and Koji Yamamoto appearing in “Masked Rider Zero One”. It is.
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His first photo album, released last year, is the second reprint for a new male actor in his first year of debut and is steadily gaining in popularity. Even after finishing “ Kamen Rider Zio ”, she appeared on MV of collaboration music with singer-songwriter Jay Chou, who is extremely popular in Greater China, and vocalist Ashin of popular band Mayday in Taiwan. Fans are also fascinated.
And on February 15 (Sat) and 16 (Sun), she appeared on the “15th Anniversary SUPER HANDSOME LIVE“ JUMP ↑ with YOU ””, a fan
appreciation festival by young actors belonging to Amuse. Performs songs and dances for 20,000 fans at the largest venue of “Handsome Live”.
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“Keisuke Watanabe First Calendar 2020-2021” will start pre-order today at the artist online shop “A! SMART”.
We will deliver it to all customers who ordered within the target period with autograph of Watanabe.
For more information, please check the Keisuke Watanabe official site! * In order to participate in the “handing over party”, you need to purchase a calendar with the Lawson ticket shown below. Please note that even if you purchase a calendar with Asmart, you will not be able to participate in this “handover party”.
Comment from Keisuke Watanabe
Fortunately, the release of the calendar has been decided. I was looking forward to the completion of the photo taken after summer, but I feel that something very good has been achieved.
We set up a concept every month, and it has been lost in various everyday life. We stuck to the details, such as layout and styling, to blend into the room even a little.
Watanabe for everyday life.
That’s why the calendar starts.

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